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    I hope this is acepted. Not our standard postings, but so important.
    Click here: Map of registered and convicted sex offenders and predators in your neighborhood or

    This is serious, not a joke. Map will show you offenders wear about in your area. Use the color code at the left hand side of the map page that indicates what type of offense, etc.

    If you scale to 5 you will see a large area, in my case it shows the whole town and then some. Go to one and you can zero right into your neighborhood. Outer edges (clicking), of the map will take you the direction you want to go to check areas further from you.

    Everytime you click onto a location (example: a red house, etc.), a person's picture and name and more will show up. After reading that one, click only the box with the person and his info) you will keep the map and go to another one then to check out.
    I can think of three not listed here.....or any other offender site. Must be a marker or such that some do not make the boards. So always be aware.
    I am so pleased that stronger and stronger efforts are being made a long this line.

    Please pass this might save someone...............Susan
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    I was not aware that this had been posted. But I guess if someone like me did not see it, maybe they will now.

    You can search for your county on sex offenders. I am signed on to recieve updates on any that moves into my area.

    It is the children that I worry the most about! I tell the young ones that if anyone calls to them and they are laying on the ground with a crutch or a cane and they are asking for help.....go the opposite direction from them and yell back that you will get an adult to help them. Not to let anyone know when you are alone. Do not let anyone in the house, even though they are begging and upset to use your phone. Lock the door and call the police to help them....etc. On and On.

    I think this problem has always been with us. We are just more aware now and news carries fast. Many used to keep it a secret even. Also larger populations and the drug use!!!!

    God Bless and protect us all......
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    ...sites has updated lists as well.

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