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  1. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Hey Girlee!! How ya doin??
    Gosh! Seems like I've been off the board forever!
    First day back to work.. 1164 e-mails Holy Moly!! Mostly spam but has taken me all morning to weed through..
    haven't even started the voice mails yet!

    Soooo.. I'm Married!! Don't even know where to begin.. talk about stress! Joe and I were both having anxiety attacks from Friday morning till after the ceremony.. If I had to sum it all up in one word though I would have to say it was very emotional.. Haven't got our pictures back yet.. but do a yahoo search for perry cooper photography.. he has a few pictures on the front page of his web site. Precious.. Joe's dad wiping away his tears.. Anyway I'll send ya a bunch soon as I get them from the photographer.. hope they came out! They took like a zillion pictures! I'm exhausted.. Joe's sister did the ceremony.. she was so emotional she forgot to have us say I do!
    All went pretty well though.. My daughters were definatly the life of the party.. both of my step daughters came as well.. Helen got pretty well plastered.. she was funny though..not sloppy.. fun, fun, fun..
    Vegas was great.. didn't come back rich but Joe kept winning small amounts to keep us going. I think the biggest Jackpot he won was 150 but he kept winning little ones over and over so we didn't come back completly broke..
    I think the second night in Vegas we were asleep by 7:30.. I felt bad but dang I was just exhausted.. Joe's like... " don't worry.. what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!" He kept useing that line every time a cocktail waitress would come by.. He'd say he ordered a beer and here she would come back with Perrier water..
    Yup.. he managed to get through the wedding and 5 days in Vegas still sober..
    I'll check back in later.. I'm thouroughly swamped!! So time to play catch up now.. Hope all is well in your world..
    love ya!
  2. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Just sent you an email, just happened to jump on here to see if you'd been around and low and behold I get my first photo... made my day!

    I've been thinking about you daily and wondering how much fun you were having, toasted you when you were saying 'I do' by the way. I'm so glad to hear that Helen got to kick up her heels, she needs a break now and then and what better time then mama's wedding...LOL

    Glad you're home and not totally broke. Wasn't sure you'd be back today since it's Labor Day. Dave has been off since mom left on Saturday so I haven't had a break yet and I'm about to crash.... so anyway, I'll try to check in tomorrow, Weds. for sure!

    Love ya Mrs. S and glad you're back safe and sound and jeez I really like that picture !!!!!
  3. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Where are you? I'm dyin today, I'm gonna kill Dave if he doesn't get back to work soon. I haven't had a break since mom hit town on Aug.12th and my legs are killing me. The rain isn't helping. We just finished two big bags of jalepeno poppers for the freezer then I chased him to the garage to change the oil in my car... hope it takes 6 or 10 hours...LOL I'll be back manana! Love ya..
  4. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Off work yesterday! Joe had Micaela and I up at 5:30am to go to the swap meet.. ugh! I wish I could teach that man how to sleep in!
    Bad day yesterday. We had to put Toro down- (Joe's American Pit Bull)..
    He hasn't done well since that heat wave and yesterday he finally reached a point that he was so weak he couldn't even stand. We have had him on baby food lamb and pediolite since last Friday but he just kept going down hill. He had parvo a few years ago and it left him with a bad heart..
    Anyway my big man was so emotional it was just heart wrenching..
    Trying to get caught up on work today. I'm off tomorrow as I have a wedding Saturday and Sunday. Friday, Sat and Sun will all be at least 12 hour days.. ugh.
    Girl, we both need everyone to just go away so we can sleep a few days! I know how you feel.. I'm dragging my butt so bad..
    Talk to you soon!! XOX
  5. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Did you finally get a day to rest.. or did ya crash and burn..
    Spent half my day off in bed with another migrane yesterday, woke up this morning with a big ol stye in my eye.. Glamorous!!
    So.. I'm in my office with sun-glasses on.. Had to come in.. two rehearsals today..
    Hope you are resting and not sick.. I'm sure the last few weeks have had to catch up with you by now.. Love ya
  6. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Just draggin butt bigtime! Dave worked one dang day and ended up with yesterday off so I didn't get a chance to get on here. Thankfully they called him to work today or I would have severely hurt him by now!

    So sorry to hear about Toro. It's so hard to lose a dog, we still miss Angel every day and it's been over two years. We have an angel concrete statue and a butterfly bush growing down back where she is buried. Don't know what we'll do when my big old dog Maggie goes, too big to bury unless my neighbor brings over his backhoe. Have to see what time of year I guess. What rotten timing right after the wedding too. I can't stand seeing big guys upset either.

    Suppose anyone is wonderin why you are runnin around in sunglasses? Think the migraine brought on the stye? I've had migraines so dang bad they bust veins in my eyeballs. I haven't had a migraine since I started on topamax a few months ago knock on wood!

    Two rehearsals? Jeez long day for you, long week-end PERIOD! Hope you brough xtra meds with you you're gonna need them.

    Hey, ya know your email comes in under the wrong name now....LOL Ok I'm off to make some dip for tomorrow nights buckeye football game, late game since they are playing in Texas. Pretty bad when the highlight of your life is ohio state football... sigh

    Love ya!
  7. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    so how was the game??
    Haven't had a chance to get on all weekend.. HORRIBLE weekend.. I was here Saturday from 8 in the morning till almost midnight.. group from hell..
    They were absolutly one of the worst wedding groups I have ever had. I shut down their bar at 10 and still took two hours to get them out of here.. Ya figure one of the bridesmaids was wearing a ankle monitor and her parole officer gave her permission to attend her brothers wedding.. gangsters, rednecks, every nationality and they were all out of hand!
    Then combine that with doubling back on Sunday for another wedding, and a toothache.. I'm shot. Lymph nodes are up.. running a fever.. whoopee! Flare time..
    hope you are doing good Tona.. I'll check in later if I can..
  8. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    How do these crazy butt people find the Harris Ranch to begin with? What a horrible week-end for you, I knew it was bad when I hadn't heard a peep out of you. I was afraid you were back down with a migraine again. So why are you there today after working all dang week-end! Don't you get ANY days off this week?? Did the stye go away yet? You are so run down right now that I don't even have words to try to make you feel better. Just know I'm thinking about you every day and sending up little prayers for help your way.....

    I'm not going to whine today, you don't need it. Get out of there as soon as you can, go home, jump in jammies and hit the sack.... Joe can eat cheerios, the honeymoon is over ( just kiddin )

    Love ya and when you feel better update me on Helen's MIL and how Micaela is doing.
  9. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Hope you have today off and you're in bed in your jammies. Raining here and I'm doing NADA today...... xoxo
  10. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Too funny.. actually he's been doing alot of Microwave burrittos lately!
    Gone the last two days... Emergency root canal on Tuesday.. crash and burn yesterday.. I feel a little better.. the root canal was a nightmare.. First they are telling me if I'm under the care of a specialist they have to have a note before they can treat me.. took me 3 hours to convince the idiots that people with fibro can have dental work done, we just have a low pain tolerance.. They made sure they tested my tolerance to the limit.. 6 hours in that stupid office..
    I'm still sore.. still tired..
    Ca. Beef council and Cattlepac here this weekend.. this is the event that we have the rodeo in the parking lot.. Yipee!! Wedding Sat.. Wedding Sun.. I think I'm taking Monday off as a floating holiday.. I'll need the rest by then..
    Hope all is good in your world.. Chris behaving??
    OH!!! JEEZZ!! Forgot to tell you.. the wild child got her licence this morning... (Say Goodbye to your car Mom...)
    She already bought steering wheel covers and air fresheners and licence plate covers with Skulls so she can turn into a teen machine.. (God help us all!! lol!)
    Gotta get caught up.. Love you!
  11. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Does that mean my man 'Sam' will be there? Jeez don't you wish. Every time I hear his voice doin that commercial I bout lose it.. ahem...

    Six hours at the dentist, yep that's enough to test anyone's pain tolerance, I can't believe the stuff you go through girl. If I didn't know better I'd think you sit around making this script up to make me laugh! Just picturing you driving your car now has me in stitches!!! Get some big dangly earrings and black lipstick for to and from work so you'll fit in...... LOL LOL

    Kris is racking up phone numbers at the new school. Last count was 12 or was it 15, can't keep up. Still working every day after school and all day on Saturday and most of these girls live in 'burgs north of here so he hasn't asked to go see any of them.... YET. His poor little truck won't handle a lot of road trips.

    Rained here for two solid days. My fms turned into sls.. screaming leg sydrome. Be nice if they would find a cure for all this misery and we'd all have our lives back. I'd probably scare my family to death if I woke up with my 'right' mind !!! LOL LOL LOL

    Floating day Monday sounds good... how about a floating week? Tell them Monday didn't float back in time for Tuesday. Joe makin any bucks on Ebay or did he give that up? Speaking of floating the critters are looking at me a little 'full' in the face so guess I'd best head them out the door.... again. Glad you checked in, was worried you had run off with Sam!

    Love ya and hope you feel better soon!
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  12. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    You know that ad!! My GM has it on a bumper sticker on the back of his SUV..
    I'm not suprised Chris is rackin up the phone numbers.. He is a cute boy.. Maybe it's a good thing we don't live too close.. Micaela would be talking him into getting getting Piercings!
    Nope.. Sam's not coming.. : (
    It looks like rain here too!! I'm gonna laugh my butt off if these cowboys have to rodeo in the rain tomorrow! I'm feeling it in the joints.. Do you get restless leg syndrome Tona?? Gosh.. we are too young to feel like this..
    I'm heading home.. I got excused from doing the dinner tonight but have to be in early tomorrow..
    Umm.. my favorite cowboy is here.. he was one of my grooms 6 years ago. He is a cattle auctioneer.. great guy and cute as they come. I'm trying to think of someone worthy to fix him up with. His bride cheated on him... stupid girl.. he was a catch!
    I don't think I'm going to have to worry about the skulls.. It's Micaelas car now.. Mom is driving Joe's new Durango!! lol.. wonder how long to he finds me another car!
    Ok.. I'll check in tomorrow.. hope you have a good night!
    Love ya
  13. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Ok, so if Micaela has your car and you have Joe's durango... what does poor old Joe have? If he has to hitchhike to the feedlot I bet it won't take him long to get you a new car...LOL He'd best be sellin bigtime on Ebay SOON !!

    Cowboys...Rodeos... yum yum. Dang girl you get to see all the cuties, and meet them too. I take it the parking lot must be pretty big to be able to hold a rodeo. So will all the women employees have their noses pressed up against windows watching? LOL Hopefully the weddings won't be as awful as last week-end??? If so shut the bar down at EIGHT!

    Dave is off this week-end, he put in 12 hours days all week so already has his overtime in. Probably start emptying out deck flower pots and putting things away for the winter. I hate this time of year. The garden is almost done. Still have some peppers to make into poppers this week-end and some tomatoes still out there but that's about it for the year... sigh. This year has flown by. Seems like yesterday we were talking about how many months it was til your wedding!!

    Well that durn old TM is calling my name, put it off long enough. I'll check back later and see if your tooth is feeling any better. Oh, the restless leg thing, I don't think I have it. The way I read that it's a 'got to move my legs this second' feeling and mine just really hurt and ache and scream continuouslly so I don't think that's it do you? I know my lortab and muscle relaxers don't seem to do much but I think my body is just used to those medicines now, oh well......

    xoxo !!
  14. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    this year really has flown huh!
    Joe is driving his Acura.. The durango was his day off toy.. too high of gas millage to drive all the time with us being out here in the sticks! I don't really want to drive it as it's his baby and if I scratch it or anything I'll never here the end of it.. I liked my little car!
    Tona.. gosh.. I wish I had time to make up stories! My life is too insane on it's own.. I'm really tired today and this is hell day. Cattlepac is like childbirth.. we only do it every other year because if we remembered how bad it was we would never do it again! They have been hauling in hay bales since 5am.. The rodeo is set up.. It's a small thing just cattle sorting.. The chef is already bar-b-queing tri-tip out there.. I'll have to send you pictures of this it's amazing what they put together for one day.. then tear down for a wedding tomorrow!
    Luckily both weddings this weekend are very small.. so hopefully it won't be too bad.
    I do get rls here and there.. don't get that much pain in my legs though.. but my hip joints and feet are brutal!
    Ok, I better get back in there.. I'm hiding out for a few minutes!
  15. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Just checking in to see you if you made it through Cattlepac? What time did you finally escape? Now you have two years til you have to put up with it again and who knows girly maybe you won't be there next time... so did it all go without a hitch... LOL Really enjoyed seeing all the pictures, specially the cowboys!!

    Not much going on here. Dave is off today so I think it's grocery store this morning and then our Buckeyes are playing an early game today (12:30) and don't know what we're doing after that. Tomorrow is make up more poppers for the freezer day. Doesn't all this sound exciting?

    Just now trying to break daylight, foggy as all get out again today. Supposed to go up to 80 but cooling back down the first part of the week. Fall is really here, won't be long til I'll be lugging wood for that %*^@+ stove again... sigh I hate winter.

    How is Helen's MIL doing? Helen doing ok? Hope you survived the night and hope the weddings are easy today girlfriend. I'm still thinking about all that food, and gosh the desserts !!! YUM YUM....

    Love ya...
  16. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Your day sounds perfect! I'm dragging my butt with both hands this morning.. I was out of here by 10.. but am still just exhausted.. There is just so much set up work for this event that I feel like I got hit by a truck..

    This morning I've had hung-over cowboys roaming the halls looking for their cow-hides they bought at the auction.. etc.. Dr. Burt was trying to show me how to rope this morning.. (Good connection!! I just found out this morning that he is a specialist at Stanford Hospital!) I've know Dr. Burt for years through these events but for some reason I had thought he was a vet.. I guess the whole cowboy connection. Little Madisyn has all of her specialty visits at Stanford!

    Helen's MIL is hanging tough.. still day to day on the second amputation.. in and out of the hospital..
    I talked to Helen last night, Maddy is going back to the Neuro on Thursday. Her therapist thinks she is regressing and her ataxia (shaking) is getting worse.. We will see what they say.. Sigh....

    Micaela is making Joe a nervous wreck with her licence.. She went bowling last night with her girlfriends.. He was pacing when I got home because she was 10 minutes late..
    It wouldn't be so bad but the kids have to drive a good 45 minutes to get to a real town.. He was mad at me because I wasn't freaking out..
    Poor Micaela! I told him we have to let her grow up! He says can't we do it when she turns 18???

    I've got a wedding tasting at 11, rehearsal at 2, wedding at 5:00 and hope and go home and crash by 8 or 9...
    I'm on my second pain-pill this morning just to function..

    It's cooling down here to Tona.. We are supposed to be in the high 70's today.. Won't be know time I'll be complaining about my raynaulds kickin up! I can't even imagine goin out in the snow for the wood!!!

    Oh gosh.. you would never know cattle pac even happened last night! The boys had the whole place cleaned up and back together by 8 this morning!! Crazy!

    ok.. I guess I better do some work..
    Love ya
  17. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Did you make it through your busy Saturday? Is today any easier?? I hope anyway! I can't believe how quick they can do a turnover there, wow the manpower involved to do it must be unreal! I just want some of the leftover food.....

    Let me know when you hear about Maddy. Do you think he/she will do any testing right then or just set something up? Poor sweetie has been through so much as has Helen but both of them are fighters Donna, must get that from YOU!

    Poor old Joe...lol. Freakin over ten minutes is a bit much but he'll get used to it... hopefully, tee hee. Thank God for cell phones! Kris has a prepaid phone so when he comes up with the 'I'm out of minutes' excuse when he's going somewhere I say that's ok take mine..... no outsmarting the MAMA. It's hard letting them go but jeez I was married at Kris's age.... hard to believe now. I just hope Micaela doesn't get in a wreck like Kris did and screw up her insurance, it's high enough as it is for teenagers!

    I hate this time of year, I have LEAVES in my front yard this morning. It seems like they just grew back. I went downtown to the farmers market yesterday to see Mr. Nealy for some corn and he said that was the last corn for the season, I wanted to grab him and say 'Say it aint so'!! I bought two dozen ears and that's what we're having today, corn pigout day, tomato slices and jalepeno slices. This means summer is officially over. WAAAAAAAA !! Ok enough whining from me, I'm off to the tm, when are you off this week?

  18. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Oh Tona.. This weekend was awful! Saturday a prissy mean bride.. (I mean I had to talk the groom into marrying her after she cussed him out on his cell phone for being 5 minutes late!)

    Sunday, the bride was sweet but the mother of the groom was a horror!! I felt bad for my crew.. We had the same crew on both weddings and it ticks me off to see guests mistreat them.. Both of these groups had a handfull that were just flat out rude to the crew..

    Oh well.. bad weddings come in threes.. that was three.. we should be good for a year or so!

    I'm just worn out. Sore throat, swollen glands..swollen lymph nodes.. I figured this would happen.. alway does.. I get over tired, I get sick.. just goes with the territory.

    I freaked out yesterday.. thought I lost my wallet.. I was so tired I forgot I locked in it the car so it wouldn't get stolen with all the people in my office!

    I haven't got to talk to Helen since they went to Stanford. I've been coming home so wiped out I've been pretty much going straight to bed. Everytime I've tried to call I've missed her.. Hopefully today.

    Joe is having a tough time adjusting to her driving.. He's happy though that CA. passed a new law. Kids can't have anyone in their car under 25 for the first year they have their licence and they can't drive without an adult between the hours of 11pm and 5am! Now.. do you think we are going to be able to enforce no kids in the car?? I doubt it! I would have done it anyway when I was her age and I'm sure she will too!

    Gosh,Tona.. I was thinking about that.. "thank God for cell phones..." How did our parents do it?? The challange here though is there are a lot of dead zones where you can't get reception on the country roads where she would probably need it most..

    I didn't realize you got married that young! But thinking it through you are too young for your older kids! lol!

    Helen was already married with a baby at Micaela's age.. But Helen was born an old soul.. Even as a child she was always just a super responsible person.

    Summer is over Tona.. We are doubling up on blankets at night now.. It's still hot during the day.. high 80's but it's dipping down to the low 60's at night. This is actually our only good time of year.. It goes from being too hot to too cold in a heartbeat.. We have about a month that is decent and this is it!! It does seem like this year just flew by though..

    I noticed they changed the vegetables this weekend on the weddings to grilled zucchini, Yellow squash, Red Peppers and Baby carrots.. That means fall is here.. You crack me up with your Jalapeno's.. you so should have been a Mexican!

    I'm off tomorrow, going to Fresno to see if I can pick our wedding pictures before our Anniversary! Have to bring Micaela' licence to the insurance company. Groceries.. Walmart.. the usual. Hopefully a good long nap!

    Micaela is coming here in a while. She is on the payroll for holidays so she is covered by our insurance to use the gym, so she is going to do her school work then come work out.

    I guess I better get some work done.. This would be a good day to fall asleep at my desk!

    Hope you have a great day!
    love ya

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  19. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Thought I'd check in and see if you'd been here. I figured you'd have today off after working all week-end. What's with all these awful weddings? Is there no such thing as a nice pleasant wedding anymore... jeez if I was that groom I woulda run for the hills while I had the chance!!

    Your day off sounds like it's going to be as rough as being at work... run run run. Wally world is enough to do me in for a whole day right there. By the time I get back in my car and sit down I think jeez I'm pooped and I've only been in there an hour. I have a friend that goes there with her husband and it's nothing for them to spend FOUR hours there..... they'd be hauling me out on a stretcher.....

    Waiting for David Whine.. oops, Wayne... in about an hour. We're heading to Tonya's house to look at her washer. Don't think there is much hope for it, sounds like the transmission is going out of it but maybe we're wrong. The laundry is piling up and she's freaking. At least I'll get to see my four legged granddaughter...

    Yep Donna I got married when I was a baby, 16 and I wasn't pregnant. My mom kept getting remarried and moving me around from the time I was 7, heck I never had a yearbook! I was so sick of it that when Terry said let's get married I said okey dokey. He was 18. Mom had her kid married off and she was foot loose and fancy free again at the ripe old age of 32. I didn't have Tonya until one month before I turned 18 and Tj when I was 21. We were married 10 years, still would be if he hadn't decided the secretary at work was more fun. He regretted it bigtime but life goes on.... By the time men wise up it's way too late..LOL So that's my story and I'm stickin to it. I raised them monkeys five years until I met Dave and we've been married 18 now, OMG I am OLD Donna where do the years go????

    Well enough of that boring stuff. Hey quit makin fun of them poppers. Gotta have plenty in the freezer just in case Joe comes to visit!! They have to last a whole durn year.... LOL

    Ok enough for now. Let me know when you touch base with Helen. I'm sending up the prayers for all your clan daily!

  20. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Joe is jealeous cuz I don't make poppers.. : (

    Gosh.. your family sounds like mine. My mom married 4 times and lived with one in between.. I only got to complete one year at the same school. My freshman year. Otherwise it was the same for us.. a bunch of gypsys!

    I think that is why I stayed with my ex- so long. I felt like if I didn't make it work some how I was going to wind up like Mom. Don't get me wrong, Mom was one cool lady! But I didn't want that lifestyle.

    I guess everything happens for a reason though. Even the ex's.. (our babies!)

    I'm dragging my butt today. I seriously would have called in today but one of my girls beat me too it.

    I can not get ahold of Helen! This is driving me nuts. Her cell goes straight to voice mail.. no one is anwsering at home.. Damn this kid is going to make me worry!

    Micaela has an interview today for "Del-Taco". I don't know if they have them back there.. kind of like Taco bell.. Hope she gets it she is already driving us crazy for gas money!

    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods..
    love ya!

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