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    I have had CFS for years and was doing well enough. Suddenly developed POTS/OI in Sept. The meds don't seem approriate for me- my BP is high enough so Florinef doesn't seem in order. Not sure about Beta blockers.
    Anyway, anyone have any success or luck with getting rid of or diminishing the symptoms? I can't stand for long now, heart races upon rising up, and am nauseas with headaches. Different fatigue too.
    Does Myhill or sinatra protocol help with this? ANY suggestions at all or encouragement would be great. Too sick to travel for Specialist.
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    Our Health board is not as active as our CFS/ME/FMS board. You will likely have better luck posting your question there. Our members are very knowledgeable and helpful.

    You can navigate between boards by clicking the drop down menu on the upper left hand side. Here is a direct link to the CFS board:


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