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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mlp1954, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. mlp1954

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    I am wondering if anyone has had a Rotator Cuff Tear. I am having extreme pain in my left shoulder and upper arm, hurts when I lay on it, and cannot raise it or move it certain ways without extreme pain. I thought is was my Fibro related, but it is very painful. Does anyone know what movements are impaired with rotator cuff tear? This came on somewhat suddenly last week and does not feel like the Fibro pain I am so used to. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you so much. Pattie
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  2. KelB

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    My sympathies! In my current quest for info on my own shoulder pain (probably related to Hypermobility rather than a Rotator Cuff problem), I came across this great UK-based health info site (non-commercial, so OK to post the URL).

    You can put pretty much any condition into the Search box and it comes up with a range of formal medical notes, diagrams and reports written by patients themselves.

    This is the home page:

    If you enter "Rotator Cuff" into the search box at the top, you come up with six more pages that might give you further info.
  3. chickadee

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    Several years ago, I had horrible pain in my left shoulder. Thought it was fibro and rhumy injected it. It began hurting worse as soon as the numbing came out from the shot.

    PCP sent me for MRI and then to an Orthopedic doctor. Seems I had bone spurs which were rubbing the rotary cuff.
    They suggested physical therapy or surgery.

    I couldn't see how physical therapy would help bone spurs so I opted for the artherscopic surgery. After surgery, they still suggested the physical therapy. I went for several sessions of PT and it made fibro and shoulder worse.

    However, with time, my shoulder returned to normal (which they told me it never would with or without the physical therapy). Shoulder returned to 100%function.

    Just my experience but first you need to find out why you are in pain (if possible) and then decide what to do.

  4. ephemera

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    I had problems with my right shoulder for months that continued to get worse & became cry out loud pain (8/10)in some motions & some positions.

    I saw my rheumie who said the shoulder was separated, then got a referral to the physical medicine dept at the hospital. The doc thought there was shoulder impingement & wanted me to do an MRI, but I refused due to extreme pain for days resulting from the noise & motion.

    So, an ultra sound was done at a local teaching hospital. So simple & the doctor saw right then & there that I had biceps tenosynovitis, in other words the tendon was swimming in inflamation.

    Had an injection into the tendon with the ultra sound machine 3 weeks ago & as of this week I'm having no pain. I can still hear the shoulder grinding or popping (I'm hypermobile), but no pain & no crying out several times each day. I base my ratings of good & bad days on how long the pain lasts & if it's to a level of crying out. Past couple days have been terrific for lower pain levels. No if the fatigue was solved so simply...
  5. mlp1954

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    I am not sure what TOS is?
  6. ckzim

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    from having the rotator cuff tear...almost all the way through...not fun.

    What brought me to the doc was the the shoulder blade and upper's like a clicking noise, and you have to adjust it all the time in order to move your arm ...sometimes pain full to do, others it's not.

    Don't wait on this...I did...and regret if I had waited any longer, it would of been completley torn all the way through...get those X rays done.


  7. Bruin63

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    I had a torn Rotator Cuff, and it happened during surgery on my Neck, they had placed me wrong on the OP table and all the weight was on the right shoulder.

    When I woke up from the surgery, I could not move either of my arms. The Dr. said it was normal, and I should have use of them both in a few hours.

    I never did get the use of my Rt. arm back, it hung at my side, I could not lift it, unless I used my left arm to do it.

    It took them 6 months to finally go in and do an artosocpy surgery, (sp?).
    They saw that I had a torn Cuff, and that it went in the opposite direction of the usual Tear in the cuff.

    It took 2 surgery's to get it to the point where I can use it again. Limited use, still can't raise it, and I can not lift anything, or carry anthing heavy.
    It still hurt's, but it's more of an Ache now, instead of the Intense pain I had before the OP's.

    Please be sure to get an MRI on you Rotator Cuff, altho, mine didn't show up, if it's a Torn cuff, they will probably beable to see it.

    PT will not help if it's Torn, if you have some Impedemint in the Cuff, instead of a tear, the PT will help,
    SO please see a Dr, if you haven't already.

    WIshing you well,
  8. cathugs

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    I had this problem in 1999.The first part of the year I had foot surgury, and was on crutches for about five weeks. I had severe pain in my left shoulder which I thought was caused by carrying my weight on the crutches.
    When I got off the crutches Ijust got worse. My rheumy gave me an injection.Didn't help. Was sent for an MRI.
    My shoulder was completely destroyed by ostooarthritis.
    It had caused necrosis and dropped down and cut off the blood supply. My rotator cuff was also badly damaged.
    Aout two weeks later I had a total joint replacement.
    The surgeon said that when he got into my shoulder, the
    bone was crumbling. The recovery was a long process,
    but now I can do almost any thing , lift, and carry.
    I have the biggest problem holding my arm up to do my
    hair because the muscle is weak from the fibro.
    I don't want to alarm any one, but please see about this problem now. Don't wait. I wish I had seen the Dr. sooner.
    Sorry this is so long. Hope it's not too boring.
    (((( hugs ))) cat hugs (Ruth)

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  9. From what I read somewhere a torn muscle id caused my fibro. It takes very little to hurt yourself when you have this illness, Hubby has fibro and has to have this surgery very soon RUthie

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