Oh My! The Power of Transfer Factor!

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by mommysisland, May 7, 2004.

  1. mommysisland

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    I got my transfer factor today, read all the stuff and ... out of curiosity more than brains, took one capsule this morning around 11am.

    What I didn't read was Mikie's posts on how sick it made her. Oops! Big mistake.

    I was wiped out by 3pm, in bed at 5:30pm., got up briefly to eat, back to bed till 9pm. and I'm going to return to bed soon. But the fatigue wasn't the worst of it!

    I feel like there are wristbands and ankle shakles on me and I don't know whatat jknees, shoulders and elbows. Plus all this strange tingling/numbness even fizzy feelings in my mouth, tongue and lips. So strange! Does this sound familiar to any of you?

    All this from one measly capsule. Does anyone know if we can open the capsules and take half of one?

    Thanks for any advice you can give.


  2. Plantscaper

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    I am on ImmuneCare 64..and took one every two days, then one every other day, etc. until I could tolerate and slowly built up from there..but I would imagine that you could take as little or as much as can be tolerated..but, to be safe I think I would check with the manufacturer, to see if you can open the capsules, with no absorption problems..I do know that stomach acidity does not affect TF for the negative, so I would think it is not a problem..I know that Spacey takes her TF under the tongue, so I think it does depend on which TF you are taking.

    It is a bit rough in the beginning, but it is well worth it..your herxing is quite different from mine..Although I had some flu-like symptoms, the worse for me was chest pains/aching/kicked in the chest and knocked out of breath-type herxing, which I had never experienced prior to TF..

    Where you a criminal trial attorney? I did a little expert testimony for psychological cases..boy, was that a trip, but very interesting.

    Such is herxing,
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  3. Mikie

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    Geez, what a reaction. I am so sorry. I think I saw a post from someone stating that the capsules could be opened, but I'm not sure.

    I will certainly be going slowly when I get back home and restart the TF.

    It scares me a bit as I don't get vaccines because I think they are too hard on the immune system. TF is like getting many little vaccines.

    I think I may start out taking only two of the TF 200 twice a week at bedtime in the hopes the side effects will happen mostly while I'm asleep. If it interferes with my sleep quality, of course, I will switch to daytime.

    At least, with such a reaction from our immune systems, we know the TF is working. The other good news is that we may not need as much of this expensive supplement :)

    Take care of yourself. I did find Vitamin C helpful when I was reacting to the TF.

    Love, Mikie
  4. mommysisland

    mommysisland New Member

    Hi there,

    I purchased ImmuneCare 64 as well, because it covers EBV, and both strains of HHV-6. Money is tight, and I didn't have to buy more than one type, though I struggled since I'd like to support the providers of this forum!

    I'm going to call them Monday, (Johnniebear said the nurse there is very nice as well as knowlegeable) and ask about opening the capsules and splitting it into two servings. And, if I can, start by trying a 1/2 every other day.

    First I am going to wait for my doctor to return from vacation. I can't believe I took it when both my doctor and husband were out of town. Further proof of brain damage I guess!

    I thought, geez, what can one little supplement do? Now I've got the answer to that!

    I've read about the respiratory flu-like reaction, goodness, I'm glad I didn't have that, and sorry you did, plantscaper. That had to have your attention.

    Mikie, I'm glad you are going to be there for the CFS event. That's great. It will be nice to hear about it when you return. Sure understand why you'd put off further TF efforts till your home.

    Have a great evening!


    PS Plantscaper, yes I did do some criminal work. Mostly with my husband,he like the Federal Crimina' cases and even Death Penalty work. Yep, those defendants do tend truly to be a trip.[This Message was Edited on 05/08/2004]
  5. Johnniebear

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    Glad you made it here. I feel like I've been packed a punch today & haven't had a TF since last Wed. I can see where compliance could become a real issue with this TF.

    I will tell you one thing Dr. Brewer told me. I can't remember what the situation was or what your numbers were with your hypercoagulation issue, but when Brewer saw my hypercoag. lab values, they called immediately and said not to start the TF as previously recommended. Fortunately, I had not started it. He said with my hyper C., the TF would further stimulate my immune system further stimulating the clotting cascade & I would start to feeling REALLY sick. So, I'm well anticoagulated now before starting the TF, but still feel as though I'm going to have a really hard time building up to the therapeutic dose.

    Brewer has had so many patients on TF & he really minimized the herx, but when you read this board, you sure get a different impression.


    ANNXYZ New Member

    Don't give up !!! Even if you have to take half a capsule a day every day for a few weeks . You feel rotten because your immune system is FIRING UP - my doc told me this . HOWEVER , we really MUST be raising our glutathione levels - glutathione is the immune system's weapon to kill pathogens and most of us have abnormal levels . Don't give up , I have been on it 3 mos and am seeing progress . Thanks be to GOD ( and DR Sujay ).