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    Hey girlee!!
    Sorry to disapear on ya.. Hell is holidays in the hospitality business.. Too busy to even think straight..
    All is well aside of working too long of hours with not enough rest..
    Got to see Miss Maddy.. ( oh yeah, and my daughter and the rest..) this weekend.. gosh darn I love that child. I spent 3 hours playing that little girl christmas carols.. Every time I would stop she would take my fingers and strum them over the guitar strings till I would start again. Needless to say, Grandpa Joe picked her up a little kid guitar for part of her christmas present. She had another MRI this last Friday.. which was also her 4th birthday. Gosh it's gone fast huh!
    Finally had my biopsy Friday of last week.. ( those pesky Lessions I've been dealing with for the last 10 years! )
    Anyway.. it's been sent off to pathology and I probably won't know anything for a few weeks.. In the mean time, it looks like someone drilled a fat hole in my head! Ugh! Thank God the hair covers..
    How's the hunters doing?? Did Chris get that Buck? I'm thinkin it was taunting him..
    Hope all went well at Mom's..
    I'm beat and beat up and heading home.. I'll try to get back in tomorrow..
    Love ya much,
  2. dononagin

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    Bump for Tona
  3. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Well girl we are back where we started from...LOL It's great to have the chit/chat board back again. Glad to finally hear from you I was worried sick.

    That's great news about the biopsy. You've been dealing with those lesions far too long with nothing helping them. Maybe now FINALLY you will get some answers.

    I can't believe Maddy is 4, it seems like yesterday she was born. Where has the time gone? Your fingers sore from all that playing grandma? Let me know what Helen finds out from the MRI. By the way, how is Helen doing these days and her MIL?

    Alas, my freezer is still venison free. No luck at all. Dave missed one and the other guys didn't even get a shot off. They have one more chance, Dec. 27th starts 4 days of muzzle gun hunting so maybe they will have better luck then. Poor Kris, on his way home from hunting at a buddies house one evening he got sideswiped by a deer. Put a couple of dents in his truck and tore his back tailight off. I told him it could have been so much worse, his truck is still running and he wasn't hurt and that's what counts. We're not going to fix his truck right now.... we've got a whole long winter ahead of us, we'll see what the truck looks like after he drives through the snow to school all winter first. Last year we only had a couple of inches so he didn't get any experience.

    Well the TM is calling my name so best get on with this day, so glad to hear from you!! XOXO
  4. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Ya know with the biopsy she is just doing because she decided to cut one out that has been acting up. She THINKS it's foliculitis which is just another random infection people get with low imune systems. But we will see. She also started me on Oraceo which is the first drug ever to be approved for Rosacea.. well turns out it's just Doxyclycine which is what everybody was useing a year or two ago to combat mycoplasma infections. So, who knows!
    ANyways, the co-pay is 30 a month so I hope it works. Our copays for me and Joe are hitting close to 300 a month now. Dang! That's a car payment!

    I know what you mean with Maddy.. seems like yesterday I was posting for prayers for baby.. when we first realized something was not right. You know, the coolest thing with her and Denise (Helen's MIL) Maddy will try to push her wheelchair. Of course Denise is really moving it with her hands but the handles work like a walker and Madisyn "pushes" her grandma all over the house which is SO good for Maddy to excersize her legs and have a reason to try to walk. My fingers held up from all the strumming.. but my shoulder payed for a few days! And to think I used to be able to play all night long!

    Helen is hanging in there.. too busy as always... Her brownie troop was in a Christmas parade this week so she was excited about that.

    Denise is doing good right now. They have her on fentenyl lollypops.. kind of like morphine.. keeping her out of pain and in pretty good spirits. Her vision is all but gone now.

    They have her on the list now for a seeing eye dog that will also serve as a companion dog for Madisyn. It will be hard to find one with the right temperment for both. They are getting her some visual aids ( she has 5% vision left in one eye )

    I can't believe those boys didn't get a deer! And poor Kris, the deer got him?? I bet ya it was the same buck that got his target! lol! Poor boy. He is lucky it wasn't worse. I agree, wait till spring except for the tail light.

    I can't imagine Micaela driving in the snow.. yikes! I get a new grey hair every time she comes home in the fog!

    Another busy day.. I've been coming back and forth to this since this morning! I better copy before I post or it's gonna probably go to cyber-space!

    Hope all is well.. love ya much!
  5. tonakay

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    First thing after I found out Kris was ok I said ok, where's the deer? He said all he saw was a white tail taking off. I said jeez, ya think the durn thing could have dropped dead so we could have had ONE deer in the freezer wouldn't ya?? LOL I told them they've turned into the Griswold's of hunting this year......

    I hadn't heard about the new rosacea drug, but then again I haven't been to my dermie in a few years. Ever since I quit working at the drive-thru mine settled down and doesn't flare up near as bad. It used to get horrible in the summer from car exhaust and sweating. I still have to watch being in the sun in the garden but for the most part I do pretty good. I'm still glad she did the biopsy, this way you'll know for sure what it is, no more guessing!

    Maddy is such a trooper! Wish I could see her pushing Denise around. How in the world does Helen find TIME for a Brownie Troop? Jeez Louise that girl makes me tired Donna!

    We had a horrible fire right up the road yesterday late afternoon. It was a modular home that was put in maybe three years ago and it is a black shell now. It burnt so fast, I had left to go pick up Matthew and by the time I came back 40 minutes later it was history. Dave and Tj and I were thrown back in time to our fire, I feel so badly for those folks. Thankfully nobody was home. Don't know if I told you that Kris was just recently accepted as a junior volunteer firefighter for Berne Township Fire Dept. They only accepted one so I'm pretty proud of the kid.

    Get this, I could strangle Lauren, Matthew's mom. While him and I are riding back to my house yesterday he says ' mamaw why didn't you come to my school program last night'..... I told him that nobody called and told us about it. Tj didn't know about it either. Shame on her Donna she better hope that what goes around doesn't come back around to bite her on the butt being as she is the mother of a son herself.... grrrrrrrrr Thankfully now that he is 6 he understood when I told him that his mom didn't call me or I and grandpa Dave and Uncle Kris would have been there to see his program. I'm still fuming....

    Finally warmed up a little today, it's around 40 LOL LOL Hope you're holding up ok out there is sunny California. Love ya!
  6. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    You know.. I keep wondering how Helen does it. The Brownie troup was kind of the only thing she did WITH just Jessilyn. So much attention goes to the babies she wanted something for just Jess.. Well, she was supposed to be a helper then the leader quit. AND, if I taught that child how to say NO.. she wouldn't have 4 kids at her young age!

    Maddy is having her eeg tomorrow then her lumbar puncture I believe on Thursday. They have her nuclear scan scheduled now and that is a 3 day ordeal.. Helen really doesn't want to put her through it because the chances of her having what they are testing her for are very slim. But, if that turns out to be the ticket she will need imunoglobin and steroid treatment or she will die. Not much of a choice there so test it is.

    Gosh Tona.. When did you guys go through a fire? Did you lose everything? How horrible! Thank God no one was hurt. I'm proud of Kris. I'm not suprised he was accepted.

    I don't know what the heck Lauren is thinking! Doesn't she realize how important that would have been to Mathew for you guys to be there? Gary used to do that when Micaela was living with him. All she is going to do is cause Mathew to resent her. You never know when the tables may turn. My kids have gone back and forth a few times.

    Our weather is actually about the same right now Tona. I think we are hitting maybe close to 50 during the day, frost at night. Bad storm over the weekend. Power was out at our house most of Friday night and Saturday. A good thing actually! I got some house work done. We got our tree up.. I got SLEEP!!

    Well, I'm trying to get this out before my girls come back from lunch.. hope all is well..

    Love you!
  7. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Let me know when you find out about Maddy's test results. That poor child, what pain she has to go through on these tests. We should all learn from her!

    Dave has been off the last two days so we have been shopping like crazy. I'm going to start some house cleaning today. Tomorrow my dad turns 70 so Dave took a vacation day and we are driving down to the Ohio River where dad lives to see him. He bought a run down modular home a few months ago to restore to give himself something to work on this winter and I haven't seen it yet so we'll go see it and take him to get something to eat too. Won't be able to stay too long, it takes about and hour and fifteen minutes to get there and I can't leave my dogs more than a few hours without going out. Especially Maggie the old gal. Dad has supper plans anyway so it will work out fine.

    Friday is more cleaning, Saturday morning too then Saturday afternoon off to the airport to pick up the Tazmanian Devil...oops... I mean mom. That's how much energy she seems to have every day though Donna...LOL I swear I don't know how she does it.

    Kacey is leaving Friday for a four day package deal to Vegas.... getting MARRIED to a gal he's known maybe five months. DUMB DUMB DUMB. She's a Tiffanie clone Donna, tall skinny smokes and has an 8 year old son. Here we go again. I feel sorry for Jose the little boy, Kacey does not treat other kids well as we found out with Jalynn's half brother Dalton. I predict a divorce by this time next year. Oh, and I think Tj's new girlfriend of two months may be pregant.... just shoot me now. I think that's all the good news for now. SIGH

    Hope things are better out there! I'll try to check in again before the 'Queen' arrives. Love ya!
  8. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    I'm offically irritated! Micaela & I wrote you a big ol long note yesterday and I come here today and it didn't post! Dang it!!

    Micaela got in a wreck yesterday. A semi ran a stop sign and pulled out right in front of her. She was able to manuever around the end of his truck without hitting the car behind him and at a full skid she made it through two telephone poles ( less than a foot to spare on each side of her car ) and would up in the middle of a freshly plowed field.

    Needless to say, she was pretty shook up.. Her car is still in the shop. Luckily she just wiped out a tire and rim, the oil pan and needed a front end allignment. So, I brought her back to work with me, I couldn't take her home and dump her with her that shook up and I had to come back because of my trainees so she added to the post I had started for you before I went to rescue her and left you a big ol post. Well, anyway.. somewhere in cyber space.. we left you a note..

    love you.. crazy busy today!
  9. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    I'm so happy she's ok... I've been there and it's HORRID we are so lucky Donna that we KNOW that their is a higher power looking out over our youngins.....

    Busy time here gettin ready for the 'Queen' and working on our daugthers plumbing needs at her house for her Christmas gift... been going over there every night as soon as Dave gets home from work for the last 5 nights and not getting home til 9... and no dinner... just falling into bed. We're all dead but what are parents for LOL LOL

    I'm already dead and she hasn't landed yet Donna wish me luck! I'll check in when I can, she stays in this room. Merry Chrismas my friend.... love ya much! XOXO
  10. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    I tell ya girl, how are we gonna get through the holidays! I'm exhausted.. have 4 parties in banquets tonight 4 in the steakhouse, 2 in the Ranch kitchen and 2 in the bar. I'm stuck here tonight till probably 10 or so and I came in at 8. I'll be so glad when the holiday parties are over. I'm running out of steam.

    Tomorrow Micaela and I are going to go finish all the Christmas shopping except for hers. I was going to try and do some last weekend but I pretty much stayed in bed all weekend.

    Micaela and I decided her getting through those poles was my mom driving. Mom told Micaela before she died she would always be an angel on her shoulder. My Mom was also a race car driver when she was young. Micaela could not have made it through those poles on her own..

    Aye!! My keyboard is dying. We have wireless and my batteries are running out. I have to keep going back and filling in missing letters.

    Don't overdo it on the plumbing. Or cleaning for Mom either. I think she likes to help you clean. Gives her something to do.

    Well, touch base when you can and I hope you have a great holiday too..

    love you much!
  11. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Just a quick check, the Queen is on the TM....LOL I hope you're resting today after finishing your shopping yesterday. I'm not even close to be done but I'm sure the Queen will make sure I get done this week.

    Tomorrow morning at 7:30 I have to have poor Kris at the dental surgeon to have his wisdom teeth cut out. The rest of the day I will be home with him, can't leave him alone so mama can go shop to her hearts content without me....

    Glad Michaela has her 'grandma' Angel driving around with Donna, these kids need all the help they can get. I can't wait til spring. With Kris going to this new school he is alot farther away from home now so sure as heck it'll snow to beat the band this year!

    Ok, she's done, gotta run, dang I'm tired, couldn't sleep last night crawled out at 2 and couldn't even get on the computer since she stays in here....LOL Hope you're holding up, think January 2nd over and over and over!

    Love ya!
  12. dononagin

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    Micaela is at the dentist with her girlfriend right now who is having all of her wisdom teeth out! Geez! Is this the day for it or what!
    I had mine cut out at 14.. horrible experience! I hope Kris gets through this ok... He is going to be pretty miserable for a few days..
    Helen just called the initial results are back from Maddys MRI - Her brain is growing and some of the abnormalities are lessening but still, the neuro said it is a very MINOR improvement and not to get too excited about it. But for us any improvement at all is a miracle.
    She couldn't get her lumbar puncture. Helen said with 5 grown adults holding her down they still couldn't get it. They stuck her 6 times and came out with nothing but blood. Poor baby was traumatized. They wouldn't put her out for it.
    She has to have her nuclear tests next week so they are going to try to get the lumbar puncture while she is unconcious for that. Helen said because of all the meds she is on and how her brain reacts to sedation they have to special order sedatives for her. It's $5000. a dose everytime they put her under. You realize this baby just turned 4 and she has already been put under at least 10 times! Oh my heart aches for her. Helen said she has handprints all over her from the adults trying to hold her down. She kept arching her back..
    It's after 5 and I am just now getting to the board today. I'm so tired of this place. My back is getting worse by the day. My fingers go numb now if I have my keyboard above waist level. If I'm driving they go numb. I'm really pretty sure that surgury is waiting around the corner.
    Make sure you keep the queen calm for a few days, your going to need to be there for your boy. Usually it takes about 3 days to feel ok. I'll be saying a prayer for him.
    Love you..
  13. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Just poppin in to see how your boy is doing.. hope all is well!
  14. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    trying to get a quick check in... I'm dead girl walking.....LOL Kris did ok, they called me back to recovery and he held his hand up and grabbed ahold of my hand and held on for dear life until they let me take him home. Almost made me cry. He has chipmunk cheeks right now but over all he has taken it very well. I had mine out in my 20's and had to go straight back home and take care of a 5 and 2 year old.... I remember it well.... AWFUL!

    Maddy has been through more in her short little life that I have in my 49 years I think. My heart goes out to that little girl. Makes my stomach hurt to think of all those people trying to hold her down, she had to have been terrified. I hope to God they get that puncture when she is out for the nuclear tests. Minor improvements are IMPROVEMENTS and we'll gladly take them and say YAY and thank you God no matter what the doctor says!

    Donna maybe surgery will be the answer of getting you out of that place, at least for a while. You're scraping bottom and making yourself worse daily. You're running on willpower alone right now, you're one tough broad but something has got to give and SOON !!!

    Not done shopping here yet, being home with Kris threw me behind. Yesterday was a marathon day but still not done. Sigh....

    Tj and girlfriend stopped down last night and informed me that I am to be a grandma again... insert another sigh here. They got an apartment together yesterday. She has a four year old son herself so I have two more to go buy for today. I sure hope this works out, he has only known her two months, what an idiot. If it doesn't work out his paycheck is gone totally to two women... BUT I am not going to stress over this. I'm telling myself that anyway...LOL

    Ok, onward and upward. My great aunt who is 96 is in the hospital so we're heading there first thing today and on from there. Still working on daughter's bathroom in the evenings... it doesn't end! Hope things quiet down for you soon and I'll check back when I can, love ya girl and think of you daily.... XOXO
  15. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    I think we kinda knew that was comin.. Oh well... another baby to love.. Hope it works for KC this time.
    Just poppin in quick. Busy as heck trying to get done and get out of here! I'm actually off for the next THREE days!! Holy Moly!!
    Gosh.. if I can just sleep in tomorrow all is well!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that Santa is good to you!!
    Much love, Donna
  16. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Three days off, I'll catch you next week, Merry Christmas!

    Love you girl,
  17. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Just poppin in to check on you! Hope your christmas was wonderful and your enjoying time with Mom and the kiddies..
    Getting ready for the New Years Gala here.. ugh! Someone stole my candelabras!! They are like 4 feet tall and wrought iron.. How the heck?? They have been in our wearhouse so now when I need them they are gone! So I just sent one of my new rookies to fresno to get dripless candles for our little candelabras.. not near the impact but I guess they will have to do.. Anyway, I'm up to my elbows in party hats and blowers..
    All of Maddys tests came out good!!!! YEAH!!
    I'll check in soon..
    love you much
  18. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Just a quick check-in. Poor mom finally got home last night. She left Friday but got caught in all the tornados in Dallas and they canceled her flight. What a mess and boy the worry!!

    Wonderful news on Maddy!!! Thank you God!

    Kacey is to be a dad again too, sigh. Busy year for babies in this family, first week of August is when Gina is due. Tj and Sarah haven't had their doctor appt. yet so not sure of her due date but probably around the same time. Guess I'll spend the winter making blankies....

    Gotta run, heading to the grocery this morning for my pork roast and sauerkraut, need all the good luck I can get. Dave heads back to work next Wednesday so I'll be around more after that. I hope you have a few days off after this busy week-end!

    Happy new year and love ya! XOXO
  19. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    I forgot about your pork roast and sourkrout.. jeez where did this year go!!
    I'm still playing catch up from the holiday.. I need to hybernate for the rest of the winter I'm thinking.
    Gosh, your poor mother! How scary for her.. Glad she is home safe! I'm trying to get un-buried from the holidays.. Seems like I haven't been able to even catch my breath in this office since before thanksgiving!
    My assistant had her baby on New Years eve... Awwwwwww... just in time for a tax deduction!
    Just checking in quickly!! Got to get back at it.
    Love you much.. Blankies are a good idea!
  20. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Kris went back to school yesterday and Dave goes back to work this morning.... maybe I can get things under control again now.

    Kacey and Gina are due on Aug.1st, not sure about Tj and Sarah yet, she hasn't had her appt. I was already working on a blanket for a friend, thought I had several months to complete it so now I'm in high gear to get it done.... LOL Kacey wants to know what he's having so I'm going to hang back on starting his until he finds out. Tj doesn't want to know, so he says now, so his will be neutral baby colors I guess. I wish Kacey would have his boy and Tj his girl then they could both quit!

    I bet you are so happy the holidays are over. Do things calm down a little around there now? Is your assistant, Beki isn't it, coming back after her maternity leave? Have you scheduled a vacation for this year yet? You need at least a month straight!!!

    Ok, I'm off to the TM, I think my dad might be in town this morning for a doctor appt and he never calls first so I'm going to fool him and be ready for him.... so watch him not come up LOL

    Have a good day, by the way how is Joe getting along these days, still so much pain?

    Love ya!

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