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    I guess i dont know how to use this message board! I just accidently erased my other message? Oh well. It did say new to this board.I was going to write an update about my hubby so here goes..
    Well I guess being a caregiver sure can be so stressful. My husband was fired from his job on tuesday. Now they have rehired him but transfered him to a menial easy job and cut his hours to 30 hours a week.They are just keeping him because they dont want to be sued for letting him go because of his illness. I just pray they do not treat him bad and make it hard for him. On Tuesday he was just starting to come out of his relapse..so he went to work and when he got there they fired him. Could not have called him. So now he is back at where he was at the beginning of his relapse. I just hope he can recover in time to go to the new job monday. Sometimes people can be so nasty!!
    Thankyou everyone for the nice replies to my other intro..sorry I erased it...
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    Don't worry about the messages.
    I am so sorry about your husbands job. Boss's don't care about people they care about the bottom line. You would think they are not human the way they treat people sometimes.
    Baby your husband (what is his name) this weekend and see what Monday brings. If he is still in a flare then have him see the dr. It may be that it is time to give in and get disability. It may be a short term down time but if he fights too long it will turn into a very long time definetly.
    Sorry I can't be of more help but these dd's have a mind of their own and we are kind of puppets on a string dealing with them or them dealing with us.
    If you want to email anytime feel free to do so.
    By the way I loved your poem. It had me wiping tears from my eyes.


    take care and keep us informed on the progress you are making. If it gets bad come here and let it out.
    Mom Lynda