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    Thursday, January 23, 2003


    JANUARY 23. Buried in a CNN piece on US Gulf War veterans suing companies that shipped chemical weapons to Iraq:

    "About 209,000 Gulf War [One] veterans have filed claims with the Veterans Administration, and 161,000 of them are receiving disability payments."

    Let's see. We all heard that very, very few US soldiers were injured or killed in Gulf War One. And the latest DOD study stated that there was no verifiable physical cause for what has been called Gulf War Illness.

    But, behind the scenes, 209,000 soldiers have filed disability claims, and the DOD has approved, without comment, 161,000 of those claims.

    That represents a tacit admission that vaccines and drugs given to soldiers, and depleted uranium, and oil fumes, and possible chemical weapons and bio-weapons injured all these people.

    This is a real stunner. This is a massive tragedy. This is also a headline-pounding story that should have screamed from every major newspaper and TV news desk.

    But the story has received scant attention from the controlled press. There are no calls for new congressional hearings by legislators. There is only running and hiding.

    It's a funny thing, but among all those people who are pounding their chests and waving flags on behalf of the current war machine, none are saying, "Wait, don't we care about all the soldiers who were already there and suffered damage?"

    That was yesterday. That was on old TV series. It was canceled. It went off the air. We have a new and improved series about to start. Let's get ratings for this one. Let's line up new sponsors.

    Cowards and liars, cowards and liars.

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    All I hear is WAR DRUMS.... There seems to be a media black-out on everything else, ...... I thought Bush was only in bed with the pharmacuetical companies and oil producers.....apparently the media as well.......

    I thought only people like Saddam would control what people were privy to..... This country is losing it's freedom...............DJ
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    they also fail to publicize that some veterans & their families ARE dying of GWI.
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    to realize how much the media is a mouthpiece for the government. Where has freedom of speech gone?
    Can't even watch the news for long anymore.
    Bush doesn't seem very intelligent to me. It's scary and stressful that he seems so determined to start a war.
    I have wondered for years what would happen if a war or something else made it impossible to get my medications. I like to think that I could pull through, but have serious doubts about it. It would take a miracle.