Office chairs are a pain - who has problems sitting?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by adageek, Jun 24, 2003.

  1. adageek

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    Right now I am sitting reclined in my recliner with a laptop computer on a pillow in my lap, currently laid off. Also in the living room is this big ugly un-ergonomic highback office chair I bought several years ago because it was the ONLY one I could find that would tilt BACKWARD and lock in place. Fortunately my last contract job was in a place you could drive a truck into and I was allowed to bring this thing in, though it was kind of embarassing to be forced to show the world that you have a problem in such a visible way. The "ergonomics" guy at the company happened to see the thing and was horrified and got me one of the latest newest wizbang ergonomic chairs they were then upgrading to. I tried it and could not STAND it - the seat would not lilt backward, forward tilting seats, that is sliding downhill on your tailbone - OUCH - is the latest fad. Also the seat is too shallow, for a woman only 5'5'', and the back feels like it is pushing you forward onto the floor. I must recline backward with my knees elevated - period - anything else causes my spasmed back muscles to fight gravity. Maybe some of us just cant sit up straight with our feet flat on the floor in a "proper" position ?? So I went back to my old slouchy chair and nobody objected. Unfortunately the company lost their contract an I will have to face this embarrasing problem with chairs in looking for a job in addition to a bad economy.
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    I am having that problem right now..Had a doc tell me I could do seditary work..What does he think sitting at a desk is??? I am only PT right now and even working limited hours at a desk has me in pain...Go figure..LOL
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    I had a pilonidal cyst operation a few years ago which left me with a scar at the base of my spine - one which is rather uncomfortable to sit on (blessed keloidal <sp?> tissue grrrrr) So I can't sit "straight up, feet on the floor" for very long without my butt hurting LOL

    That combined with pain from FMS, etc. - well it makes me look a bit like a contortionist at times. And I have yet to find ANY chair, or position that is comfortable for desk-type work. And I've looked far and wide - particularly since my employer is willing to foot the bill for one.

    I do have a friend with severe backaches, and she uses one of those chairs you kneel on. I don't understand why people swear by them - there's absolutely no back support at all. I just can't imagine spending 6+ hours a day kneeling :(

    Shannon L.
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    We need to get up at least once an hour and do some stretching if we have to sit for long periods of time on the job or in a car. A physical therapist can help with this.

    Love, Mikie
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    When I was teaching the standard issue chair for teachers was just a larger size of the molded plastic chairs the students have. They were not comfortable on a good day! When I developed fairly severe FM I couldn't stand to sit in one of those chairs.

    Luckily I had taken advantage of a group of office chairs donated by a business that was upgrading. I got there first and checked them all like Goldilocks. I ended up with one that was padded, had adjustable height and armrests. It didn't tilt forward and was quite comfortable.

    At the end of my career, before these DD's stopped me cold in my tracks, the only chair in the entire building which I could sit on was my donated office chair. So I pushed it around the building to use in meetings, phone calls, or wherever else I neeed to be to sit in comfort.

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    so at home I use my favorite old rocker, well padded, with a pretty high footstool. At work, I just have to get up and stretch a lot, tho I did get a good chair with an extra back pad. I will try that seat pad mentioned! Just one more thing I never realized was part of this DD.
    Echo :)
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    I discovered Obus Forme products (Canadian based company) while in rehab - incredible! Until these products, nothing had been very effective. Another great product for me has been the "Tush Cush". Finally, an adustable foot rest has helped too.
    Good luck and keep trying things!
    Best to you.
  8. Mikie

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    I've got the answer; sit in his lap :)

    Love, Mikie
  9. Applyn59

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    I have bad back problems as well as FMS.
    I can't sit in a chair without putting one or both
    of my feet up on a little footstool I bought. I folds
    and I always took it with me to movies, restaurants,
    etc. Haven't been doing any of that lately, but it
    does help.

    As for sitting, I am one who has to have that kneeling
    chair. I have that but I have my laptop and generally
    always use it in bed. If I am feeling better or need
    to sit up, I sit on the kneeling chair. It really
    does take pressure off the body.

    I have a hard time sitting up at a table. If I go
    to a restaurant, I come home with terrible pain
    in my neck and shoulders.