OH yeah, another question on a big lump I have

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JaciBart, May 17, 2003.

  1. JaciBart

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    I have this egg sized lump under my left arm, there is a lymph gland there if memory serves me correctly, the right one is fine but the left one has been steadily growing for several months now, just really felt it this am & compared it to the right so I guess I just looked at it all the time & thought it was just a big ole bunch of fat appearing there as well as other places.

    What do those usually turn out to be for us???

  2. fibrorebel

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    Is it painful at all? When that happened to me it ended up getting painful (like a pulled muscle), and went to the doc. I ended up with an infection in the lymph glands and it also caused a lump on the other side before I was through. He put me on an antibiotic and I had to do epsom salt soaks almost hourly. It was awful! Figured out when it happened again that it was due to my using deoderant(they all have aluminum in them), and when my body tried to eliminate the toxins the deoderant trapped it and caused the infection. Hope this helps, definately tell Madwolf about it on Monday though. love, Rebel
  3. JaciBart

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    Yes, it is rather sensitive to touch it, I will tell Madwolf. How in the heck do we know if we have an infection when we feel like crap all the time?????

    I will dump the problem into his very capable hands, that is what he makes the big bucks for right?????

  4. Mikie

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    Get this checked out ASAP. Lumps in the armpits may be nothing or something serious. We should always get new symptoms checked out and not assume it's part of our illnesses.

    Love, Mikie
  5. patchwork

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    get it checked out TOMORROW just in case. Hope it turns out to be nothing,
    Love Patchwork
  6. coyote

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    about it right away.
    I had one that turned out to be necrotized (dead) tissue. It had to be taken out. No big deal. The doctor didn't know why or how it formed, but it's gone now.