oh somebody"" please help

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  1. sixtyslady

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    I don"t know what is wrong I"m in so much pain and nothing helps .

    I had that terrible virus last week sore throat coughing temp. all in my head region . didn"t go to my chest.
    well I"m pretty n
    much finish with the cold part. Dr said Fri I have inflamation in the tissue between my ribs from coughing so hard, to take advil. it doesn"t touch it.

    It starts in the middle of my back, right where the ribs are and wraps around to my stomach. I can"t stand to sit back in the chair I"ve tried heat, and ice nothing helps .

    I"m about ready to go crazy from the pain ,it almost feels like when I had the shingles, but theres nothing there.and its warm to the touch. HELP HELP. sixtyslady

  2. Empower

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    Sorry you are in so much pain

    Bumping for advice

    Sometime Tylenol helps more that pain killers. My mom fractured her back and was taking pain killers that weren't working

    She asked for Tylenol, and noticed a difference after taking them
  3. musikmaker

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    I don't know if you drink but one my Mom used to use always worked on extreme pain. It sounds like all your never endings are inflammed and you need to get them calmed down.

    If you are not alcohol adverse, try warming a glass of wine (don't boil) and put a teaspoon of sugar in it. Get in the most comfortable chair you have put your heating pad across your ribs, cover yourself with a light blanket and sip the wine.

    You should start to relax which will help you begin to calm down the inflamation. Good Luck
  4. findmind

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    OMG, this sounds exactly like what I have. The dr. diagnosed costochronditis. Search it here...lots of members helped me figure out what it was!!!

    It is terrrrrrible, and I still have it mildly.

    The dr. Rx'd Naproxyn, and NSAID, and a muscle relaxer.

    Its total inflammation where the muscles attach to the rib cage, so pain is in front (all around and up in the collarbones and even the neck!), in the back, and in the middle high stomach area, too.

    You must rest as much as possible, don't lift or reach for things. I found heat helped, not ice. Rest against a well-padded heating pad in a chair or couch.

    This is truly one of the most horrible pains I have ever had, including the neuropathy in feet and the FM.

    Omega 3 help with inflammation, I think they helped me more than the meds. Double up the dose, 1200-2000 mg per day until you feel better.

    Do let us know how you are doing...I am sorry to tell you this can last for a very long time. SEARCH it here, by name of costochondritis, ok?

    We care....

  5. TAM

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    I'M very sorry to hear that your in so much pain. I wish there was something i could do to help but i can't think of anything.

    Just try to hang in there as hard as it is and just know that i care about you and alot of other people do too!

    Take care and i hope you start feeling alot better really soon.

    Sending gentle hugs your way.
  6. sixtyslady

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    it feels like it starts in the back but moves around to the front.like a band all around me.
    my chest and boobs hurt and extreme pain under my arms like where your ribs would be. its just horrible.
    It does feel like nerve endings, not like when your back is out of place. it has pain and this awlful burning sensation, thats why last nite I thought it may be shingles again.

    when I bend forward the pain just shoots up into my neck and chest,like a hot knife.

    I may try to get in the hot tub tonight,if it doesn"t hurt to get in it.

    Thanks guys I don"t know what I would do without all of you.

    Its just like talking to a good friend and getting some comfort.

    We just don"t seem to have to many old friends left after we get this d.d.

    Your all just so special. what would we do without each other. I tell you guys more than I tell my hubby.

    Fibro,and cf, friends are the best. Love sixtyslady
  7. CrymznWych

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    That sounds very much like pleuresy, tho I am in no way a medical professional. But I've had that before, and the infection can get into the chest wall, not just the lungs (I know, this is the version I had). The tenderness, inflamation, etc., sounds to me like you might have the infection present towards the back of your ribcage. Please have your doctor check for this. Just having fibro is enough pain, but pleuresy can be agonizing. Don't mean to alarm you, just saying please get it checked.
  8. tonakay

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    Are you feeling any better today I hope?