Oh, my aching head!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tinaeve, Mar 4, 2003.

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    Most times I feel like if I didn't have to hold my head up I wouldn't hurt so bad.I feel halfway decent until I go to work and use my arms.Then it starts.The spasms in shoulders that go into my neck and up the back of my head.Then I get a terrible headache that won't go away until I can get in my recliner at home and take the weight off of my neck.Does anyone else feel this way? My job is killing me!!
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    Know exactly how you feel. I felt the same way when I would come home from work. I thank God everyday that I was able to take early retirement recently. I had worked 30 years and just could not take it one more day. I recently asked my doctor for a CT scan of the neck because my neck and shoulders/arms hurt to badly. It showed a lot of stuff wrong with my neck, like buldging disks, bone spurrs, spinal stenosis, and degenerating disks. You might want to think about asking your doc for a CT scan, too, if you have insurance to cover it. Hope you feel better. I've got to go to bed now, can't sit up much longer due to the pain in my back!
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    Welcome to the board Tinaeve. I get that same feeling- I describe it as feeling if my head is a block of concrete & my neck is a daisy stem. Have you tried adjusting your seat at work? I guess I should first be asking if you sit or stand or what at work?
    I worked on a PC all day & found a few things that helped:
    Taking my moniter & putting it on the desk (was on top of hard drive).
    Lowering my seat & tipping the seat part forward to remind me to sit up w/a straight back w/both feet on the floor.
    Some days it was better if I elevated my feet (used a trashcan turned on it's side) so that knees are in line or a little higher than hips.
    Remembering to get up every hr & walk around some & stretch my neck/back gently.
    For pain relief, try a warm shower w/the water hitting the neck/upper back (use low pressure to start if too painful) & then using a 'bed buddy' rice filled sock heated in the microwave & wrapped around my neck w/a heating pad on my upper back/shoulders.
    Hope you feel better soon!