Oh well didn't get to do what I needed to do today

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    I had to take my Mom to the doctor yesterday as she was feeling dizzy and sick to her stomache, And light headed.Then we went to the hospital for the blood tests and then came home.

    Today we were going to go to teh SS office so that I could verify my self to them for my disability claim. AS I have not done that yet, For some strange reason I was not going to send my SS card , Birth Cert. And DL to them thru the mail. What do I want my identiy stolen? NO .

    But it was raining really hard today so we didn't go and Mom needed to be home to get the results of the blood work she had done yesterday, They are all normal except for her slight anemia. Every thing else is just normal.

    I need to know if my birth certificate is legal now. I was born in florida and when we moved to Utah when I was just 6 months old Mom got a cope of my birth certificate .

    IT is a small green paper that states my name and date of birth and which county I was born in as well as the cite of my birth. But there are NO parents on it. And then it is incased in plastic.

    It is the orginal one that my Mom brought from Florida ,but Utah has changed what is concered a legal certificate and it has to have the state seal that is raised on it as well as being on paper that is tri colored and mine is nothing like that.

    So I might have to send to Florida for a new one. And hope that it fits UTahs requrements.

    I was going to take the old one with me today but since it was so nasty I did n't go. And I still don't know if I am going to try to take it and see if it is ok to use as proof of my birth .

    I would just like a break. Things are just to stressfull for me this past few months. I am upset that my really good pain doctor is havning some legal problems and they are really bad. I don't want to go into details as I have before.

    I just pray that he is inocent of the charges , and I will not have to find New doctor and as we only have one here in the town I live in that belives in pain treatment with pain meds. I will have to go out of town and that means at least a hours drive away from me now.

    And then I have to find a doctor who belives in pain treatment with narcoitic pain meds. And it is hard to find a doctor that is good and treats you well and that you like and get along with .
    Some one who you can trust and will not break that trust.

    But if I have to I will find a new doctor and a good one at that. Just pray that all will go right for my doctor and that he is found to be truthful and honest in all his actions.

    I just want my doctor to be my doctor and to have the best care I can get where I live. I am so tired and hurting to night. I am not one who likes the cold weather and it does not like me . So tonight is not so good for me.

    I feel like I have been flattened by the diesal train engiane that is clicking out side my house. I feel like the whole train has run over my body and then that mack truck ran over it as well.
    MY arms ache , wirst throbs, back burns and keeps zapping me with electric shocks that go down my butt cheeks and in to my legs.
    I maybe 50 but feel some where closer to 80 maybe even 90 tonight. My life has chaged much over the years. From being a child who's legs ached so badly to a teen ager that had female problems so bad that I had surgeries at a young age. TO a mother trying to take care of her kids after having a hysterectomy at 34. Now at my age I am playing with my grand son who weighs more than I should be lifting. And my daughter is expecting another baby in Jan 07 a little girl this time. I just want to be a good grandma who is albe to play with her grandkids and be a good mom to my daughters even though they are married and over 20.

    OH well I am takeing up too much space. I will stop whinning now. LIfe could be worse,

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