Oh, the places you'll go......Game 10

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    Looks like 2104 (who I think is called Jean) ain't gonna be playing much, but iffen anyone else is interested, I'll give it a go.

    It was Dr Seuss that wrote the book "Oh, The Places You'll Go"....the title of this thread.

    In this joyous ode to life, Dr. Seuss addresses graduates of all ages--from nursery school to medical school--and gives them the get-up-and-go to move mountains with the unrivaled exuberance and charm.


    The challenge is to think of a PLACE that begins with the last letter of the previous player's choice. "PLACES" could include, countries, states, cities, etc.

    Just a few rules:

    - one PLACE name per entry - at least one entry from another player before posting again - players may include some words about their choice, but that is not necessary - because there is a time delay before posts appear on the board, the first of two closely timed entries will keep the sequence

    The GOAL is to have an interesting and surprising journey....without having to pack your bags, or worry about visas, passports, money, languages, schedules, time zones or the weather. The game will end when our interest has been exhausted.

    To carry on from the previous thread -

    Let's begin with..................Red River..................suggested by Diane

    Here's an alphabetic list of where all we been, thanks to Tobey, who's home sick from school today:

    10 Downing Street

    Aarhus, Abbey Theatre, Abbotsford, Aberdeen, Aberdour, Aberystwyth, Abingdon, Abrazzo National Park, Abu Dhaabi, Abut Head, Acapulco, Accident, Accura, Acoma Pueblo, Adam's Rib Ranch, Addis Ababa, Adelaide Island, Adirondacks, Afganistan, Agawa Canyon, Agra, Aguascalientas, Ah-gwah-ching, Ahmedabad, Ainahau, Ajax, Akqi, Alabama, Alamogordo, Alaska, Albany, Albi, Albuquerque, Albuquerque, Albuquerque:Angkor Wat, Alcatraz, Aleutian Islands, Alexandria, Alexandria, Alhambra, Allegheny River, Alnwick, Alta Vista, Altamira Cave, Altamonte Springs, Amahoro, Amalfi Coast, Amazon Rain Forest, Amazonas, Ambler, Amman, Amritsar, Amsterdam, An Apple Orchard, Anaconda, Anafi, Anaheim, Anaheim, Anahola, Anchorage, Andes, Andorra, Angel Falls, Angel Island, Angel Ridge ranch, Angra do Heroismo, Anna Marie Beach, Annapolis, Annecy, Anoka, Antarctica, Antibes, Antigua, Antigua, Antwerp, Aotea Centre, Apalachicolo, Apennines, Apostle Islands National Park, Appalachian trail, Arctic Circle, Argentina, Arlington, Arlington, Aruba, Asheboro, Asheville, Astana, Asuncion, Athens, Atlanta, Atlantic Beach, Atlantic Bridge, Atlantic City Yonkers, Atlantic Ocean, Atlas Mountains, Augusta, Austin, Austin, Australia, Austria, Austria, Avenue of the Giants, Aviara, Avignon, Avila, Avon, Axton, Ayers Rock, Azerbaaijan, Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan, Azoes, Azores

    Bald Knob, Bird in Hand, Budapest

    Cassadaga, Cate's House, Charlotte, Chile

    Da Nang, Dallas, Damascus, Danube River, Darfur, Darjeeling, Daytona Beach, De Smet, Deadhorse, Deadman's Corner, Dearborn, Death Valley, Deerfield Beach, Delaware Water Gap, Delmarra Peninsula, Denali (National Park), Denmark, Denver, Destin, Deutschland, Devil's Backbone, Dewey Beach, Diamond Head, Dijon, Ding Dong, Dingle, Dinosaur World, Disneyland, Dojran, Dollywood, Dominican Republic, Dover, Dreamworld, Dresden, Dublin, Duck, Duesseldorf, Duinrell, Dumbleyung Lake, Dumfries, Dundee, Durham, Durnstein, Dyrham Park, Dzyga Cultural Centre

    Eagle Nest, Ear Falls, Earth, East Bay Bird Sanctuary, East Hamptons, East Liverpool, East London Theatre, Easter Island, Eau Claire, Ebro river, Eclectic, Ecuador, Edam, Eddystone (Point), Eden, Edinburg, Edgerton, Edinburgh, Edmonton, Eek, Eek, Egg, Eggnog, Egypt, Eiffel Toer, Eiffel Tower, Eiger Mountain, Eigg, Eilean Donan Castle, El Escorial, El Jazair, El Morro National Monument, El Paso, El Salvador, El Segundo, Elat, Elba, Elephant Butte Lake State Park, Eleuthera, Elgin, Elk Mountain, Elk Mountain Trails, Elkhart, Elko, Ellipse, Ellis Island, Elora Gorge, Ely, Embarrass, Embassy Row, Emerald Lake, Empire State Building, Empire State Plaza, Energy, Ensanada, Epcot Center, Epping Forest, Equrna Gallery, Erasmusbrug, Ericsson Stadium, Eritrea, Erongariacuaro, Espoo, Esquel, Essen Nairn, Estonia, Ethiopia, Ettrick, Euboea, Eugene, Eureka Tower, Exeter, Exmoor, Eyemouth

    Fallen Leaf, Fallkirk, Faneuil Hall, Fiji, Fishermans Wharf, Forbidden City, Frankfurt, Fyffe

    Galapagos Islands, Gateway Arch, Genoa, Gettsyburg, Giants Causeway, Gillette, Giza, Go Home Bay, Gobi Desert, Going too far, Goose Bay, Greasy Corner, Grand Canal, Great Barrier Reef, Great Smoky Mountains Railroad (North Carolina), Great Wall of China, Greece, Greenland, Grenada, Grenadines, Guadeloupe, Gunung Mulu National Park

    Haliburton, Halifax, Hamburg, Hampton Roads, Hannibal, Harmony, Harrods, Hauloa Stones, Havana, Hawaii, Heard Island, Hebrides, Heidelberg, Helsinki, Hermitage Museum, Hershey, Hersheypark, Hill Number 1, Hilo, Himalayas, Hocking Hills, Hollywood, Holstein, Honduras, Honolulu, Hoover Dam, Horneytown, Horseshoe Bay Beach, Hylebos Creek

    Iaeger, Iceland, Ille-Et-Vialine, Ilwaco, Incerlik, Incline Village, Independence Hall, Indianapolis, Innsbruck, Intercourse, International Falls, Inverness, Ionian Islands, Ipanema, Ireland, Iriri, Iron Knob, Islamabad, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Isle of Wight, Italy

    Kalgoorlie, Kansas, Kansas, Kaso Island Dorset, Kathmandu, Kauai, Kauai, Kedah, Kenilworth, Kensington Gardens, Kent, Kenya, Kenya, Kermet, Ketchikan, Kettering, Key West, Keyser, Kicking Horse River, Kiev, Kilimanjaro, Kilkenny, Kill Devil, Killarney, King of Prussia, Kingston, Kingstowne, Kissimmee, Knockemstiff, Knockemstiff, Kodiak, Kokomo, Kortrijk, Krakow, Kudzu Festival, Kuujjuaq, Kuwait

    La Quinta, La Scala, La Serena, Laerdal, Lake District, Lake Huron, Lambeau Field, Lanai, Lanai, Land's End, Laredo, Large Hadron Collider, Lark Harbour, Le Havre, Le Mans, Le Quy Don University, Leeds, Legoland, Liechtenstein Castle, Lima, Lincoln's Boyhood National Memorial, Lincolnshire, Lisbon, Little Rock, London, Long Island, Lookout Mountain, Los Angeles, Louvre, Luckenbach, Lumut, Luxor-X, Lyon

    Machu Picchu, Machu Picchu, Madrid, Mall of America, Mallorca, Mammoth Mountain, Martinque, Matterhorn, Maui, Max Gate, Mequon, Metro Museum of Art, Minneapolis, Monaco, Monkey's Eyebrow, Monserrat, Montego Bay, Mt. Rushmore, Mt.McKinley, Myrtle Beach, Mystic Seaport

    Naantali, Nagasaki, Nags Head, Nahanni National Park, Nairobi Istanbul, Naked City, Namibia, Namibia, Nanaimo, Nanakuli, Nanquidno Valley, Nantes, Nantucket, Nantucket, Naples, Naples, Naples, Nara, Nashville, Nassau, Nassau, Natal, National Air and Space Museum, National Art Gallery, National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden, National Mall, NATO HQ, Naxos, Necochea, Needles, Negril, Nepal, Nero beach, Neuchatal, Nevada, Never Never Land, Neversink, New Bern, New City, New Cumberland, New England, New Orleans, New Twopothouse, New York City, Newark, Newfoundland, New Haven, Newport, Newport News, Newquay, Nez Perce Reservation, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Ngwenya, Niagara Escarpment, Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls, Nicaragua, Nice, Nice, Nigeria, Nile River, Niwot, Node, Nome, Norfolk, Norfolk Botanical Gardens, Norge, Normandy, North Carolina, North Gwilliambury, North Hollywood, North Pole, Norway, Norway, Norwich, Notre Dame Cathedral, Notre Dame Stadium, Nottingham, Nova Scotia, Nuā€˜uanu, Ny-Alesund (Norway)

    Oahu, Oahu, Oaxaca, Ocho Rios, Ochos, Oconomowoc, Ocracoke Island, Odessa, Ohio, Ohio County, Ohongondjanambari, Old North Church, Old Rag, Olympic National Park/Targu Mures, Olympic Peninsula, Omotesando, Ontario, Ontario, Oquaga Lake, Oran, Oregon, Oregon, Orlando Disney World, Orleans, Orleans, Osaka, Osaka, Oslo, Oslo, Ottawa, Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park, Oulu, Outback, Overlook Mountain, Owen Sound, Oxford, Ozark Mountains, Ozbekistan, Ozyegin University

    Panama Canal, Pensalcola, Pisa, Pittsburgh, Punxsutawney

    Qatar, Quantico Falls Trail, Queensland

    Rabat, Rabbit Hash, Rainbow Beach, Rainbow Lake, Raleigh, Rausch Creek, Reading, Red Devil, Red River, Red Sea, Red Square Moscow, Red Wing, Regina, Relief, Relief, Replot, Residence of Edgar Kauffmann Sr, Revolving Building, Reykjavik, Rhodesia, Rideau Canal, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande, Rios, Roatan, Robbers Roost, Rochester, Rock City, Rock Creek Park, Rock of Gibralter, Rockefeller Center, Rocky Mtn National Park, Roedean, Rome, Roman Colosseum, Romania, Rosslyn, Rotterdam, Rugen, Rwanda

    Sacandaga Lake, Sacramento, Saigon, Salem, Salem, Salt Lake City, Samoa, San Antonio, San Diego, San Diego, San Francisco, San Juan, San Simeon, Sandwich, Sandy Point State Park, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Sao Paulo, Saqqara, Sarasota, Sardinia, Sartoga, Saskatchewan, Scarborough, Scotland, Scrabble, Sedona, Senegal, Sequoia National Forest, Serengeti National Park, Seven Sisters, Seville, Seychelles Islands, Shenandoah Valley, Shoal Bay, Shreveport, Siberia, Sicily, Siesta Key Beach, Siler City, Silver Spring, Singapore, Slaley Hall, Slaughterville, Sleepy Hollow, Sleepy Hollow, Sofia, Somerset, Sonoma County, Sopchoppy, Soufriere, South Beach Miami, South Carolina, South Lake Tahoe, Spinnaker Tower, Squaw Valley, Sri Lanka, St. Albert, St. Augustine, St. Kitts, St. Lawrence River, St. Lucia, St. Paul's Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Stanley Hotel, Star City, Statue of Liberty, Stonehenge (Salisbury England), Strangnas, Suez Canal, Sweet Lips, Switzerland, Sydney, Sydney Opera House, Syracuse

    Ta Ta Creek, Tahiti, Taj Mahal, Tallulah Gorge, Tampa, Tarasa Dip, Tasmania, Tel Aviv, Telemark, Ten Spa, Teotihuacan, Terra Alta, Texarkana, Texas, Thailand, Thames, The Forks, The Reichstag, Three Rivers Park District, Thermopolis, Thun, Timbuktu, Times Square, Toad Suck, Tokyo, Toledo, Tombstone, Toronto, Toronto CN Tower, Tortola, Tower of London, Translyvania, Trans-Siberian Railroad, Transylvania, Trevi Fountain, Truth or Consequences, Tuacahn Amphitheatre, Tula, Tupelo, Turin, Tuscon, Two Egg, Ty Ty, Tyrolia, Tzintzuntzan, Tzintzuntzan

    Udaipur, Uganda, Ukraine, Ulan Bator, Umbria, Underground Lunchroom, United Kingdom, Universal Studios, Upper East Side, Upper Saint Clair, Uppsala, Uruguay, Utah, Utica

    Victoria, Volcanoes National Park

    Warsaw, Welwyn Garden City, Whynot, Wiesbaden, Winchester Cathedral, Windholme Farm, Winona

    Xai-Xai, Xenia

    Y, Yaak Falls, Yahoo HQ, Yalta, Yangon, Yangtze, Yangtze River, Yap, Yap, Yasawa, Yasawa Islands, Yates Cider Mill, Yazoo City, Ybbs an der Donau, Ye Olde Mill Campground, Yee Haw Junction, Yellow Pine Ranch, Yellowknike, Yellowstone National Park, Yellville, Yemen, Yemen, Yeosu, Yermo, Yeovil, Yinchuan, Yoakum, Yokohama, Yonkers, Yorba, York, York (Penn), Yorkshire, Yorktown, Yosemite National Park, You Bet, Youngstown, Youngstown, Ypsilanti, Yreka, Ystad, Ystad, Yucatan, Yukon, Yukon , Yum Yum, Yuma, Yuma, Yuma Point, Yverdan

    Zanzibar, Zermatt

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    Rome (Italy)


    Howdy, everyone. Howdy, Diane
  3. GreenOnions

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    Adam's Rib Ranch, in Colorado


  4. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Ambridge, in Pennsylvania


  5. SerenityPheonix

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    Santas Workshop....(North Pole)

    With Christmas so close I thought it only appropriate that we not fortget a trip to his place in the North Pole.

  6. GreenOnions

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    Wequiock Falls, in Wisconsin.


    Howdy, Diane. Howdy, everybody.
  7. GreenOnions

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    Nabob, in West Virginia

    Ain't got no link, sorry.
  8. GreenOnions

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    the Eiger, in Switzerland

  9. GreenOnions

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    Nizhny Novgorod, in Russia


  10. GreenOnions

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    Saddle Road Junction, in Hawaii


  11. GreenOnions

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    Irkutsk, in Siberia


    Howdy, Diane, Jean, eaverybody. Just poppin in fer a minute.
  12. GreenOnions

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    King's Island, an amusement park in Mason, Ohio.



    Howdy, Diane, Jean, everybody!

    Diane, I really liked the pictures of South Park.
  13. GreenOnions

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    Taunton, in Massachusetts



    Diane, iffen you do take pictures, make sure to put em up where we can see em.
  14. GreenOnions

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    Smoky Bay, in Southern Australia.



    Diane, ya done stole my idea, ya whippersnapper!
  15. GreenOnions

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    Eden Prairie, in Minnesota.


    Oglebay's a great place to come and see, Diane. Me n Brenda used to go two or three times a year, every year.

    Hope you n Kevin get to see it sometime.
  16. GreenOnions

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    the Nazca Lines, in Peru.



  17. GreenOnions

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    Treasure Island, Fiji

  18. GreenOnions

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    Epworth, in Lincolnshire, in the UK.


    Howdy Do, Diane, Jean.
  19. Janalynn

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    Estes Park, Colorado - the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park...

    Home of the famous Stanley Hotel, beautiful small town, accessed by a winding road up a canyon, very touristy, lots of cabins along the way...

    Estes Park (definitely visit)
  20. GreenOnions

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    the county of DerbyShire, in England.