OH my achey , achey legs I am sick of them aching

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    Yes I am whining again as I have been having the worst leg aches every day and night. I am so sick of having my legs aches.

    I really have not over done it, as I have not been walking around more than I should. But the leg aches are now keeping me awake .They are throbbing, buring , have shooting pains in both legs. I don't know why this is happening to me.

    i can't stand having my legs just throbbing all the time now
    My legs are aching lal tie time now and I can't stand it much more. But I am so tired nowt hat I can't stay awakel]] so off to bed I go.

    Sorry Iam I now must go to sleep to sleepy to type any more.
    Love ya,rosemarie
  2. monamea

    monamea New Member

    Hi Rosemarie, It sounds like you have restless leg syn, you need to tell your Dr. about it and he can give you something for it. I'm on Provigil for it and it helps alot. If I really work hard on them and they start to hurt I take some pain meds also. I have lymphedema also which it causes swelling in my legs and ankles, I have TEDS to wear for that, of course they don't help, but they do keep some of the swelling down. The important thing is to go to your Dr. and get something for the pain.

  3. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    Rosemarie, I FEEL for you. I have had times where FOR MONTHS, the ache was enough to cause me to writhe in pain when lying down. Each time that has happened to me, I was taking something(actually using on skin) for Eczema. Any of the Ezcema treatments actually cause me that SEVERE leg/groin pain. Even OTC Cortisone does it to my legs. The WORST when using Protopic and Elidel.

    These were used ONLY on my face, but my legs were what suffered. It alway hurt up into my kidney area.

    I hope this passes soon for you.
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  4. Shobean

    Shobean New Member

    Hi there,
    I was going through incredible leg pains that were keeping me up at night for years on and off and especially bad the past year. My dr. tried everything to relieve it, trigger point injections, a medicine that helped the circulation, you name it we tried it and yet I would find myself crying all night even w/pain meds because the burning, throbbing, straight out pain was unbearable. It finally dawned on him two months ago that it may be my muscle relaxant, zanaflex. He explained about how different muscle relaxants work via different delivery methods (i.e. some work on the brain and others work directly on the muscles) he explained the zanaflex was one of those that work on the brain and that there is a very little known side effect that sometimes causes the reaction to be the opposite of the desired effect and actually causes pain instead of relieving it. Truthfully I thought he was full of crap but he weaned me off of it and put me on Valium (offered that or Flexeril, I beleive (don't quote me on that) and here I am two months later w/ little leg pain left. I swear that it is a miracle! Just a thought so if you are on any muscle relaxants maybe you can talk to your Dr. about this and see if he can move you to one that works directly on the muscles instead of the brain and see if it helps. I was told it was R.S.S. too and tried the meds for that with no avail and then this came along and helped. Just a suggestion but I can say anything that helps with this disease is worth a try. Good luck.
  5. caroleye

    caroleye New Member

    I've had sciatica for years, but don't think it's the same as what your describing.

    The last few nights I've had the same thing, and we've found out that it's the "chair" I'm sitting on for way too many hours at the computer.

    It hits me right at the back of my legs; then at night the achies begin, and nothing stops it.

    Yesterday I propped pillows under the chair, and iced them; then had them massaged w/arnica gel. Finally relief!

    So it's a new chair I'm needing. For now I'm sitting in my wheelchair which is not putting pressure on my legs.

    Just a thought??

  6. Cindyvr

    Cindyvr New Member

    My legs and knees ach when I have stood for less then an hour. They feel like they are swelling but to look at them they aren't!! I get to the point where I can't bend my knees. I cant even sit in m,y bath tub anymore because I can't bend my legs to sit! I am also having a horrible time getting into the tub to take a shower because I have to bend my knees to get over the ridge of the tub!! My pain managenet Dr thinks the muscles in the back of my knees are constricting and is sending me to water therapy. I start Wednesday so I will let you know if it helps!
    I just know I can't work like this!!
  7. Kayleen

    Kayleen New Member

    I have a horrible time with my legs aching. I started taking magnesium,potassium and calcium at night before I go to bed. If they are aching during the day I take it in the morning also.

    I was able to shop for hours this past weekend with my daughter ..simply by upping my dose of Aleve and magnesium.

  8. musikmaker

    musikmaker New Member

    Achey legs has been one of my worst symptoms for years. This symptom is really prevalent for me when the weather changes and winter sets in. I have found that wearing longjohns all the time really helps. This keeps temperature changes/drafts away from my skin and keeps my leg pain way down.

  9. natesmommie1

    natesmommie1 New Member

    my legs hurt at night, one of my friends told me to put a bar of soap at the end of the bed,
    well it works for me,i don't have pain in my legs at night
    I thought i would share this
  10. Kayleen

    Kayleen New Member

    What does a bar of soap do? Any specific kind of soap?
    That's a new one...Thanks!
  11. Omacarole

    Omacarole New Member

    Sounds crazy doesn't it? Well, it works! I always got cramps in my arches during the night and I put a bar of soap under my sheet at the bottom of the bed and.......no cramps anymore....for months. Any bar of soap will do....try it, what do you have to lose?

  12. aadriansen

    aadriansen New Member

    I have the same problem. My pain was so bad I was missing work and school The weather affects me too. I use a contour pillow at my head and at me feet. Well, I guess I put it at my shins with a heating pad under it. I also went on a gluten free diet. I feel that it works. The past 2 weeks I have cheated on it and my pain came back. I like to try and eat gluten every so often to see if the pain comes back. It was so bad this week that I think I'll wait another year to try it again. I also love the dual head massager. My boyfriend uses it on my most nights and it's one of the only things that puts me to sleep immediately.
  13. pamlamb

    pamlamb New Member

    HI rosemarie

    I really understand that. It is so hard to explain these things so you don't sound crazy. and, shopping is a chore.
    My leg pain was the first symptom that started me trying to figure out what was wrong. Turned out fibro...the leg pain is shooting, throbbing pain lasting longer and longer. alos worse at computer or sitting long in chair. It definately keeps me from sleep! My dr says I just gotta live with it! I'm looking for a new Dr. I have had no pain meds, and IB helps jsut a little. Is there a med that helps this? I hope you can find something to relieve your pain, as sleep is also very important w/fibro. Good luck. Sincerely, pj
  14. joyfully

    joyfully New Member

    The cause of the horrible pains that I get in my R. leg are from my spine. I get nerve blocks done at 6 month intervals. I get my next set of nerve blocks on Dec. 6th.

    They REALLY help. The pain shoots down my r. leg so badly that my knee buckles from the pain. I get throbbing, burning, tingling, etc. in my r. leg.

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