Oh, those hemorrhoids!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TaniaF, Apr 9, 2003.

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    Can anyone tell me if hemorroids are a chronic problem. They are not extremely painful, just a nuisance. I get tender irritated anal area just inside (sorry to be so graphic) and it kind of burns just after a BM for awhile. I have been taking sitz baths daily and using Anusol cream. I can learn to live with this irritation problem, but just wondering if others deal with this too. Am I just too sensitive to every ache in my body---feel like "princess and the pea".
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    I had to stop using witch hazel because I am on the Guai Protocol, but I used it by soaking a cotton ball in it, and pressing it against the hemms until it sticks. It burns at first,but will stop quickly. Then just leave it there as long as you can. If you are skinny, you may not have enough "cheek" to hold it in place, but I could walk around for an hour with it. (There has to be some advantage in being fat!). :)

    P.S. IBS can aggrave them, and when my IBS cleared up, so did the hemms. For me a high protein/low carb diet did the trick. Constipation and diarreha will both aggravate hemms. If you have IBS, getting it under control will help a lot.
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    This will keep the stools soft. Too much will produce diarrhea though so be careful.

    You can also use a stool softener.

    For me, personal hygeine is the worst part of having them. I use toilet paper and those Cottonelle wipes and then toilet paper again, but I never feel as though it's enough.

    Love, Mikie
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    but here is my 2 cents. If a hemmeroid last more than a few months on a daily basis, have your Dr check it out. I know it is embarissing but it saved my life. I have them for 20 years off and on then 7 years ago, I had a flare that would not go away, plus I had a lot of bleeding. It hurt so bad I couldn't sit down, I sat on my buttock. Anyway after my GyN saw me for my yearly visit he convinced me to do the surgery. Come to find it it was a malignant tumor INSIDE the hemmeroid. It was a very aggessive cancer and I was told had I waited another 2 to 3 months I would have not lived a year! Thank god for my wonderful Dr. The bad news was even tho I have been cancer free for 7 years, I now have fibro, CFS and multitude of medical problems that all came on after the chemo and radiation treatment.

    An alternative to the chilling bath is a ice cube wrapped in a washcloth. It isn;t pretty but it helps with the swelling. Good luck
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    I lived with that for years, but it all stopped when I started taking 'Natural Calm'(magnesium citrate) by 'Natural Vitality'. Its a powdered magnesium you mix with hot water and it tastes like an Alka Seltzer. One teaspoon a day and it softens the stool.

    Klutzo! I would try what you said, BUT I have a skinny butt so guess I would have to just sit and 'hold' it there!! I love the antidotes you come up with :)

    Do have the doctor check it out first like someone else said, it could be something serious.

    Shalom, Shirl