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    Hi there......Has anyone on here from Ohio won their SSD? I filed in Dec. 1999 and have my last appeal coming up the end of this month with the ALJ.
    My doctor told me in the beginning they automaticaly turn you down the first 2 times and they did. In the meantime she suggested I try to get a state medical card because I didn't have money to buy the meds I needed. I did and I did. I hope that will help my case. Anyone been there done that?
    Hope to hear from ya'll
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    I'm in Circleville about 35 miles south of Columbus. I use to get my meds free same as you but sometimes it takes so long because different companies want different info ect. To get a state medicaid card you go to your county Job & Family Services, Dept of Human Resources, Welfare Office or whatever it's called in your county to apply. You have to be indigent and prove through your doctor that you're unable to work. The county office collects all your info then sends it to Columbus to a medical board or something and they make the decision based on the medical info they have. The meds are still free but if your doctor wants you to start taking something today you don't have to wait 4 to 6 weeks to get it. It also pays your doctor bills. I think I've been waiting for the ALJ for about 6 or 8 months. Can't remember for sure without getting paper work out. Good luck on your case.
    Do you have an attorney? I just received a 4 page letter from mine explaining what to expect. Some of the things it says is to talk to the Judge as you would a friend explaining why you feel you can't work but not why you feel you can't get a job. They don't care whether or not you can get a job just if you can work. Be truthfull. I'll be asked questions by the judge and maybe a doctor they will have there and maybe my attorney. My memory is so bad and sometimes my mind just goes blank or I lose my chain of thought or I have a hard time getting my sentences started so I have to make myself notes so I don't forget to tell all the important things about my condition.
    Good luck on your case.
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    Here in Ohio too.. Willoughby, outside of Cleveland. I filed and was denied twice and am waiting for an AJL hearing since April 2001. Last time I called SSA, they told me that my file was in Cleveland in the ALJ offices but has not yet been assigned to a judge.. I have an attorney and am in the process of waiting, was told it takes about 12-14 months to get a hearing. I am very nervous about the hearing cause my memory is so bad, and concentration too. and when I get nervous, it just gets out of control. I will have to take some notes with me, so that I cover everything.. that is a good idea... good luck to all.