Oh, What A Day I Have Had Today!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JLH, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. JLH

    JLH New Member

    What a day today!!!

    To begin with, I was already beat. I am in in pain all over--that pinched nerve in my back is killing me, I am so very weak, and I really needed to hibernate from the world for at least a week. I had such a bad week all last week--

    * two deaths in our family--you know what emotional stress that is, and the physical stress of sitting at the viewing for 3-4 hours on those two evenings, and the family gatherings after the funeral itself. You can identify with just one-word explanations: stiff, pain, weak, tired, headache, feet, back, sleep, laundry, house, yada, yada, yada!

    * one doctor appt. I had to wait for 4 hours before I got to go back to the little exam room where I waited another hour. Then he gripes to me about losing weight and I would feel better, he wants me to go to physical therapy for my pinched nerve in my back - I'm going to try it, but I'm in so much pain I can't even move my leg and stand up!

    * my feet, ankles, legs, and hands have been so swollen for the last few weeks. My feet especially. Went to an new endo week before last. It's not my heart--lungs are clear, he's checking my kidneys and lots of other stuff. My feet are so swollen I can't get any of my shoes on and have to wear my son's flip-flop type sandles. My feet are red on the top from being so swollen and hurt to touch them. I pray that I'm not getting diabetic neuropathy in them.

    NOW TODAY .....

    I was resting with my feet propped up to help the swelling.

    Then my oldest daughter and her hubby and 2 sons come in--to stay for dinner. Her and my hubby determine that THEY will cook out for all of us. (I had fixed a big pot of fresh-out-of-the-garden green beans yesterday -- and hubby even strung them for me!)

    Then my 75 yr old mother calls and daughter tells her to come on up because we are cooking out!

    Daughter brought over her dog, a little Yorkie who doesn't like my cat. They chased each other through the house.

    After kids had eaten, they went to back porch (which is built in like a room, but we still call it a back porch). They spot a lizard that crawled in under the back door some how (Ugh!!!!!!). The moved stuff out of the way, knocked stuff over, etc. trying to catch it.

    You would have thought they were chasing a 24 caret gold snake or something! They were yelling for us to bring them something to catch it in. Excitement galore!!!!! One came in, grabbed the cat and put her under the table out there to see if she would get it, but their actions scared off the cat!

    The oldest grandson finally caught it--swept in this micro-mini dust pan with the mini-dust broom and dumped in in this hat and ran outside with it. He didn't want it killed and then yelled for a jar to put it in to keep.

    When everyone finally left, I sat down to relax again.

    Next time I went to back porch, I noticed that the dog had peed all over the floor. He does this someplace in my house every single time he is here, to retaliate against my cat! Had to bend over (yuck! my aching back) and clean this all up.

    Everyone left before kitchen was cleaned up because a thunderstorm was coming. Left me with the mess to clean up.

    Had to rest first. Couldn't count on husband to help me--remember he wouldn't clean up the bathroom after it overflowed and I wanted to flush his head down the toilet!!

    I thought I had put lids on everything, covered everything so cat would not get in it. However, one leftover hamburger patty was left out somewhere. Yep, heard cat making a noise, and come in a find only 1/2 of hamburger left on kitchen floor.

    An hour later, cat is vomiting on kitchen carpet. Ugh AGAIN! Now my aching back has to clean up cat puke!

    Well, I thought NEXT Sunday was going to be hard on me because that is my family reunion that is out of town.

    I think it will be a blessing to get out of my house and go to it now -- at least I won't have to worry about LIZARDS, DOG PEE, AND CAT VOMIT!!!!!

    Hoping for a better week. (I have to go to my mothers--45 min. drive--tomorrow to pay her bills that I was supposed to do last week, and my car is leaking oil, too!!)

    Hugs to you all ....
  2. Toga

    Toga Member

    I'm sorry but I laughed and laughed about your day with the kids, grandkids, dog, cat, and lizard.

    It sounds like my house. I cannot tell you how many animal messes and grandkid messes and even daughter and son-in-law messes I've cleaned up.

    But lets look at this way. They wanted to come over and see us. I just wish we all felt well enough to really enjoy all the chaos.

  3. rigby

    rigby New Member

    Yours sound so like mine. I was put on bed rest so I could not go to nephews wedding was so sad but son was in and have him and his friends then daughter and kids came and stayed the night had no food couldnot go to store husband came in what a mess so glad when everyone left. My son is here till Wednesday so daughter stated she would be back on Wednesday. So tired what does bed rest really mean. Hugs to everyone for getting through another weekend.
  4. CFIDSNicole

    CFIDSNicole New Member

    Woah! You had quite the circus today, didn't you? I sincerely hope you get some well-deserved rest sometime soon. I hope you recover okay.

    Take care,
  5. Sue50

    Sue50 New Member

    Ohh my, I live alone and can't even imagine what it must have been like for you today, Hope you can get some rest and de-stress before you start the week.
  6. splooofy

    splooofy New Member

    Isin't it all wonderful! It sounds so much like my house. I am glad to have all the excitement. It kinda make me feel loved and like a real family. I wouldn't have it any other way. It is always nice for the calm after the storm. Then you can reflect and laugh. What good memories.
  7. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    I awoke yesterday thinking I would have a calm restful day but my husband called my son and DIL to come over to eat. Niece came by with great niece(14) and great-great niece(4 mos.) so I needed to visit with them and I couldn't start cooking right away. Step daughter appeared with grandsons (9 and 5) running around like wild Indians, getting into candy, etc. Niece brigade finally leaves. stepdaughter takes grandsons to birthday party. Son and DIL appear and say, We thought lunch would be ready!
  8. Mar19

    Mar19 New Member

    Oh my goodness! I started aching just from reading your post!

    I've been in a monster flare -- pain off the charts, so I'm empathizing w/you big time. OUCH!

    I pray you get some good rest time in. Put those toostsies up and relax, you more than deserve it.

    Love & stuff
  9. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Sunday was really a zinger!!! Today I had to travel to my mother's to take care of her business for the month -- write all of her checks for her, some money business at the bank, etc.

    My feet almost look like footballs!!! Are footballs purple and red?????

    Back to my wild day yesterday (Sunday) .... I really don't think I would have it any other way. I enjoy my family in and all of the excitement, except for the fact that I am no longer able to clean up after everyone. My daughter "normally" cleans up, except everybody left early yesterday due to the thunderstorm on its way.

    When our children were growing up, our house used to be the house that everyone congregated at. We always had extra kids on Friday and Saturday nights and more often during the summertime. My son's lifetime best friend calls me "Mom" and would sometimes come home from college (he went to the same one as my son) and hide his truck in our back yard and stay here--because he didn't want to go home.

    I'm used to all the activity and feeding everybody, but now, IT IS nice for the calm after the storm, and yes, then I can reflect and laugh. I'll treasure all the memories I had with my house going wild!!!!

    But right now, I can only handle it if people help me and help clean up.

    But .... we've had some unusual time here!

    Like the time one of our cows got struck by lightning during a thumderstorm ......

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