Officially diag with FM,Why are doctors dismissing my ANA

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    I had the trigger point test done. Anyway my first positive was 1:40 speckled positive. Now a month later it is 1:80.
    So doctors said I dont have Lupus and Rheumy says I dont either which is fine, but I thought a positive is a positive ANA. Can someone help clarify and expain this to me? Thanks
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    a titer level of 1:80 is barely positive, and to some extent most people have ANA's in their blood. It bears watching and retesting, but these levels can change pretty dramatically depending on how good/bad your day is (liek blood pressure). The best way to be sure is to schedule retesting at the same time in your cycle next month, so that there is some baseline normal. Now there are false negative ANA tests, which mean you can still have lupus at a low titer level, but the reason they do these tests is because some people have titer levels of 1:600 or 1:800!
    For them, the test is absolutely positive at those levels, and in those cases it saves a lot of hassle. The good news is that, if you DO have lupus, then with titer levels at 1:40 or 1:80, the chances of having a debilatating case of it are slimmer.

    Just FYI, the titer level number (eg 1:80) means they had to filter it through 80 layers of filter to get a sample at the end that had no ANA's. So the higher the number, the more times it's been filtered, and the worse the condition is. But for the record, in most places 1:80 or less is considered normal.
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    Thanks for the info and for taking the time to respond!!Amy
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    I had all the blood done to point to lupus but one test did not come back as it should tech repeat it 3 time because they never saw that before so they decided I had CFS I have 3 cousin with lupus one in liver, one with it in her lungs and other who had to have bone marrow transplant. My PCP decide that since I was tired, and with joint and muscle pain they did not want to label me as it would folow me around for any further insurance and they done have a really why to say if it's lupus or not. My ANA has returen to normal.
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    My ANA was negative, but my rheumatologist told me that if it was positive at all it indicated Lupus . . . she also said there is a rare form of Lupus that does not show anti nuclear antibodies . . . ??

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    Hello Amy,

    Probably the best thing to do, as suggested above, is to keep an eye on it and schedule tests during the same time of the may even want to journal about what you are feeling the day of the test.

    My ANA comes back positive every time. I think the last check was a titer of 1:320, which is positive and the docs tend to get a little excited when the numbers are much higher. Both my family doc and my specialist believe that I have something going on disease wise and none of us are in a big hurry to discover what it might be...only speculation at this point. Most of the medications that I currently take are common to an assortment of autoimmune diseases.

    I hope all goes well for you...try not to worry and keep an eye on it. I am tested for an assortment of conditions every 3 months, docs request. We didn't even look at the ANA last time.

    Take care,