Oh, Lil, how awful for you [your morphine experience]

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    gosh lil, so sorry to hear about what you went through, from your response to ziggy's post...

    what a night mare.

    I have been wondering what I would do if I needed an ambulance or something since the pain with lying flat is unbearable to me due to my stenosis. So, i understand how that is a complicating factor for you when receiving medical care.

    i wish ambulance attendants would get trained in dealing nicely with family members too. perhaps they thought you were dying, they do seem to get pretty serious and snappy at those times. Happened with me when the man I shared a house with had a sudden brain hemmorhage. I thought I'd be riding in back of ambulance with him. They were very rude to me, but at least I got to sit in the front. I was told later that he almost died, so maybe why they were so rude.

    What dose of morphine made you unable to speak? Was it mscontin?

    i try to keep all my current medicines on my bedside table in case anything happens to me, someone can see what I am taking.

    When M. had his brain hemmorhage he fell and couldnt' speak to me and my first thought was, what drug did he take to make him like that? It didnt' even occur to me that could be a stroke at that poing. I guess your daughters really thought it was an overdose in your case and not a reaction to meds, but they should at least be aware of what you are taking.

    I'm glad you pulled through that one, gosh...

    do you have allergies to anything else?