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    In the 80's I saw a couple of female MD's at OHSU for stress-incontinence. I still recall that day as a horror. Rude they were and very insensitive. They both became angry when I could not urinate on demand while they watched. I felt abused and humiliated. I never went back. I also doubt that I would ever seek help at this facility again.

    Are there any good CFIDS docs in your neck of the woods?
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    Quanked--I'm so sorry I didn't see your post earlier. I've had a tough week. My daughter just had surgery at Shriners in Portland and as my husband had to go to France to check on another child, I've been alone. I'm doing OK but really trying not to over-do.

    I have mixed feelings about OHSU. The Movement Clinic people were downright rude and unprofessional to me. However, OHSU is where my eldest son participated in the Avonex study for MS. He felt he was treated wonderfully. OHSU also treats another son for Marfan Syndrome and he's been treated quite well.

    I also have numerous children who are seen by the CDRC which is a part of OHSU and I've been very pleased with their work. I think that the doctors and fellows at the Movement Clinic were anomaly. I can hope anyway.

    I'm considering seeing Dr. Bryant up there, who is an infectious disease specialist. OHSU is so huge, I guess it shouldn't surprise us that there are both good and lousy docs. I'm sorry you were treated poorly. By the way, I just read your profile and it sounds like we have a lot of similar interests.

    I have not found anyone in the Rogue Valley who specializes in ME/FM. I use my regular doctor and have seen all the neuros at Medford Neurological. They are the ones who sent me to the Mayo Clinic (which was the worst experience of my life). Another local neuro, Dr. Ali diagnosed me with probable spinocerebellar ataxia. Who knows? I'm awfully tired of going to doctors and getting no answers. I'm coming very close to a total acceptance of where I am.



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