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  1. DrB

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    There was a dispute, balances due after I paid every month. Owed a big bill, on and on so I had to discontue my land line telephone.

    Since I am disabled, a firefighter with only social security disability, and have fibro, damaged vertabrea in the neck. I also have heat/chemical damaged upper respiratory and a bunch of those spin off problems.

    I need the telehone. Bank said, can't reach you, doctors office you need to pay, we cant reach you, on and on; you know. I had to get a telephone; big-time.

    Ive got into this before, dont it just disgust you when you cant use the normal equipment.

    I told that saleslady in the store that I had hearing problems; they also took @ $77.00 from my account but not really; it will be credited in 5 days; you still owe so you cant use the telephone, but to call customer service; what a mess!

    I called them because I could only hear half of the talk on the celly-telly. I have a hearing problem diagnosis, I just cant hear well over the instrument for a number of reasons.

    Then, my arm started hurting after @ 5 mins holding the instrument up. My Fibro Dr. injected that shoulder for all of that. It did not work. So, I can't really hold a tele. instrument up to my ear, and I cant even hear poot over the thing, either.

    I know other folks have had these problems. What do you do to overcome, and have necessary telephone service? An amplifier that attaches to your ear, like an old hearing aid?

    Has anyone else had shoulder to hand pain, when you hold a telephone; that just weighs an ounce?

    Sorry to come on here so disgusted and ready to turn back life a hundred years; and get rid of the telly.

    God Bless You All
    BJ the DJ
    ---Had to retire from radio too, cant talk or hear good anymore; after firefighting accidents.
  2. ironspine

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    So sorry you are dealing with all this crap!
    You need to get a hold of your county health department. There are services you most likely qualify for thru a waiver, which is a program that provides you with free services due to your disability and your income. You will have a case worker who will hopefully help you every step of the way in setting up all your services.
    Look up in your phone book Dept. of Health/Human Services in your county.
    Please let me know if you get anywhere with this!!!!!
    My son qualifies for a waiver to help pay for his meds because of learning disabilities; my mother qualifies for a elderly waiver because of her lung problems and low income.
    Good luck-PLEASE let us know what happens!!!!!
  3. Janalynn

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    As far as phones go, I often use a headset phone. Love it. My arm can't hold a regular phone sometimes either, It kills my elbow.
    You can find at Radio Shack or even Office supply stores - I'm sure most stores carry - Walmart etc.

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