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    Hi Kids

    Gordon is off doing orchidy things with other club members who are preparing for the big
    auction tonight. Some of the orchids are contributed by the members. Every so often an
    orchid outgrows its pot and is then divided i.e., separated into two plants. One is re-
    potted and the other is given to a friend, sold, or donated to the club. This year they have
    some very expensive new hybrids that a nursery donated. They were priced at $600.
    They will be auctioned off for much less tonight. The nurseries donate to the clubs
    because most of their customers are retail outlets, florists and club members.

    Julie, great pics of your living room. Barry was right. It looks cozy. And comfortable.
    And lots of light. Your guests will feel welcome as soon as they walk in the room. Yup,
    the kids are growing like weeds. I remember when Keira was new. Seem like it was just
    recently. First time I ever heard that name.

    Mikie, I never heard of phages before. I read the article in Wikiopedia. Didn't understand
    much of it, I'm afraid. I also didn't understand the business about putting a nozzle on a
    hose will void a guarantee. Don't most people put a nozzle on a hose? Well, unless it's
    a nylon.

    Will do like Mikie. Come back and finish this anon.

    Yes, Mama's Family was originally a skit on the Carol Burnett show. Then more
    skits. They had great writers. One of them was Dorothy Van who also played
    the part of Aunt Effie and appeared in a few episodes.

    No, in response to your questions, I am not kinky although I often feel like
    I have knots in my back.

    Barry, congratulations on getting a new dog. Lenny is a great name. I can
    think of three famous ones: Bernstein, Bruce, and the one who was paired with
    Squiggy on Lavern and Shirley. The actor was Michael McKean. Saw him later
    in some shows on HBO. He was actually an excellent actor, but you never would
    have known it from his role as a goofball.

    Springwater, the picture of the pottery remind me of ceramic studio in the
    art/theater building at school. What are those rust colored vases with the hole
    in the side? Incense burners?

    I read badminton is very popular in Asia. Didi you know it is an Olympic sport?
    It was named after Badminton House in England. The Duke who lived there
    brought the game back from India in the days when England had an empire. Now
    they don't, and they've been sulking about it for far too long. I have no patience
    for Americans who are gaga over the British royalty. Don't they realize we
    fought two wars to escape their tyranny. When the White House was pretty
    much rebuilt during Harry Truman's administration, the workers found traces
    of the fire left by the Brits who set the place on fire during the War of 1812.

    Ok, getting weary. Time for a nap.
    Ta Ta
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    Hi Rock...thank you so much for starting a new porch. I, as usual, was not even paying attention to how many posts we had :confused: Hope Gordon's club auction goes well...what a wonderful hobby.

    Thank you for the kind words...I'll have another pic or two to show, once I get a few more things picked up and other things in place. Should be getting rid of some of this stuff, but no time right now to really go through and make decisions.

    Yes, these kiddos grow up pretty fast. I had never heard the name, either...her given name is Keirianna.

    Better keep at it. At least I have the guest room emptied enough that I can actually walk through it and out the other door. Before, if I wanted something from the other side of the room than where I was, I had to walk around and come in the other door, lol! Me thinks I'd better get control before I am labeled a hoarder :rolleyes:
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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Again, not much to write home about. My bod continues to purge and it's exhausting. I need my NRG to try to fix that sofa bed. They can't come until after DGS gets his x-rays on the 20th but that's rapidly approaching. We continue to get rain every day and we are officially out of our drought. Woo Hoo!

    Rock, thanks for starting a new Porch. That's great that club members have a chance to get exotic orchids at the auction. Is exotic orchid an oxymoron? The hose in question is some kind of fabric and too much pressure would cause it to burst. I think one can use a nozzle if the water isn't turned on full force. Then, the force be with you would not be a good thing. However, on Independence Day, I like to say, "May the Fourth be with you." I have to admit that I find British Royalty interesting. Just finished reading In Farleigh Field, a novel about an aristocratic family and spies during WWII. It was pretty good reading and followed some historic events, like the bombing of Buckingham Palace by the Germans. It could have been a much better book had the author done more with the characters. Now, I'm trying to find one I haven't read in the cloud. I really need to write down the new ones I've just downloaded because I can't remember reading some of them and I'm getting quite a library inside that thing. Oh where or where has my little brain gone... Tony Blair once said the White House was so beautiful that the Brits shouldn't have tried to burn it down.

    Julie, my one room still looks as though I'm a hoarder. I doubt I'll get to it before the kids come down. I know DGS is champing at the bit to visit. Wish I had more NRG but, until I'm through purging, NRG eludes me. I love Keira's name. It's as pretty as she is. Have you had any of the bad storms and tornadoes near you? We've had crazy weather this spring. I need to take pix of my condo for insurance in case I have to put in a claim. I have replacement insurance so they would provide brand new furniture should anything happen. I'm not too worried because our bldg. is so well built but it's possible. I'm on the second floor so don't worry about flooding; in fact, I don't carry flood insurance for the contents. We do have it on the bldg. Hope we both get what we need to do without overdoing it.

    OK, Kiddies, I'm outta here. Gotta shower as soon as it's late enough that I don't disturb the folks downstairs. She just had cataract surgery in one eye and is sooooo thrilled with the results. Soon she'll be getting the other eye done. I envy her because she'll likely only need light readers after. I, on the other hand, have to have my glasses to see much of anything these days. Whine, whine, whine!!!

    Hope all y'all have a great day. Here's a pic of the White House from the South Lawn.

    Love, Mikie

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    Morning, guys! Didn't sleep well at all, but probably because we had thunderstorms all night. And I keep dreaming about the hearing next Friday...nothing specific happens in the dreams, I think it's just having to face her in person. She's not mentally stable, but can fool people all the time. I never used to lock my doors when I'm alone during the day, but started doing that last year when all the fuss started. One more week...

    Mikie, we'll just get done what we get done, true? I doubt either of our kids come visit in order to judge, but it would be nice to know they feel comfortable and have a good time. And with my grands being so young still, safety is an important issue...especially with all the tools, etc. we have lying around. We can pick up and put away, but the shop/shops are just a doorway away from the rest of the house...actually there is no door on one part as Den widened the doorway so we could get bigger things in again.

    Anyway...I just hopped on here to say "Hi" and wish everyone a wonderful day. And early Father's Day to all the dads. I'm going to bring my dad out here on Sunday so he can get a feel for all the changes. Then again next Saturday or Sunday when all the kids are here.

    Better get to work...not sure if I will get to town or not. I need to get groceries, etc., but might go ahead and work on getting the house cleaned and decluttered then go later.
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    Dear Ones,

    Just letting you know we got back late last night and we are alive and doing OK I guess. Loads of wash and stuff to do today. Hope to get back later.

    JULIE - Thanks for the neat pics on your amazing house project. It looks great !!

    Thanks to all on your good wishes for our trip. Your prayer worked although a little rough at times. More on that later on Did have a great time. in between the rough spots but most of hat was one night.

    Love to awk,
    Granni :)
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    Hi, Kids,

    Just got back from Publix. I had to make a milk/bread/berry run. Also the taquitos were on BOGO. Mmmm! Evidently, all the grocery stores are a bit worried; Amazon just bought Whole Foods, the store that takes my whole bank account to buy food. This doesn't appear to be a good match but I've been wrong before. I still like to shop in stores for food and clothing. I hate to see malls closing all over the place. Maybe hanging out at malls wasn't the healthiest activity for teens but it sure beats sitting for hours texting to the person next to them in the room. I'm still exhausted so am considering Plans C and D. One way or the other, something will get done.

    Julie, my kids don't care about the condo either but I like it to be clean and uncluttered when they visit. I don't have tools lying around but I always have to consider my guns. My little revolver has a lock on the firing mechanism and I have a little key to it. I can just remove the ammo from the semi-automatic and hide it. Other than that, there isn't much to consider in terms of safety. I hope neither of us overdoes it.

    Granni, so glad you had such a good time. It's so sweet of you to let us know y'all are safe 'n sound. Stop back in when you can.

    Where are all our Porchies? I hope everydobby is doing well.

    OK, gonna get going. Just had some delicious taquitos for lunch. If I keep eating them, I'll start speaking Spanish.

    Hasta la vista, Amigos


    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    The computer went crazy in the middle of the night. The post I did here is gone. And all
    my efforts to visit various sites took me to blank pages. Mama Mia! (In English Mama
    Mia means Uff-da!)

    Glad you're back safe and sound, Granni. Get some rest and then give us a report.

    Mikie, good to know your hand guns are safely stored. What about your Gattling gun?

    Julie, es bueno saber de ti.

    Going back to bed. Gordon is at the garage with his 27 year old car. The air conditioner
    needs more freon or something. Gordon says freon can't be used anymore or is regulated
    or something. And motor oil. I remember when an oil and lube job cost ten bucks.
    Gordon said his last one was $65 'cause they now have to use some synthetic oil. The
    world is getting too complicated.

    Got a crick in my neck. Going back to bed.

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    Julie: I wouldn't worry about've got the attorney on YOUR side. Just tune out her nasty comments, etc. I can't believe David would push himself sooooo hard to do continual runs. And I'm sure Lynsey can't say anything about it either. Sounds like he's trying to convince himself he's superman, but if even his doctor is against it?

    Mikie: Why not just take one l/4 of one room and focus on only that to get things cleaned up. You'll feel better when it's done. Set yourself a 1 hr. Limit. I push myself continually, kinda playing a mind game, telling myself I can quit in 15 more min. Then when I come to it, I give myself 15 min. More. Oh yes.....playing an upbeat CD REALLY helps, one that you can dance to. I love Bryan Adams, and have 4 old CDs of his from the library, hoping to find one I really like that I can then purchase.

    I've been dealing with no much mental stress lately and I'm finding the COPD has ratcheted up....took a reading....nope, enough oxygen so it MUST just be stress.

    Well I did it....this morning I hired another gardener and just called my old one and fired him. I'm such a wimp but this had to be done. He cuts corners every week but on wednesday he REALLY did....I'm talking about leaves, etc. piled up in corners. Dirt still all over the patio in places which should have been blown. I used to blow everything myself and I know that with a gas blower it's even easier. *&^%$. So I told this new one who starts on monday that I will give him a one month trial. Took him around and showed him everything the other gardener didn't do. There's enough mexican gardeners around the town that if one doesn't work out there's always another who wants the job.

    Granni: Anxious to read your impressions on what you saw on your trip.
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    So sorry you guys not much time to really write but am taking a break and sitting down for a change today. Have been washing, folding, making lunch putting away clothes and suitcases, etcl etc. DH ran to the bank got the car washed and went to the store to pick up stuff that we needed.

    Going out to dinner with DD and DSIL and DGS and will probably cheat and have a Margarita. We did not have wine the whole trip which was probably a good thing. The gal we went with loves wine and isn't supposed to have any or much either but we also had some meals at lunchtime ( to early) and she didn't dine with us just her DH at one dinner . Poor gal she is so sweet as is her DH. She has FM, Lupus and probably some other things too and has gained a bunch of weight. She fell a few months or so ago down some steps I think. She got a hematoma on the front of her right knee I thin it was. She wears slacks all the time or capris to cover it. After our visit to the Canyon which she ended up missing the great show as her leg was bothering her, we had gone to the Plains museum that day also in the morning. That museum is HUGE and we did not see it all but the guys saw more than us ladies did. Between some very lose bowels that night and early morning I was afraid to go to far from the bathroom plus she also uses a cane or a small walker at times.

    SUN - Good for you for firing that yard man who was not doing his job

    Hey this thing submitted by itself. I didn't push submit - GRRRR !!!
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.S.
    JULIE - So glad this ordeal of the estate will be over for you soon. Just remember that you did everything you could and should of to do that was right. If these lawyers have brains like they should they should be able to see through that woman.

    Need to get ready to go out to dinner and hope to get back probably tomorrow to tell you more about the etrip even though it really wasn't that long a trip. The people we went with split from us yesterday on the way home as they had friends to visit overnight in Grapevine and then go for a day in Dallas. The drive back was especially a long drive with lots and lots of wide of open spaces. We only stayed part of the afternoon and it was already HOT at the canyon but it it is SO BIG. T We drove around a bit and then came home to rest and freshen up for the show in the evening. The TX show is outside with a gorgeous backdrop of the canyon behind the stage.

    Anyone interested in the story line and pictures of the show and also the PALO DURO CANYON , in Canyon, TX can go online to the website where you can read about and get tickets to the show. It is all about the old west and the pioneers through singing and dancing. They did a fantastic job and it has been growing since the 60's, forget the year..

    I am so pooped. Hope to get back soon to give you more info. The Canyon was so impressive.

    Gotta run for now.

    Granni :)
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    Arrrrgh, I just lost the whole paragraph of my post. :mad::mad::mad: So, I'll try again. My computer just shut off. It feels hot so it probably did it to prevent damage. The battery gets hot when it's charging. It was acting up last night and I had removed it so I could boot the whole thing up this morning. When I booted it up, the message was that it was scanning and repairing the hard drive. Say what? Repairing the hard drive. Yikes! So, something ain't right. I'll be editing and adding each paragraph so I hopefully won't lose more.

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Joe called me at 5:00 this morning because he wasn't feeling well. He knows I get up early. I was awake but not out of bed yet. SV got so upset that he was on the bed pacing and crying. Cats know when something out of the ordinary is going on. Joe called later to say he was feeling better. I'm glad. Nancy and I are going to start a buddy texting group so that no one will get sick or injured and lie there for more than 25 hours. It occurred to me that, had I not been able to get up when I fell, I might have lain there for days. DOF wants in on it too. It takes creativity to live alone in dotage.

    BTW, if anyone is a history or political junky, MSNBC is airing a two-hour special, Parts I and II, tonight at 9:00 on the Watergate investigation 45 years ago. My memory is so bad that I thought I would watch it. I remember seeing All The President's Men but, evidently, there was much more to it than could be put into a movie. I'm watching House of Cards on Netflix. It's hard to keep up with what is happening. It's kind complicate. My poor pea brain doesn't do complicated anymore. The sound on the broadcast of that particular show is difficult to hear/understand. I play it through my stereo speakers.

    Rock, sounds as though the computer gremlins are visiting you too. My computer is seven years old so I know it would normally be time to replace it but I downloaded Windows 10 so the software is new. It's been a really good computer in most instances and I don't want to get rid of it. I certainly don't want to depend on the horrid Surface computer. I really need to download Windows 10 to it to see whether that makes it more user friendly. No room in the condo for a Gatling gun. At a gun show, Richard and I saw a gun which, when stood vertically on it's tripod, was as tall as I am. The shells for it were HUGE. It had a scope and was accurate at 4 miles. I think it was $7,000 or $8,000. I figured that only some kind of paranoid survivalist, living in the woods at a militia-type retreat, would want something like that. It's good that Gordon is using synthetic oil in the car. It will keep the engine soooo much cleaner than regular oil. I used to get it but my mechanic says that I drive so little that the regular is good enough. I get excited about seeing how long I can milk this old vehicle. I'd like to keep it for the rest of my life, be it long or short, as QEII said. Hope you get rid of the crick in your neck. That's better than a creek in your neck.

    Sun, I'm just trying to do a closet, never mind 1/4 of the room. I've felt too exhausted and sick to finish it. I've been through times like this before. Eventually, I'll get it done and I'll feel better. If I try to push myself when I'm feeling this bad, I will injure myself or bring on a major flare. I hope you sell some of your paintings. It's exciting to have them in a gallery. Good luck. I've found gardeners to be basically lazy. The foreman told one of ours exactly what he was to do to trim our bushes and hibiscus tree. That was two weeks ago. It isn't just ours. It seems to be every landscape company down here. It's expensive and they do as little as possible. I have a lot of CDs but find it easier to use my Amazon Prime music streaming for tunes to listen to as I work. The Amazon Assistant is on sale right now. It can be used to manage electrical appliances, keep a calendar and play music, plus a lot of other things. I haven't seen the need but am thinking it might be a good thing to have. I've hesitated because I've been afraid of it's being obsolete but they seem to keep the basic unit and improve the app to continue to add features. Tempting! Again, good luck with the gardener and your paintings.

    Granni, sounds as though y'all had a wonderful time on your trip. I'm glad. What was the show like? Was it Western music? Back in the 40's and 50's, Western music was popular, including the singing cowboys like Gene Autry and Roy Rogers. I'll bet the people you sing for would love a Western music program. Maybe there's a yodeler in the group. It's too bad your friend injured herself. It's especially hard considering what else she has on her plate. I hope her knee heals up. How long does it take for hematomas to heal? Isn't there a danger of blood clots from them traveling in the body? I visited the website and was impressed with everything. CO has Mesa Verde with the cliff dwellings so I'm no stranger to the beauty of the rock formations and canyons of the West. Was there horseback riding? I think I'd enjoy doing that again but I'd probably be crippled with pain the next day. I hope you enjoyed your Margarita. It sounds good. Don't overdo it washing clothes and come back to tell us more about your trip. I'm enjoying it vicariously through you.

    Here's a pic from the website in case you're too busy right now to post any.


    Good grief! I just lost part of my response to Granni. Something is definitely afoot with this computer. It's verrrrry frustrating. I'm not in a mood for evil computer games. I have a headache so will go take something for it. I already took my allergy pill because I had a marathon sneeze attack, one after another. I hope everydobby else is doing better than I.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Mikie, I hope your headache went away. My neck are gone although
    this morning I found some bumps behind one ear. Creeks in the neck reminds me
    of an old song:

    "I wandered today to the hills, Maggie
    To watch the scene below
    The creek and the creaking old mill, Maggie
    Where we used to long, long ago."

    The last line isn't correct. I went to four sites before I found one that was right.
    These sites with lyrics are not very accurate. Either they copy from each other or
    they just listen to a recordings and guess at what the words are. Maybe they figure their
    service is free so they don't need to get it right.

    Gordon bought a couple plants at the plant auction. He got two vandas for a total of $24.
    The $600 orchid went for $360. The $300 orchid sold for about $90. The club made
    about $5000. Most of the money goes to pay for speakers. Some of them come from
    other states, and are paid a fee plus travel, room and board, etc.

    Too tired to post more. Maybe I'll get some pep later.

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    Taking another break of sorts. DD and SIL planted loads of tomatoes and they all came up at once so they gave us lots of tomatoes and cucs and so had to take time to make a salad with onions also and ACV and olive oil and spices. It is not in the refrig as we speak getting nice and cold.

    MIKIE - Thanks for posting that pic and I hope that you start to feel better soon as well as your silly computer driving you nuts. Believe me that really drives me crazy since I am such a non techie. The story behind the Texas extravaganza more or less told the story of what was going on with between the ranchers, indians, and what they had to endure back in those days as much as they could on the stage. Lots of conflicts and simple parties and dances, and some of the characters . Fun also to see those costumes too but thinking about those poor, hard working people in that time wearing long dresses, long sleeves, etc. etc. men too in the very hot TEXAS weather. Of course there was a young hero and lovely heroine and lots of wonderful singers and dancers, I bought the book telling about the actors, actresses, musicians, dancers choreographers, etc,. etc. The people have been upgrading this play and story since the 60's. After the actual story was told was a wonderful tribute in song and dance to our servicemen and women and those who have served and died before us. Most of the people in the show were making music, dancing, acting their businesses. Most were quite young, college students and beyond but also had some children dressed in their pioneer costumes.

    ROCK - Glad Gordon did well at the orchid or flower show. Sounds like he got a good buy on the two he bought. Hope you get to rest and then find some more NRG:)!! If you find any please save some for me.

    Hope I answered at least some of your questions . If I think of something else i will add on later. I finally at least got the washing done from our travel. Tomorrow is church and so I need to wash the mop again tonight. Oh I hate that job esp when I am already pooped out.


    Might see you tomorrow after church. Going over to DD's tomorrow after/ early evening for a meal and watch some stuff on TV, sports related of course or most likely.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hiya all!

    Good to see Star and Diane. Hope things calm down enough so you're can visit more often.

    Diane - I tried looking where you wrote about your sinkhole. Couldn't find it. Do you think moving out is an option? Is your neighbourhood a good one? I know it must be pretty out in the country but a sinkhole occuring nearby. !

    Rock - Gordon's orchid club sounds like our Pranic Healing. Instructors come from out of country on donations from richer clubs because the center here don't earn enough. Yet. The instructors bear their own cost as a kind. of service \tithing to the extent they can.

    That Maggie Poem spoke to me somewhere deep inside. What a lovely set of lines. Even if theyre so simple.Imagine sitting with your soul.mate, youre twin flame, dearest of up on a hill looking down on an.old.mill with water flowing by. The quiet and peace around.

    The feeling of impatience and anticipation of hurrying off your loved one up there in your

    The ceramics\clay pots with holes in the side are probably for candles or.incense. more probably for candles. Aren't they pretty?

    granni - I would love to be one.of the group putting on that show about the.pioneers in the West. Especially if you're a college student as well. Doing something productive and entertaining as well. That was quite an amazing picture Mikie posted. So much beauty and then art combined. And then.people loving it. Can you.imagine the energy there? You're very very.lucky.

    Julie - hope all goes well. Just remember when this is over, you are free of SIL forever. Gracious, when you mentioned SIl a decade ago..that she kept llamas and didn't talk to her kids, who knew all what was in store.!! Well, life has come full circke, if all goes as it should you can distance yourself from here for good. And take back your own life.

    Mikie - I'm glad DOF is recovered. It's so worrisome when a close friend takes ill. Hope your computer problems are resolved. Something always messes with.mine. but I try out this n that and avoid the websites marked iffy. The troublemakers can go to any site and put a virus in it if theyre not well protected. Then when one goes in, virus is caught. I remember when I bought a internet.pack and loaded it, my.problems came. Page changing n all but it's mysteriously gone. Maybe they computer cleaned it out.

    I've been.listening to solfeggio frequencies and they're so good. 173 is supposed to help with pain according to utuber comments ...I love 563..and. 963 ...there's a sound healing.modality among alternative therapies and I honestly believe in their healing power.

    A big bonus is they're free. I've noticed things are so expensive these days even if you get a lot of money it takes no time at all for it to vanish. Maks it very difficult to get into the I have abundance state of.mind. which The Secreters and Louise Hay advise.

    I love your innovativeness in creating apps to make sure everyone is safe.

    Sun - I hope the new gardener is a good guy. It's wonderful to hv a lovely garden but stressful if one doesn't hv the right person go upkeep it. I can't get rid.of the empty spaces around me so I've just done does with too let them be, look in sometimes and hope for the best. Planted perrenials and self seeding.shrubs bushes.
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  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator


    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    I hope everydobby has a very happy Father's Day. I'll be calling and texting my family and friends to wish them a happy one. I had another "Aha Moment" yesterday. Even though I feel the AV worked and my body purged the dead virus, I was still sick. I was increasingly having swollen lymph nodes, tinnitus, headaches, difficulty breathing, rigid muscles in my jaw and neck and strange pains shooting through my head. It was deja vu all over again. These are the same symptoms I got when I was taking magnesium citrate. It has to be the potassium citrate that is now doing it. Evidently, my body has become sensitized to both of these. Soooo, I didn't take my bedtime dose and I'm not going to take it today to see whether the symptoms improve. I feel better already this morning. Problem is that I need the citrate to help prevent kidney stones. I am hoping I can find something else but I'm afraid my options my be few, if any. The doc won't be happy with this. All this caused my Sjogren's dry mouth to return but it's better today. Yikes! :eek:

    I managed to clean out the fridge and take the garbage and recyclables down to the dumpster and pick up my mail yesterday. I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and that was all I could do. Those supps also affect me mentally and I keep forgetting things and having whole blocks of time I can't remember. I watched the Watergate special on CBS and it was pretty much as I remembered. I recorded the one on MSNBC but it only recorded the second part. It's being shown again tomorrow night so I put it on the list to be recorded. Ben Stein, speaking currently, started to cry and said Nixon did nothing wrong and was a "saint." Y'all may remember him as the teacher in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, the one who kept saying, "Anyone...anyone?" He also had a TV quiz show, Win Ben Stein's Money. He was Nixon's speech writer. Nixon himself said he did nothing wrong after he left the WH. Doh!!! This was a huge chapter in our history and I'm glad they have revived coverage of it because my memory ain't great anymore. I also am glad to be able to see shows on WWII, including the attack on Pearl Harbor. Not so much for Korea and Viet Nam. It is still too painful for me to watch programs on 9/ll. I still can't get my mind around WWI which was triggered by the assassination of a European Archduke.

    Rock, maybe there is a creek and creaking old mill in your neck. BTW, there are lymph nodes behind the ear and, if they get swollen, they feel like little peas under the skin. Yesterday, the nodes under my jaw were like golf balls. Much, much better today. Thanks for posting that little ditty. I had a dog named Maggie and I've always loved that name. Had an Aunt Maggie too. I don't know whether or not she hung out at the old mill. I'm glad Gordon got some orchids. I only have one left, the one my friend gave me before she died. Hope you enjoy your day and get the pep you desire so you can stop back in.

    Granni, I kinda wondered whether they would put the history of the West in that program. I grew up used to seeing programs like that. I got to be part of one when I was in HS. Our town put on a program in the HS football field about the history of our area. They held auditions so my friends and I went. We were Indians and did a dance number. It was great fun. There were still Indians living in the area when the whites settled the town. A young girl was scalped in the foothills behind what would later become a hospital. My friends and I hiked up there and had picnics when I was younger. I remember going to that hospital with my nanny when I was really little, probably about four. It was a place for WWII vets to recover from their war injuries. I remember they enjoyed seeing a rambunctious kid. Many were missing limbs. My nanny volunteered there. So nice you got the book to help you remember the trip. Here's another pic.


    Spring, I think those ceramic things with the holes in them are for melting wax wafers which are perfumed. You light the bottom and place the wafer on top. One of my kids gave me one but I ended up giving it away. It was messy to use because the old wax had to be removed before putting a new one on top. They were kind of a fad, I think. We have sinkholes all over FL but most of them are more inland. The rock underlying our ground is limestone which is full of holes. Our aquafers are made of this stone. It can collapse. We have insurance in case our bldg. is damaged by one. I can't remember where this happened but there was a guy in bed who was swallowed up whole by a sinkhole and there was no way to get him out. I have some CDs which have tones that are supposed to invoke relaxing brain waves but I'd never heard of solfeggio frequencies. There's a lot of info on the web about them. Here is a link for info:
    Thanks for mentioning them here.

    I'm off to read the real Sunday newspaper and do the puzzles. Also gonna watch my news shows. I love the
    CBS News Sunday Morning Show. It is more like a TV magazine program. They feature a lot of things which are very interesting but which we may not normally give much notice to. Again, I hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2017
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  15. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, friends! Haven't had a chance to read any posts, but just wanted to pop on and say Happy Father's Day to our dads.

    I'm heading in soon to go get my dad. He's been wanting to come out to the farm, and today seems like a great day for it...the weather is perfect. I still have a lot to do before all our company comes, but Dad is more important than anything I could ever have to do...

    Will check in later...
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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Mikie, the bumps behind my ears are substantial rather than pea size. It feels like
    parts of my skull are trying to push there way out. But the discomfort usually goes away
    in a day or two. I believe Dave Barry is right. He says our brains are so full of useless
    trivia that we've been collecting for decades we can't recall anything we need to
    know like our pin number or the date of our spouse's birthday. Or our new phone
    number or license number. Apparently this trivia is just threatening to burst out.

    Trivia we can remember would include advertising jingles; the lineup of some ball team from
    the days of our yute. The nicknames of our grade school friends but not the names of our Congress representatives. The names of our long dead pets, but not the names of some coworkers and in-laws.

    Granni, Is this where you saw the outdoor drama? upload_2017-6-18_7-20-44.jpeg
    We had an outdoor pageant in my hometown in 1958. It was the centennial of Minnesota's
    admission to the union. Did you get your mop washed? I assume you mean your hair. Remember Blondie and Dagwood? He would frequently taste whatever was in the big pot simmering on the stove. Sometimes she would say, "Oh, Dagwood. I'm just boiling the mop."

    Springwater, here is the Maggie song. Although it is often considered an Irish song, it
    was written by a Canadian and an Englishman. Lots of version on Youtube.

    Are you listening to Gregorian chants? Solfeggio sometimes refers to the scale they
    used back then. The modern Do-re-me etc. we use did not exist then. It was invented for
    the musical The Sound of Music by Richard Rodgers. Solfeggio also refers to the exercises voice students study when they plan to be be opera or concert singers. They sing
    Sol and Fa repeatedly. Gets very boring. They keep asking if they can sing an aira.
    The teachers always say, "Not yet" in a stern voice.

    Hugs All, I just haven't the NRG to go back and read your messages and respond. Plus
    I get all confusiated and the computer gets cranky when I have two windows open and
    freezes up. As Wordsworth put it, "The World is too much with us."


    Last edited: Jun 18, 2017
  17. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All. Sorry for my absence. A lot of anxiety because feeling so dizzy and unsteady. I'm having my carotid ultrasound on Tuesday and seeing the doc. after. I think something must be done. I am resorting to Xanax to try to keep my anxiety levels down. They help, but not much.

    Sun, my garden is a mess, but there is still beauty there. The lilies are mostly in bloom now -- some just starting. Also the daylilies, and the last bearded iris is opening today. I wish I could find a good gardener here, but EVERYONE seems to be growing mj. All my neighbours. Our handyman is not being handy and I'm going to crack my whip and roar at him. I'm a Leo and he's a capricious Capricorn -- what a contest! So sorry for your stress.

    Granni, it sounds like you had a good -- albeit tiring -- time on your vacation. Have you ever been to Grand Saline? The place my dad came from. Fresh tomatoes, how wonderful. They actually TASTE and have Flavour, unlike any that I no longer buy from the stores. Blah!

    Spring ( and Mikie) I have one of those clay pots with holes in the sides. I use it for candles in the dark and it makes lovely lights come out from the holes. Very nice. I don't know whether it is from Thimi or not.

    Rock, I have always thought our brains are like flypaper. They catch everything. If only we could pick off some of the unwanted "flies" wouldn't that be nice?

    Rock, doesn't "long, long ago" mean longing for the past, long having two meanings here?

    Mikie, so sorry for your problems re the citrates, etc. Talk to your doc!!!!

    Well, I'm so sorry to have missed so much, but just have to have my yoghurt and fruit salad lunch. And then to bed to read ... and perchance to dream.

    Pooped out, exhausted, dizzy and anxious.

    Lenny and Sylvie get along wonderfully. She walks right up to him and gives the dog a rub or kiss -- so cute. Pleasure.

    Bye for now,
    Love to All,

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  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Ones,

    So glad to see some of my dear Porchies here this afternoon. Went to church , came home changed clothes and had lunch , did wash and now goofing around on the computer :)!!

    JULIE - So glad you w ill be going to get your dad. I know he will be glad to come to your house for a change but hope he doesn't get to confused with the changes made. Think positive and remember that this estate thing should be over VERY SOON and you can just forget about you know who. Can't believe one person could cause so much trouble.

    ROCK - That picture you posed is similar to the one where we saw the show except the stage was farther away but it was very easy to see. We had good seats. It is sort of hard to see your picture since it could not get a whole lot bigger. The backdrop of the stage was the canyon and it was so gorgeous, majestic and tall. Thanks also for the Maggie song. Such a lovely and much simpler time.

    MIKIE - That other picture of the canyon is great, thanks. It really is so beautiful and it goes on forever many many many miles. We only saw a small part of it. One of these days I have to learn how to take pics and post them on PH chat board (the Porch.) The first past i really easy take a pic of it with your phone and that is as far as I have gotten. Lovely indian pictures too in my book that I bought. Many people never even heard of the CANYON up in Canyon, TX . We drove over 600 miles one way, lots and lots of open prairie. A lot of history there. We even went one evening to visit one of the casinos in OK. We were not prepared monetarily which was a good thing so didn't spend much Only lost $20 and our friend lost a little but not a whole lot. Some old machines there, much smaller than the one we sometimes go to. Was surprised how many casinos they had there but we only visited one of them.

    BARRY - We must have been posting at the same etime. No I haven't been to Saline and I do love home grown tomoatoes. Yes, the flavour is a lot different than store bought since they pic them when green most times. Good luck on your ultrasound and all. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Somehow I missed Diane. If she posed I did not see it but then I have been somewhat absent.

    SPRING WATER - Thanks for posting. So interesting to get your thoughts on our history and our trip and the wonderful TEXAS program. Wish they would have let us take pictures or videos but it was not allowed of course.

    Need to start getting ready to go to DD's for our Fathers Day gathering dinner. It will be steak, salad and broccoli I think unless a change was made.

    Hugz to everydobby inc SUN, BARRY, STAR, DIANE and those MIA and I did not get a chance to post to.

    Granni :)
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  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Folks

    Just woke up from a nap. Folded some laundry. Was gonna take the kitchen towels down
    stairs, but stopped when I heard voices. One of Gordon's sisters is here with her DH.
    They are nice people but not capable of carrying on a conversation. I turned around and
    went back to my folding. In case anyone is wondering, it's easier to fold a basketfull of
    laundry than to make one of Gordon's origami projects.

    Granni, I would love to see the Palo Duro pageant, but alas my traveling days are
    over. We have an outside theater here in LA. It is on the other side of the Hollywood
    Fwy from the Hollywood Bowl. Gordon and I and my son were there a few times.
    I suspect it's much smaller than what the Palo Duro Park has.

    With regard to energy if I ever get any extra I will send it to you. Of course we could
    drink energy drinks, but from what I read on line, the main ingreediments are
    caffeine, sugar and vitamin B12. You can buy that stuff cheaper at the market and
    you don't have to pay for a container.

    Barry, I looked up Grand Saline. Turns out it's a little town in East Texas. About 3,000
    people. That's bigger than any of the towns in the county where I grew up. As one
    might guess, it got its name from the huge salt deposits in the area. Wikipedia says
    it has the second largest salt mine in the world. Guess who owns it? That's right.
    The Morton Salt people.

    Since Mikey's not here I'll beat her to the punch. "No, I've never been to Grand Saline,
    but I sometimes use salty language.

    I never thought that "long, long ago" could be a pun, but you are absolutely right. Of
    course there was some English playwright who was famous for his puns. I forget his
    name, but he wrote a play called Hamlet. My home town and Grand Saline are examples
    of hamlets.

    Ooops! Gordon needs the comupter. Hugs to all.
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  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Barry: I hope it's the carotid artery that's the problem and an be roto rootered out and you'll at last feel alive again. I'll be praying for you. Lenny and cute they sound and wonderful they get along so well. I've got my SILs Weimaraner visiting until next sunday. She's such a sweet dog, no problem at all. She's about 11 years old and all she can think about is when is her next meal. They only give her a special dry formula and not much so she knows when she comes to Grandma's house she gets a chicken vegetable rice stew I make for her.

    I worked out in my garden, front and back friday and yesterday again, trying to clean up all the remaining old bark and leaves so that when the new gardener comes tomorrow morning I can show him how I want it to stay. Needless to say both evenings I was so tired and hurting all over. And I yanked a ton of succulents to toss. They multiply like crazy. It's HOT here again and I looked at the weather the high 90s all week long.

    Rock: HA.....folding towels could be preferable to trying to chat with someone who isn't interested. Do they just mainly speak in Chinese? My fairly new Chinese neighbors on one side of me are very quiet. They have two young boys in grammar school but I never hear them outside. I have hear a piano practice (the older one) and the younger one is learning the clarinet. And......the cooking smells are wonderful! My neighbor on the other side of me just listed her house so I'm praying hard for good neighbors.

    Granni: I've never heard of that canyon. It looks like the Grand Canyon and it must be beautiful. What time of the day did you visit it?

    Mikie: I agree with must talk to your doctor and see what's going on. If you go back over the months on this chat board and read your posts.....before your kidney stones might jog your memory about something.

    I've had a gassy stomach for at least 3 months....then I did a search and realized it might be the dried raisins and cranberries in my health bar I've been making just might be the culprit. So I cut them out. Then I've been trying to eat more healthy....a large spinach salad with dandelion greens, ham, tomatoes, etc.......but now that seems to be causing problems. ^$#@. I can't seem to win. Going to go back to eating junk food!

    Tomorrow my cleaning lady will be here, the new gardener and my handyman who will painting the ceiling in another bedroom and the next day the walls and baseboards in there. Things just NEED to be done, so I continually push myself whether I want to or not. So I've been spending the day cleaning out a cabinet I've had things stored, and also a ton of CDs. I need to go over them and cull ones out and give them away. Too much unnecessary stuff in this house and my life.
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