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  1. I need some one to listen,I amd dealing with depression and anxiety. I cry alot for no reason.

    I have always had trouble with chritmas, ny brother died jan5 1971 I was only 5 but i still see the event.The christmas tree was still up.That day I lost my mother too.She was never able to listen too me.I rememeber feeling so sad scared and afraid everyone around me will die.

    My mom did the best she could do with her own pain[which was far greater than my own}But I rememeber trying to process this information but ever being allowed to.If it tried to ask about it she would get upset.If I was afraid to got to school she would get upset .

    I was always just so depressed.I knew if I went to school she would die also.Pleaase anyone out there s this normal?All my life i felt I should be over this but I have never been avble to get the help I needed as a child.Even as I grew up she would not let me ask about my brother. Any thoughts? Ruthie
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    have you ever gone to counciling? some time people go through their life with post traumatic stress disorder from thing they never got over. iknow as a child i had one thing after the other my 3 cousins died in a fire with my gram when i was 7 then my father would come ti the house with a gun wanting to shoot us when i was 9 he killed himself so i understand my sister still has problems with this somehow i bounced back and it dont effect me i think through praying to god for me to release everything from my childhood did it for me. hope you feel better soon charlene
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    Hi Ruthie I can understand you feeling depressed. It must have been very hard on you losing your brother so young and not know why on top of it.

    I realize your mother doesn't want to open old wounds but I think that is the only way you will find closure. I also think the fact that she does not wish to talk about it is a sign that she has not had closure either.

    I think her discussing it with you will help both of you. I would suggest you ask her if she would be willing to see a therapist or councilor where you can both get the help you need to get the closure you both need.

    I hope you come right and I am here to listen anytime.