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  1. Please anyone if you know of any programs that help with food,electric anything.I tried reaching out but they only help their members.

    If I left my husband I would get medical care and food stamps. I can't leave him,We are family.SO what do I do???

    I am goig to have to ask my son do a medical study.That seems very wrong. I would do a medicical study but they woudn't take me with my illness and medications.Please any information I Will look into.

    Thanks to Pat I already go to food banks. Ruthie
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    Ruthie, I know that around here (gladewater, texas), you can get help from the salvation army and depending on you situation the red cross may help. We also in our town have a place that helps with food, electric, gas and water bills. They also have clothing for the people who need it. We also have a few churches who help with electric, gas, and water bills. They also will help with food sometimes. I hope you can find help in your area. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Crispangel

    P.S. I just noticed what you said about the food banks but I know a lot of times they limit how much they can help. Here it is only 3 times a year.
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    See if they have an Angel Food Ministries place in your area. The site is:

    United Way, Salvation Army, Red Cross. Try more churches, some of them do help with some bills, and they can also at the very least direct you to some local places that will help.