Oh my aching back ,knee's, hips thighs

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, May 27, 2006.

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    I made it through the disability exam ok. I did end up in tears when the doctor pressed on my knee's and on my left wrist. AS they are so very tender to the touch. He was upset that he had to cause me pain during the exam,he even said don't do this if it is going to hurt you. I tried to do all that he asked of me.

    You know , can you touch your toes? I couldn't today, I could not even straighten my legs,reach up high over your head can't do that. Can you dress your self, I told him that I had to sit on the bed or some thing as I could not stand up to put on my pants or I would tip over,and fall, I told him about the dissines, and that I bump into everything.

    He just ran his hands over my knees and said I can hear them crackle and feel it too but they are not swollen but then I lifted up my pant legss { Thank goodness for flare legged pants} and showed him that yes they ARE swollen. He then noted that my wrist was really swollen and tender , extremely painfull.

    He went to touch my low back and I got a shock of stabbing pain as he felt along my lumbar region. I had tears running down my face by that time. NO matter what he touched It caused me pain. { I had not taken my pain meds before going as I thought i was going to have to drive.}

    HE asked how this disability had changed my llife and I told him , I can't be the grandma that I want to be as I can't get down on the floor to play with my grandson as I can't get up off the floor with out having to have a chair they for me to push my self up and even that caused pain.

    I went on telling him how I no longer went shopping with my girls as I can't walk that far and that I unable to work.
    AS I was a dental Assistant and now with having pain in my back, & hips and having shattered my left wrist I am unable to had the instruemnts to the dentist, I can't feel them or handle them in a way that I don't stab me or my boss. I feel so bad that I am not able to do the job that I loved doing.

    How can I work when I don't have the dextirity that I need to do my job? I can't band my wrist as far as I need to do and it sends electril shocks up my arm which causes it to tingle adn go mumb.

    I told him about the life at home and things I can and can't do . I think that I did ok and he did understand that I was in alot of pain.

    AS we caame beck to the room where my mom was waiting for me he told her taht he was sorry but he had made me cry and caused me to be in alot of pain. HE asked me several times if I was ok and how sorry he was for causing me so much pain.
    I was very shocked by his gentleness and compassion as he said taht he was there to help me and to oh darn I can't remembeer the words he used.

    But it is over with and I aam gratefull for that.
    I am getting ready to go to lunch with the kids.

    Thanks for all your support and prayers , They helped me alot.
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    I'm only 33. I went to 8 years of college. I have a B.S. degree in Occupational Therapy and trained as a Physician Assistant. I can no longer work. This was a big loss for me at such a young age. But I figure that my health is the most important thing to me. My faith and prayers are actually the most important thing to me because they pull me through when I want to go to heaven. Be grateful that you were able to work for so long and have a child of your own. I am batteling with that...I want a baby. I'm praying for you. The doctors don't have the final say in your prognosis anyway, because no one really knows the nature of this illness. God bless you. Rebecca
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    Kudo's to you Rosemarie!! I'm happy for you that your appointment was met today and I think alot of good will come of it for you. Sounds as if the Doc understood your pain and discomfort. Try to enjoy the weekend withfamily and friends.
  4. thirkmom

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    So glad you did well at your appt. When I said my prayers for you last night I prayed for a compassionate Dr. Sounds like somebody that loves us was listening. Kick back and enjoy the rest of your weekend. LuAnn

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