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    It is still too hot here to do anything much except go to the beach, go to the pool, go shopping or go to the movies. A friend and I are off to see "The Debt." I hope it's good. We are wanting to start a book club and now that everyone interested has read "The Help," we want to see the film. Problem is trying to get everyone together. It's like herding cats only more difficult.

    Want to get home to see Dr. Phil's interview with Casey Anthony's parents. I saw it yesterday and still feel that there is something deeply wrong with these people which hasn't come out yet. I doubt that they even know what is wrong.

    Also, QVC has it's steel jewelry on from 3 til 5, when Dr. Phil starts. I am starting to LOVE the stainless steel jewelry. It looks just like silver at a fraction of the price. I just got a Greek key cuff bracelet which is gorgeous. I had bought the one which is a leaf cutout design and I still love it but I get tired of wearing the same one all the time. I am so self-conscious about my deformed arthritic wrist that I like to cover it when I'm out and about.

    I've been making some necklaces but am finding it tedious and frustrating but then, I'm finding everything tedious and frustrating :) It's just because I've been in a Sjogren's flare. I do feel blessed that I don't have to try to work when I feel like this.

    I'll let y'all know whether I like the movie without being a spoiler.

    Love, Mikie
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    I don't know whether I liked the movie or didn't like it. Can't spoil the end because the movie didn't really let us know how things finally came out completely. No nice tidy ending with everything all wrapped up. It was good to get out. I didn't take a water bottle in my purse and wasn't about to spend either $4.25 or $6.25 for a bottle of water. Yikes! Silver lining is that I didn't have to pee mid-movie.

    Love, Mikie
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    I pray for healing for your back. I know how much you have suffered with it.

    It's been two or three years since I've been out to a movie. I actually don't enjoy sitting in a theater. It was all I could do to get up and walk out when the movie ended. Because the movie was difficult to follow in parts, three older women in front of us kept talking and one was getting louder and louder. I finally asked them to stop talking. They said they were sorry but that they were trying to follow the movie. So were we and having to listen to their chatter didn't help us follow it either. Usually if one just waits a minute, the story becomes clearer. Like many of us, I find it difficult to focus with constant static-like noise such as chatter.

    My friend and I noticed how fuzzy the large movie screen seemed after our HD TV's. All things considered, I'd rather just wait until movies are on DVD or TV and watch in the comfort and quiet of my own home where a bottle of water doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

    I think that basically, I've just turned into an old fart!

    Love, Mikie
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    The last two times I was at the movies, the seats were extra comfy in the disabled section, which I so appreciated. But the sound was so loud that it was overkill. I have tinnitis and a bit of a hearing problem as my hearing is slowly going, but the loud sound during the pre-movie advertisements as well as during the movie was just too much for me. Apparently many who had the loud amplifiers installed in the cars years ago (and still) must be near deaf so the theater not too far from me has boosted the sound way up high. i can't take it and I probably won't go back. But I loved pulling up my scooter in the disabled area and getting a really overstuffed comfy seat and my back loved it.

    Jam, if you go, try for the disabled areas in the front half of the theaters and you might find the seating extra comfy.

    I agree that I now just wait for the movies to come on TV and can watch them in "not so loud" comfort in my home and in my PJs. Plus I don't want to watch in 3D and I can see in regular style at home.
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    I agree about the sound too. That's what made those chattering women so unbearable. They had to talk loud over the sound. It was all just too much for me. Our seats were horrible. They were like airline seats, pushing the head forward so we were hunched over. I think they are designed for people six feet tall. I know I'm a whiner but, for Pete's sake, if a movie experience is so bad on so many counts, I really don't see any reason to go again.

    I keep thinking I'll get my Wii on wi-fi so I can order Netflix. I love wi-fi but my experience with hooking things up to it has not been easy. So, I put it off. The new TV's have wi-fi built in. I've ordered movies on demand when I'm sick and desperate for diversion but it can get expensive. One new movied on demand would pay for a month of Netflix which has far more movies to offer.

    Good to know I'm not an old fart :)

    Love, Mikie
  6. TwoCatDoctors

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    When I have gone to the movies in the past, I look at the audience and don't see the older groups and it may be because they can't take the seating, the loud sound system (and the theaters always boast about their terrific sound systems that we can't stand).

    I think theaters are targeting a very younger audience now and seat comfort doesn't matter. With the target audience wearing earphones walking around all the time with music cranked up loud in their ears, and music cranked up loud in their cars, the target audience may WANT that heavy loud sound. The theaters will do what works best for them, and apparently bad seats and some hard sound system that can shake your eyes works for them.

    So I watch at home, with my feet up, with hot tea or iced water, and I've got a cat on the armrest right next to me that I pet and another cat stretched over my leg that I pet and it's a very relaxing recliner seat on the sofa and I use comfortable pillows. I can set the sound exactly where it is purrrfect and I really appreciate that after being in the movie theater.