OH!!!! I get so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lardsgirl, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. lardsgirl

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    Well, it happened again this morning.....I got into an arguement with my husband about my meds and his perception of my mental state...I guess I don't know how to even talk anymore...He asked me a question, not even important, and when I didn't have an answer for him he wanted to hear, he went off on me! Guess I can't give answers as fast as he wanted, or as clearly as he expected...
    God I hate this FM! I haven't missed work yet because of FM but there have been many days I should have...I have asked my Doc. about the side effect of the meds and she tried to calm me but any time we have an arguement he blames the meds. He even told me to go to my sisters as they are all drug users too...grrrr!!!!!just had to get this off my chest and try to go to work now..thanks for being here!!!
  2. pemaw54

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    My husband is my only friend now and when I start thinking he might now understand, He says something so stupid I look at him like a stranger. I take 37 different meds for everything. Last night He wanted to know where all of my 600$mth pension disability goes to. I went into the kitchen that has a whole counter full of my meds. I added up my co-pays of 10.00to20.00dollars apiece including the 2 he takes. $360.00 each mth before we eat! I said that leaves me 240.00 for the whole mth and 30.00 goes to the YMCA for the water classes.I would give anything I have to be able to work. I had to leave after 7 mths of being diagnosed. Really, hubby does love me but unless you are us, they dont understand but we do ! Suzette
  3. debfee11

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    Here I go again Blubbering over everyones words! You all could be talking about my husband and family. My adult kids think that I am on drugs and no matter how many different ways FM is explained , THEY DON't get it! I bought some book as well as pamphlets to explain all. They read it, said WOW ... The next day they forgot what they read. Did you know that 2 assisted suicides by Dr KAVORKEAN were to FM patients? I'm not saying thAT IS RIGHT TO DO JUST THAT = can you imagine pain that makes you do that? Yes we can! You know I have a new saying... instead of telling someone to go F yourself . I just say OH I WISH FM ON YOU. loVE YOU, dEBNESS xxx

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