Oil of Oregano?!

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    I was wondering who has experience with this supplement and do you think it is effective against symptoms of our DDs? And, in which symptoms is it effective? I, wholeheartedly, feel very positive about the Olive Leaf Extract..but wonder in what ways the Oil of Oregano is effective or does it basically treat the same symptoms and one is interchangeable with the other..

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    dosen't work for me. I have only taken it for a couple days and stopped though. I will probably try it again, even though i've never experienced a "healing effect" from herbs, and I've tried many, many, many!
    My moto is, if western medicine can't cure it, nothing can. Many will see this as a narrow minded quote but this is only my opinion.

    I believe herbs are for the healthy. What I mean by that is that healthy people can create a more stable level of health with herbs and can gaurd off infection wit it. Kinda like multi-vitamins.......... It's a "defence system" rather than a "cure" or "treatment". Plus herbs are not FDA approved, nor are they recognized by major scientific studies. I know you're probably saying "I read an article about it" or "there was a research study done" but when it comes right down to it, the article was probably done by the company of the product or the research study consisted of only like 20 people or something. Point being neither of these would be accurate hence the bias research conducted in each case.

    I hope this dosen't offend anyone. *zipping up flame suit*
    If it works for you though, power to you!

    Peace out and God bless,

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    yes i have tried oil of oregano for 3 monthes it did nothing for me at all . But you may have good luck with it The lady at the herbal store said others have .
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    and I welcome all points of view...AND I have decided to remain open to all possibilites of recovery from these DDs..
    Thanks, Sue for the suggestions...

    ..I have observed, from many examples, that the scientific model does not often reap the best and safest treatments...
    My mother is receiving treatment, based on the scientific model, and it is almost as a bad as her disease..And what led her to getting so sick was the negligence of, a board certified doc in the specialty of this disease, who did not diagnose her, correctly, when treatment would have been a lot more effective..according to a Mayo Clinic doc..

    It still seems that trial and error is in our present, if not, future, with some degree of backup research, hopefully, that will change in the future..BUT, I think a search for the healthiest MEANS of RECOVERY is of SUPREME IMPORTANCE...

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