Office has stepped on my last nerve not good.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. rosemarie

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    I have had it with medical staff , be they nurse's or the billing staff. They all seem to think that I don't mind waiting all day long for some thing as simple as getting a copy of my records or to check the computer to see the exact amount I owe the doctor.

    I try to treat people with respect all the time. Today was just the last straw when it came to the billing department for my pain doctor.

    I received a bill that was dated for 04/06. This is the first time I have heard about it. But instead of having the amount of my co-pay on it, but the amount that was there was not my co-pay. I have to pay it up front before I see the doctor and yet it was not there.

    When I asked about it I was told that we have discussed this before, you just don't understand how our billing system works.
    So why don't you just let your husband call me and he and I can talk it out. He understands and does not question the bill.

    Bite me! This is my bill, I am the patient not my husband. He can't stand the doctor and is gratefull I don't see him anymore. But as the person that is assigned to my dcotors accounts knows my husband and likes him . He never argues with her about why my co-pays are not applied to my account on the date of service but I do.

    I have every right to know how she does the biling and why my co-pays are not recorded and applied to my account on the date of service. This is my bill , my doctor, so why does she drag my husband in to this as it does not concern him.

    I have noticed the way I get treated when I have said what meds I have taken or am on. I had a nasty experence after shattering my wrist. A nurse repeated what meds I had been given the night before and the exact amount of it {It was alot a pain med} .

    She repeated this so loudly that all the staff heard her as did most of the waiting room. I was so embarassed and the doctor was down right rude to me after hearing what I had been given and informed me that he would have just given me a lortab while he tried to set it. Yeh try it and I will hurt you.

    Having had alot of undignosed {sp} pain over the years I have had some pretty weird things said to me . I am no different than most people except that my pain signals are screwed up and I hurt all the time. But I would expect to be treated with the same respect that other patients get.

    Maybe am just over sensitive about this subject. I don't
    know, maybe I take things out of line who knows. I just want to get the same treatment that most of the people get on a daily basis.
    Well I have one nerve left now and I Hope that no one steps on it or I will lose it.

  2. Engel

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    "DOXYGIRL ... VENTING another bad experience with medical staff"

    (((( hugs Rosemarie )))) I know it is rough to be treated so badly. I had that type of "delayed" billing show up too ... from PT though. I was ticked!!!
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  3. pat460

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    I would be peed too! They treated you like a child or worse, like an idiot! I'd tell them they aren't getting a penny out of me or my husband until they can explain the whole thing to me to my satisfaction! This is 2007--men aren't in charge of us anymore and you are a grownup who can handle her own business matters. It's your bill and your rights their stepping all over! You go girl! Don't take their crap!

  4. blkkat

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    I'm so sorry you've had to go through this DRS etc; stuff!!! they can be so numb to us that really have never ending pain. they can't understand why or how they can help. they see us as pains in the BUTTS!!!!

    i totally agree w/you we deserve respect , caring DRS , Nurses as do everyone else who come to them for care. were just there a lot more!!! that's an understatement yes? i go every month to my DR and i go to the shrink often. it takes me 4 diff. trips just to get all my monthly meds . it gets old!

    at the pharmacy when they see me coming tell all try and hide so someone else can help me, I'm very nice and them to me but it's such a hard long wait to get my meds approved, then i have to keep coming back till finally I've gotton all of them. but boy what a pain in my butt!!!!

    chin up girl at least WE get it , if that helps just a little. TAKE CARE --GOD BLESS -- BLKKAT
  5. desertlass

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    If I were to hear, "We have discussed this before and you just don't understand how our billing system works. Your husband does, so have him call me."

    I would like to say,

    "We have discussed this before and you just don't understand how customer service works. Maybe your husband does. Have him call me."

  6. pat460

    pat460 New Member

    What an ingenious comeback! Thanks for making me laugh! You are too cool!


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