Off to psych today...thanks for the encouragement

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    I'm off in a couple of hours and want to thank all of u for sharing ur stories w/ me. I was verrrry nervous last night waiting for a call from my attorney. He was to prep me for this. He didn't call so I called him and about an hour later, he finally called and prepped me. I think I have a handle on what I need to do. As one of u said, this ain't a job interview so i don't need to be my best. As my attorney said before he hung up, "hope u do badly".

    He also told me to expect the report to be completely non supportive so if it is i won't be surprised. He has won most of his cases in front of the judge so as much as i wud like this phase of my life to be over, i guess i have to prepare myself for the next level. I'm also thinking of writing Senator Kennedy to ask him to follow my case. (obviously i'm in MA)

    Thanks again and I'll let u know how it goes.