Oh = help please ever have this??

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  1. Kimba4318

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    Okay - I saw the doc yesterday about my tongue. It has a white film covering it with red dots on it (i think the red dots are just my tongue tissue showing through in circles). Doc said - it doesn't really look like thrush (not sure what it is -.... great) and she is treating it with Nyastatin (sp). If it does not clear up I need to see an ENT.

    I also have clusters of a rash type thing on my hands and arms (sometimes on my knees) It looks like a raised circle (about 2" round) and looks almost like there are little bites inside of it. It itches sometimes. The doc said "oh my.... honey, what in the world is that from - do they know what autoimmune disease you have yet?" I said no - maybe Lupus. SHe just shook her head and said they need to tell you something..... I agreed it would be nice.

    My finger started hurting today and on the bottom (center crease of my finger) it is blue... like the vein is very prominent, and my fingers on that hand are swollen.

    Soooo - am I really wondering what the heck is going on with my body, I guess I should say, my immune system.

    The doctor did not set me at ease - as she just plain felt sorry for me. She told me to take pictures to show my Rheumy.

    I am sure this "exact" thing hasn't happened to you, but wondering if any of these things have and if you know what it was from.

    Thanks for listening.... I'm falling apart... head to toe.
  2. dleaning

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    I have almost the same prob with my tongue too. Was told it was "hairy tongue". How or why, don't know. My dentist said looks like from drinking too much coffee and smoking (yes, I know, I should quit!).

    There are days when my veins are very prominent on my hands too. Not sure why either, it doesn't hurt. I have lateley been waking up with pain in my middle toe. It hurt's to walk on it. Still waiting for it to ease up.

    I skin also itches like crazy somedays, to the point where i get bruises from scratching so much.

    It is a very weird thing, this damn disease! You are not alone!

    Hang in there!

  3. mrsjethro

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    Hi Kin,
    Good to hear from you again. I'm so sorry that you're going through all of this. I went through some of this right before I lost my job. I just kept spiraling downhill and it's not much fun.

    The only ones that I can relate to are:
    1. Mine, I believe was thrush in my mouth. I took quite a bit of acidophilus, ate yogurt and took a diflucan. They also have an oral rinse, but if doc doesn't think yours is thrush, then I'm not sure what to do about yours. I wasn't even sure what to do about mine. At the time I was too sick to even get up and go see the doctor, so I just guessed at it and tried whatever I could think of.

    2. My rashes that I get are in small round patches usually on the inside area of my knees, where they meet each other and the same spot on my elbows. On the inside of them, not in the bend. Mine don't itch too much, they're just annoying. They are not red either. Just small raised bumps that looks like tiny bites. I just keep putting Moisturel cream on them. That probably wasn't the most effective thing to do for that either, but as I said before I wasn't physically able to get in to see the doctor at the time.

    I've only had these things once and I couldn't help but wonder if all of the stress that I was going through at the time was what was causing all of these things to happen at once. They've gone aways since then, thankfully, and I haven't had it again since then.

    Maybe someone else will know what they are and can offer advice. I'm so sorry that you're going through so much right now. I wish I knew what to tell you that could help you. I guess I am only able to offer understanding and support right now.

    How has the pain under your ribs been? Are you doing better with that?

  4. Kimba4318

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    Thank you for your quick replies... I guess I am not alone... Yuck, this stinks!

    Thank you for making me feel like I don't need to freak out - I will try to get to my Rheumy next week & ignore it for the weekend as best as I can.

    Deb---- Thanks for asking about the stomach thing, it is off and on and my GI doc ordered blood tests for the pancreas and liver function. I had that drawn yesterday. I hope to find out by Monday or Tuesday if that all looks good. Very sweet for remembering - thank you!

    I hope you are doing okay.
    Have a good weekend!
  5. victoria

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    if it suddenly came up, it may be indicative of it without necessarily being 'thrush' officially, or so I've heard.

    but not sure if it always is...

    When I eat too much acidic fruit - like not quite ripe pineapple, I get rather large raised circles on my tongues, can't remember now what they are (sorry - some gland, taste buds or saliva?)

    -- but for me they are directly irritated by fruit acidity. They do go away on their own tho unlike the white coating...

    altho I've not tried one of those tongue scrapers, I do brush my tongue and it does help. And I wouldn't if anything is raised or irritated on your tongue, personally.

    hope this helps,

  6. findmind

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    Kim, do you do any gardening?

    My SO does a lot of outdoor work around the house. She started having those round rashes, with "pindot" borders on her elbow area and one leg.

    She kept putting Neomycin on them and they finally went away. Think if was a fungus type of thing from the soil and/or fields she walks dogs in.

    Maybe a dermatologist would be a good idea?

    Good luck, I hope you find answers to these vexing problems!

    There's always hope!
  7. tcpolchies

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    Yea i had a bad case of this white thick film one morning and thereafter. the doc wouldnt treat it and said it will go away. i also noticed those lil deep red specks on tongue but doc again insisted it was nothing. bad breath was along with it and i had a major fungus problem at that time, hair line, hands, ect...it eventually went away with no help on docs part it was as they didnt want me in there office. it got better but somes and goes every now and then. i scrub my tongue at night and am. the bb still sort a there. lots of gros mucus way back in my throat and swelling continues making it hard to swallow - drink and eat.

    all i can say is hang in there! i hope it passes quick for you. btw; my tongue doesnt look as normal as it used to. hope that helped some.

  8. Kimba4318

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    No sores on outside of mouth or inside of cheeks (not like the Herpes pictures I looked at) just a white film on tongue with red spots.

    The finger now looks like a huge bruise (underside of finger at the crease) - It got larger....

    Rash (no i don't garden, hoping for the energy to do so soon) - not as puffy as earlier today and last night - but itchy.

    I think I need to see the Rheumy soon and see if these are associated at all - just seems so weird it's all happening at the exact same time.

    I finally have the pain under decent control adn here we go with yet more problems.... you all know how I feel. Frustrating.

    Thank you again! Your the best.
  9. libra55

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    You said the doctor mentioned autoimmune disease but nothing specific.

    The rash you describe sounds like erythema nodosum. I have Crohn's disease in addition to FM. Crohn's is one of the inflammatory bowel disorders and is autoimmune. When my Crohn's flares I get the erythema. They are primarily on my legs but some on my arms too.

    You also mentioned Lupus?

    Have you had blood work done? It sounds like some kind of inflammatory disorder you have going on. Bloodwork would verify it.

    Good luck and (((((hugs)))))
  10. Line

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    I get the the coating on my toungue also, in fact had it that bad that my toungue actually split and was bleeding. My dentist told me to brush my toungue very lghtly every time I brush my teeth. Of course I forget but when the coating and burning sometimes comes back I sure remember. brushing does help. I never asked what causes it.

    Hugs, Linda