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    Has anyone tried Oil of Oregano for their CFS or FMS? I've read some topics on the Internet that discuss Oil of Oregano and its benefits in relieving CFS and FMS. The articles I've read indicate that Oil of Oregano is used for killing pain, as well as a wide variety of ailments such as skin conditions, fighting yeast, fungus (skin and blood-born), knocking our allergies, hay fever, and sinusitis, stopping infections (cold and flu). It is also supposed to be a natural decongestant, an anti-bacterial agent, and has anti-allergy properties. Also, according to the information I've read, Oil of Oregano Effectively Treats:

    · acne · allergies · arthritis · asthma · athlete's foot · constipation · croup · dandruff · diarrhea · digestive disturbances · insect bites · bronchitis · canker sores · colds · flu · earaches · fatigue · gum disease · parasites · headaches · menstrual irregularities · psoriasis · toenail problems · seborrhea · ringworm · rosacea · sinusitis · muscle pain · varicose veins · warts

    I have not tried it yet. I was wondering if anyone had heard of/tried this and if so, what have been the results.
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    for candida and sinus infections, I've found it very good for them. It's an excellent all round herbal anti infective.

    The purists insist that only oil from wild oregano has these therapeutic effects.

    I'm not aware of it's role in muscle pain though, perhaps I never take it long enough for that, but if the pain is due to toxins from pathogens than it would help to reduce it.

    IMHO oil of oregano is a potent and useful herbal anti infective.

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    Here are a couple of excerpts from the articles I've read:

    Obviously this one jumped right out at me.

    "Oil of oregano is antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic. It also has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects and is an ideal product to use for people who suffer from CFS and/or fibromyalgia."

    Here is another one that discusses pain.

    "Oil of oregano is a potent germ killer. Jean Valnet, in his book The "Practice of Aromatherapy", describes how oil of oregano superceded anti-inflammatory drugs in reversing pain and inflammation and is nearly as powerful as morphine as a painkiller. The oil also possesses significant antioxidant power. Furthermore, it stimulates the flow of bile, which greatly aids digestion."

    Several of these articles talk about how Oregano Oil addresses pain. albeit not all of them specifically discuss FMS or CFS. I would recommend doing a Google search (or whatever search engine you use) and reading some of these articles. In my humble opinion, anything that addresses pain is worth a try.

  4. tansy

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    again some time.

    Many of the intergrative practioners treating ME/CFS and FM concentrate on anti infectives and anti oxidants and oregano oil does both of these. I have used much stronger anti oxidants that also cross the blood brain barrier and intend taking that approach even further; it seems to be helping.

    Just a thought. If using oils to stimulate bile flow many practioners insist the liquid, not cpasule, form be used. Once I became more tolerant generally I went back to taking flax seed oil (liquid not capsules) for the omega 3 and to help my gall bladder symptoms; it worked.

    Oregano oil is thought to be absorbed and subsequently work best when taken with other oils; olive oil is a favourite and is oftern incuded in oregano oil capsules.

    As with many herbs and supps you need to research this, ask questions as you have, and then decide if it is worth trying. If I go my my gut feelings I'm more successful than if persuaded against my better judgement, the only exception to this being hypercoagulaiton. Dealing with that has finally allowed other supps and herbs to work so much better.


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    Capsules are usually "enteric coated" so it won't cause tummy pain. Don't put the pure oil in your mouth.
  6. tansy

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    is indeed very srong stuff.

    I use mine in enteric coated capsules, it's not stated as wild oregano but it works.

    There are far better remedies for GB problems and to encourage good bile flow but oregano oil is excellent for treating a wide range of pathogens.

  7. jadibeler

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    I paid $30 for a bottle of Oil of Oregano liquid 3 months ago but I've been afraid to start it! Just chicken, I guess. I read so many posts about how badly it burns the mouth & stomach. However, after this review of all the things it's good for, I think I'll bite the bullet and start taking it. The allergies and sinus problems are killing me!

    Question for those who do take it - empty stomach or with food??

  8. tansy

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    and take it with food. At a later date you can experiment with different timings. This is a potent herb so is best treated with repsect. I always take mine after a meal but others may suggest otherwise.

    Oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract and olive leaf extract are all excellent anti infectives. Unlike meds the actions of these herbs are more holistic, hence the info on the first post about all oregano oil's properties.

    The more I learn the therapeutic actions of many herbs the more impressed I become.

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    It was suggested to me that I take oregano oil for mycoplasma infection. I took a one time high dose over 24 hr. period. I am not suggesting anyone do this.........but I was told it would kill all the parasites and their eggs.

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    I buy all my herbs dried from Greece, its so cheap and I put the oregano on meat, feta cheese with olive oil, beef tomatoes - its wonderfull and very good for you, its got rid of my soriasis, rosecea, and my pre-menstural probs!

    Best wishes