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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by camelgirl, Feb 22, 2003.

  1. camelgirl

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    I've posted a bunch of replies and a few topics of my own, but I just wanted to say Hi. I've been reading this board for a few months now, so I thought I should officially introduce myself. I'm am still undx, but in the process of finding a rheumy that will treat me for CFS. I just got out of the hospital today after getting 5 units of blood due to a bleeding ulcer. I'm pretty tired today, but you guys keep me going, so thanks for all the great support and info you provide.
    Peace, Hugs, and God Bless, Camelgirl
  2. dolphinmk

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    Hi Camelgirl,

    I am new to this board also. Cindylou said she did not know that rheumy dr. would treat cfs. I am going to a rhumy dr. now, she diagnosed me with cfs dec 2002. She is very good. I wish you luck with your search for a dr. as it is important that you have a good relationship with your dr and they know about cfs. look at the good dr. list to see if there is anyone in your area.

  3. camelgirl

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    for the advice... I actually am trying to get an appt with a doc from the good doc list, so hopefully that will pan out... he is screening patients now, so I guess he is very overbooked. Hugs, Camelgirl
  4. CelticLadee

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    Hope you are feeling better. Sounds like a rough time for you lately. I also have CFIDS symptoms but am undx. It is only too obvious to me what is wrong with me. My MD sent me to a rhemy that was an unbeliever so that did not work out. Make sure your rheumy believes in and treats CFIDS or it is a waste of time & money. So frusterating! I ended up going to a naturopath but he isn't a believer either or at least he doesn't think the label CFIDS is accurate. Someday I will find the right doc and/or naturopath. In the meantime, the people here have helped me in countless ways. I would have thought I was going crazy (not literally but you know what I mean) if I had not found this site with all the info I have learned and used. Wishing you the best.
  5. camelgirl

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    yeah, i had a rough couple of days, but things are settling down now...for me, it was just another bump in the medical road..LOL...anyway, good luck in finding a supportive and hopefully compassionate doc soon.
    peace, hugs, god bless, camelgirl
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    You are right this is the place to be for great support and great info! take care,
  7. camelgirl

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    and, cyberamy, you sure aren't kidding about support and INFO. I can't believe all the great research some of you spend your valuable, "unfoggy", time doing for our benefit.
    So thanks again and big, soft hugs to all.
    peace, god bless, camelgirl
  8. DavidTeer

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    Hi Camelgirl, This is Dave and Gee. We got all of your post and it means a lot to us. We hope you are doing a lot better now. You and the rest of the board are an inspiration to us all. Keep upthe good work and take care. You are in our prayers
    Dave and Gee
  9. camelgirl

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    thanks a lot for your concern and likewise with the prayers. keep us posted and i will as well. i'm finally having a sleep study done, so i'm very interested to see the results of that.
    peace,hugs,god bless, camelgirl