oh the pain...

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    I haven't been able to get on my support board here for a few days. So much stress. Last Thursday I left work early because of more pain, even asked for that Friday off, and lo and behold my daughter totalled her car by hydroplaning on the wet road. The good Lord protected her, she's just really sore, but by seeing her car you would think she'd still be in the hospital!
    So, here I am back to work this week and my pain level is higher, didn't get any relaxation on my long weekend.
    I just want to crawl in a hole and not come out till next summer!
  2. debilyn

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    Thank God your daughter isn't hurt worse. And, I feel for you.

    That happens to me more times than not: I get a couple of days off and instead of getting much needed rest relief, I end up in the middle of something with my kids.

    'Hope you're feeling better real soon.

    blessings to you and your family
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    Hi Loto!

    I'm very sorry to hear you are feeling so badly. I hope you get some rest during the evenings and this coming weekend. When I was working, I would take 10 min breaks and do nothing. I would close my eyes and not think. It really helped with the fatigue... The pain isn't that easy to put aside for a few minutes.

    Thank God your daughter is okay... You all must have been extremely scared. I hope she is back to normal ASAP.

  4. JLH

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    Your daughter was really fortunate that she was not hurt. Someone Above was definitely watching over her.

    I know how much this stressed you out! My middle daughter was hit broadside by a drunk driver a few days before Christmas a few years ago. She was pulling out from a side road on to a 4-lane highway when the drunk was driving the opposite way on the other lane, crossed the two lanes of traffic and hit her head on making her car flip around a couple times and hit another car with a family of 4 inside and driving a brand new car that they had had for only two days! Her car was super totalled. She ended up with only minor injuries--4 broken ribs, many cuts, and bruises. Luckily, the family only had minor injuries, too. The drunk didn't he realize that he was in an accident--he was unhurt, of course.

    We realized then how fortunate she was, and we, her parents were. There is nothing more important than the safety and well being of your child/children.

    Hope your stress level lessens this week.
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    for your well wishes.
    My Lacie is doing better, she's still having headaches and pain in her eye, but the doctor said that's normal since she prolly had a minor concussion. It'll just take a while for her to totally feel better. I just hope since she's had this trauma, and other sports injuries in her life that she never has FM. Theories suggest car wrecks and maybe genetics play a role in FM.

    Anyway, evenings have been more restful for me, work has been a killer!!! So super busy. And this weekend we'll be away all weekend for a college exposure softball tourney (Lacie plays). We'll be away from home all weekend, but maybe at least mostly just sitting around will help me catch up on resting!!! NO HOUSE WORK!!!