Oh my goodness, waaay to long!

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    How is everyone? There is a new look on here. I have been a bit busy, but I shouldn't be too busy to at least get on here and check out my friends. I did go through that spine surgery on my neck, so was down for a while with that..now I have MTD..muscles tension dyphonia in my throat/neck area. Buggy, because I used to love to sing in Church!! Arrggghh! I can't raise my voice too much to even yell at my doggy to come here! It's crazy. Not painful, just uncomfortable, and upsetting. I am going to do voice therapy..that's supposed to help.
    I've been hatching baby chicks galore, going to slow down on that. Even though I did get a new cabinet incubator, a small one. Fun stuff for me.
    I didn't see Rain, or Wind posting recently either.
    I see spring! Hi Spring..and another looks familiar..will go back and see who I can say hi too.
    Love to all, hope the summer has been better than not!
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    I see that wind posted not too long ago. I am sorry I haven't been back.
    I have been busy with other things.
    My neck surgery did the trick for that pain, but now dealing with the throat problem it caused.
    Hips! Oh I hope I don't ever have to do that. Good luck to you. And like you said..that's life.
    You stay well too! Love, Cynthia
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    Im sorry to hear of your throat problem arising from the neck surgery.

    If it isnt one thing, its another, isnt it?

    Praying you will be fine. Good to hear from Jam too. Sorry

    to hear about the hip problems, Jam. Sigh. I wish all

    was right with the world.

    It has been quiet

    around here so much so i dont even look in as often as i used to if im

    tied up.

    Dealing with brothers illness right now.

    I miss dear Wind and Rain too and pray often as i can for them and

    others here.

    Take care

    God Bless

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