Oh dear.. :p

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  1. Doznclan3

    Doznclan3 New Member

    I'm hatching duck eggs! What more can I say?

    Got talked into this one, and one time only. They are Welsh Harlequin. According to the chart on ducks, are on the endangered list..soo..I said I would try.
    Keep fingers crossed, it's my first time.
    Won't hatch for about another three weeks..hey, that means I've almost gone a week already..then I can think, it's like starting with chicken eggs..they only take 21 days..:)

    My peonies are out! Beautiful!

    A baby robin fell out of it's nest. Can't fly a bit. Tried putting it back on a branch, can't stay there, so fixed up a place for it and I'm feeding it worms throughout the day. The mom and dad can see it..could go into the play pen thing I put it in, but not sure they are. Saw one of them standing on the end of it this afternoon talking away to it's baby. I would leave it alone, because often they are fed on the ground until they can fly. But, I have stinker chickens that want to chase it around. So, it's safe and eating well. Cute, it opens wide!
    Love to all..I think summer has come!
  2. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Good luck with the hatching! bit of excitement not knowing whats going to happen.

    the little baby robin sounds so cute. alas, you dont get robins here. so i only read/hear
    about them in your parts. theyve been favourite birds tho' since i always read how
    kids put out crumbs for them in winter. they sound so friendly.

    we do have parrots now. i just heard two of them squawking and flying outside this
    morning. theyre startlingly green with beautiful blue tail feathers so they are easy to
    make out in the sky. besides being horribly noisy cocky lil things.
    never heard of 'stinker' chickens. is that a breed? lol!

    it hasnt rained for two days and my but its hot. i went and sat under my mulberry
    tree this morn because i felt i needed some extra energy. its branches are wide
    and bending towards the ground and screens me from the neighbours. im so happy
    i have that quiet place for me.

    take care

    God BLess

  3. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    about the peonies, hatching duck eggs, and saving the baby robin, Doz.

    And Spring's comforting, sheltering mulberry tree, and blue-green parrots flying by.

    Tuesday was my birthday - had such an enjoyable day. Summer solstice - when I was a kid I always thought there were literally more hours in the day on my birthday - it being the longest day of the year :)

    Have an inflamed shoulder and neck - taking care of that. Can't type much now.

    hoping that dear Rainbow is busy with her gardening and animals, and not come down with a virus or anything

    Love to all!
  4. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Happy Birthday!

    Good to know you had a good day. Ive always wished my birthday was on a 21. ive always
    thought of that as a good day for some reason.

    you have a bad shoulder and neck? me too, lol. not neck but my right hand and upper shoulder
    at the back. bit sore.

    well, all take care, yes, I hope Rain is fine and busy with her gardening.

    Gd Bless
  5. Doznclan3

    Doznclan3 New Member

    The thought of parrots flying over head!

    That someone had a Birthday..but ya know, she didn't give up her age. lol...

    And, an anniversary...lot's of fun days to celebrate..hoping they were good days for you two.

    Wind, sorry about the neck pain..not one of my favorite pains...now let's see, what "is" my favorite pain?? ;)

    Our rain has settled down. It's been warm..into the 90's, now having floods. At least it's going down into the 80's for a few days, not that it will help much with the snow melting..that's warm enough down here, to say that it is warm in the mountains.

    My baby robin took flight to my pear tree from the place I had it in. The mom or dad has been coming around, not sure it is feeding it much..so, since I can still reach where it is just sitting..I still give it a worm every now and again throughout the day. It is starting to get brave and move up and down the branch. It has grown a lot. I will miss that little thing. :)

    Spring..you have never heard of a stinker of a chicken?? lol..bet Rain has. :)

    Rain, good luck with your stinker of a skunk..hmm, pun intended..and also..racoons! We have those pesty little ones around, but not where we live now. At least I haven't seen any raiding garbage cans in the winter out here. Used to when we lived in the next town over. A lot of corn fields out there, and hay fields.

    Everyone take care, enjoy the summer, or whatever it is where ever you are!
    Love to all....take care Bill!
  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I tried to say 'stinker of a skunk very fast five times in a row with my eyes closed and found my
    tongue in knots on the second time itself!

    Its HOT! its raining some. great heavy downpours and then it stops. Sometimes it just
    comes down in torrents right from the start and sometimes it just sort of pretends to
    rain hard but all that comes is great big splotches of rain drops scattered all over the
    cement in the yard making a pretty pattern. And then it stops.

    I have been doing chores but cant point out to this or that. just little bits of chores
    picking this putting it over there, feeding the dogs, then making sure one or other
    of them isnt in the rooms peeing. Taking off the washing from the line, and hanging
    it on the other line covered by some roofing. Going up the stairs, down the stairs,
    oh i did do some grocery shopping. took a brisk walk while doing it.

    God Bless
  7. Doznclan3

    Doznclan3 New Member

    You say grocery shopping..what is grocery shopping like over there? Do you have big supermarkets..or big stores like Walmart here?
    Sounds like you kept yourself pretty busy yesterday..kept moving, that helps.
    I am having problems with planter fascia..man that hurts! Can't walk normal. Trying to do all that I have learned to do to help with the pain, but my goodness, nothing seems to be working, and I know I don't want surgery!

    Well.....I'm a grandma again!!!!!!!!!!! A grandson. 8lbs.2oz. 21 in. big boy, her biggest baby yet, and easiest pregnancy and delivery yet.
    My biggest was my easiest too. And, it was her husband..! :) My son was 8lbs. 4oz..20 in..little chub. This is our 29th grandchild..number 30 is on it's way, within a few weeks. :))

    What's up everyone? (It's quiet in here.)
    Love to all, prayers for all, Cynthia