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    I think we discussed this somewhat before, maybe it was Julie who brought it up....I'd like to talk more about it, but will continue later. jam
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    Jam - Yes, it was Julie and Spring Water who both have tried it. Not sure if they still do it or not. Somehow I can't get myself to do so but maybe one of these days. I just can't imagine keeping it on ones mouth for so long - 20 minutes or so I think it is. Wonder if it really has helped anything. I have a problem also with gag reflex so not sure I would be able to do it long enough to be worthwhile or not.

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    I've been reading more about Oil Pulling and will be using Coconut Oil, 1t to 1T is recommended..and if one can't keep it in mouth for 20 min do what you can and spit out...swish around.....there is a lot to read about it and it sounds pretty healthy all in all, getting bacteria, etc from the mouth.....I like Nutivia Organic Coconut Oil the best and I use it for about everything......

    I've also started to make my own toothpaste, this way no sugars or chemicals in the TP...In a small jar I use a good amount of baking soda, add a good dolop of coconut oil and add maybe drops of peppermint oil or myrrh tincture, whatever one has for flavor if you want.... make a paste from it and brush away. I will do this tonight for the first time and see how my mouth feels when I wake up, it could be interesting.

    Some folks on the DMSO group I'm involved with do this oil pulling and TP making....
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    Well, I think I have a nice new CLEAN Toothpaste, this is the least of all my costs, but I like the idea of no chemicals, etc. in a 2oz jar I use about 2T Coconut Oil, about 1/2t Baking Soda and about 3 drops Anise oil....so nice and my teeth and mouth feel so clean and fresh. I will experiment with oils as I have a few others but the Anise is so nice.....

    I will do the oil pulling at night before going to bed....it's ok to do it for 5 min or so and less oil in the mouth....I've been talking to others who do this.... work up with timing as one goes along.

    I've been working on staying out of dentist office, but broke down and will get a cleaning next week as dentist agreed to $65 vs their usual $100+....keeping my own teeth and gums clean and healthy will keep me out of their office...
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    Diane, I have a bunch of links, but I could not open them...so a friend said check:
    baking soda abrasive index....

    I sent you an email...

    I have a strong reflux constitution, just a strong old bird am I.....I'm so much like my mom as I age, even using the rubbing alcohol on my legs now, my mom did that remembering her and all the OA she lived with....but I'm buying the wintergreen alcohol and adding 2-3 aspirin to it, she was not that advanced BACK THEN.....ha ha....the wisdom of the net....
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    Just reading some links on Baking Soda and teeth, here is just one:


    Reading some blogs on baking soda and teeth health and hearing people's comments on their lifelong use of BS for keeping their teeth healthy, somewhere along the way it was said that BS is abrasive and the word kept going...there are probably 100's of TP brands and they all want us to buy their brand. a box of WFoods Karlin's Baking Soda costs $1 and lasts for eons..and best to use a soft brush and a smidge of BS each time one brushes....
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    Julie, that baking soda "scare" got started a long time ago and has kept up...there is SO MUCH info on the benefits of BS and mouth and gum and teeth health....BS is good for so much...

    One person talks about how she swishes her mouth every day with 1/2t BS or more and clean water for a clean fresh mouth.....

    Do a search if you want to, there is so much out there. Baking soda benefits would be a starter to google....jam

    I'm on a DMSO group and these people are so into natural remedies....love it.
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    Since I started the Oil Pulling, the molar issue I've had for going on 4 yrs is getting
    even better, Coconut oil is what I use and it's an anti bacterial and anti fungal
    oil....I'm starting with a 3/4t CO and doing it for about 5 min or more and spitting
    it out,,,amazing how good my mouth feels and the molar issue area. I'll work up
    with dose and time with time..

    I'm so happy to be saving this tooth and major dental work and expense....

    And my teeth are so MUCH whiter and cleaner feeling all in all...the CO seems to melt away any plaque that can be building up.
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    I just gave my 87 yr old neighbor a big Oil Pulling lesson, she read a lot of sites and is
    flabbergasted with all the possibilities of this "old" protocol...she is also working
    on saving a tooth from extraction...HOPE it works for her...she has been doing
    a lot of remedies and will add this one.... I too am working on a problem tooth
    and finding OP to be helping....I've done 3 so far.

    She will make her own CO toothpaste too.

    My friend does not own a computer, so this info is all new to her, but
    she is very thankful and will hop right to it.
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    Just talked to my neighbor I mention above, and after 2 "pulls"
    says her teeth are much whiter...so she's sold and our hope
    is for the pain in the tooth as we both have a tooth to "save"...
  11. jaminhealth

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    Just talked to my neighbor and she is reporting a
    lessening in acid reflux since doing OP...

    I had the BEST dental cleaning today after 15 months
    of no cleaning...I had some tartar buildup, but all in all
    the new dentist said, things look good. The dentist did
    my cleaning.

    I told him I do a lot of holistic remedies, but did not
    elaborate. jm
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    I just did a search: Oil Pulling and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    and a lot of info came up from sites and people's blogs....check it out..

    Oil Pulling is a detoxifier and for some maybe use it 3-4 times per week
    if one detoxes too hard....work up slowly.

    Also, there are other oils people use: sesame oil, sunflower oil
    and these are both "light" oils and I may try one of them some
    day, but right now all I have at home is coconut oil and that is
    my choice NOW, plus I like all the health benefits of CO..thyroid
    and breast health just 2.
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    Jam, Julie, et al,
    I plan to try it with Coconut Oil but need to get to the store then I will order some at better prices. I actually tried it yesterday and today with Virgin Olive Oil (not sure if it was evoo or not) because that is what I had on hand. I did ok considering I have a bad gag reflex. Not sure if I am doing it right but I try to keep in in the front of my mouth and not the back. It did it both days for 10 minutes and it wasn't to bad. I was on the computer both times and tried to remember not to swallow.

    If I don't have the CO Jam is that better or worse, do you think than a veg. oil. Not sure what else I have on hand.I have been reading quite a bit on the website you told me about. It is very interesting how much you can do with the stuff from what I have read. Wondering if I put it on my nails if it will help. My nails are so dry and brittle and break a lot.

    Julie -Yes, it does sound like it has a lot of benefits, the CO, so will use it when I get it at the store. That was weird about your lips getting really chapped with the sesame oil. Of course we all are different and may react to these oils differently.

    Bye for now. TTYL and have a nice trip tomorrow Julie.

  14. jaminhealth

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    Granni, the idea is to Swish thru the whole mouth. That is what I do, not just the front. I would NOT use veg oil, but if you read it is OK, then you do what you want to do. I prefer CO overall. jam

    On the nails/hands you could use an oil on them and wear a pair of gloves to sleep with the oil on them...castor oil would be good for that issue. Many use castor oil on feet and wear socks to bed...

    PS: I go to whole foods at least once a week and was there yesterday and I was
    really impressed at the large amount of coconut oil they are stocking and how
    fast it must sell. I think more and more must be going to the use of CO for cooking
    and so much more.
  15. sunflowergirl

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    I think I have some amazing news to report on this oil pulling. I've been using coconut oil pulling for about 2 weeks or so. I do this at night after brushing my teeth, then spit it out, rinse really good and floss. This morning I decided to do the spit test in water again for yeast. What a surprise to find it's now normal. I tried the spit test about 3 weeks ago and lots of strings which shows yeast. I've tried this spit test off and on for at least 2 years and always strings, but this morning I was totally amazed......no strings and it stayed on top of water. I have been taking kyolic garlic tablets too so don't know what's helping....probably both.
  16. jaminhealth

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    Sun, good to hear your report, I continue to do "it" at least every other day...I don't know the spit test and the string stuff...maybe I don't have "much" yeast issues since I swore off breads and lots of pasteries, and carbs in general....don't know...
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    Hi Awl,

    I have to get back to it. We were gone and I put my jar in the refrig and it is hard as a rock and I need to take it out or remove some to keep liquidy. The way I have felt lately I haven't even thought about it till now.

    If I keep the oil in my whole mouth or let it go to the back of my mouth I am afraid I will gag. I have such a terrible gag reflex. So I will just do what I can.

  18. Soul*

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    Hi all, any of you still doing it and how are your results by now?

    I just recently started but the thread where I shared my results got deleted for some reason so I'm gonna share here untill I hear back from Admin what went wrong there and why the entire thread got deleted. The only logical reason I can find is that the link I reposted that the original poster already posted back in 2008 was of boundaries and only got noticed now... It was a real helpful link with a lot of answers to questions but I'm not going to risk posting any links anymore even if I am just quoting someone else. It's very discouraging and feels very unwelcome to have all your sharings deleted without a warning and I definitely don't want to risk that again. So instead I'll post here on this more recent thread. I don't mind looking up answers and quote those if it helps anyone.

    I've been doing it daily now for almost a week, in the morning on empty stomach and before brushing teeth or drinking anything, I use coconut oil straight from the fridge that I just grind into small slivers with a potatoknife. Put it on a spoon and add one drop of pepermint oil, then I pull for half an hour whilst leaving a timer running and doing other things to distact myself. Afterwards I wash my mouth with lukewarm water with a drop of pepermint oil and then brush my teeth with a natural toothpaste and drink a big cup of herbtea afterwards or just water.

    Anyways here are my experiences up to now, I was luckily able to retreive the information via Googles cache.

    Day 1 last tuesday (march 4th 2014):
    I just started this morning and am taking pictures of my teeth gum and tongue to see if it shows any differences. I am using coconut oil. The lump of oil in my mouth before it was melted felt a bit awkward and had to distract myself extra to not think about it but it was not gross in taste at all. I read on the link that J mentioned that they talked about 30 minutes to really detoxify and kept it up 26 minutes with gentle squishing and such not to get too much tension on the muscles from day one. In between I did other things not to think about what I was doing. I put a counter on to keep track of the time.

    It does feel a bit awkward afterwards so I rinsed my mouth with luke warm water like they described and immidiately ate after brushing my teeth to get the normal feeling back. Now I'm sipping a cup of tea with a drop of pepermint oil in it as it seems to work as an antiseptic.

    Few hours and brushing teeth, food and drinks later, I still have a waxy feel in my mouth and feel a bit yucky. I'll get used to it but for now it feels awkward like having eaten a candle or something

    I'm feeling a slight pain in my upper arms but that might just simply be from trying to put back the curtain rail in place that came down in the kitchen when trying to close the curtains last night. I put it back this morning during the oil pulling. But the oil pulling might not be related to the pain at all and may just be the awkward position I had for placing them back though I usually don't have a this fast pain reaction.

    I'll try and post if I find any other peculiar things that may or may not be related.

    Day 2:
    This morning I added a drop of pepermint oil to the coconut oil and that has been more pleasant.

    Again I did have the muscle pains in my upper arms right below the shoulders as if someone just injected a needle into them so it DOES seem to be related to the oil pulling. I also had a nasty pain and tightness in the backs of my hands and wrists. It's the typical ME pains as I used to have, but don't have that often anymore, so something DOES seem to be happening. It wears down a bit after some hours.

    The skin is nice and smooth. The tongue on the contrary seems to be a bit rougher.

    This time around I also brushed my teeth afterwards (seems a smart thing to do after just having spit out a mouth full of toxic stuff) and rinsed with hot water with pepermint oil. I make sure to drink a lot afterwards and now had a sandwich with more greasy stuff (beanspread made with olive oil and some acidity from the added pieces of sour gurkins) on it so it would take away the wax feel better and that worked well no more strange feeling in my mouth now.

    Some descriptions say to spit out the toxic stuff in the toilet but I wouldn't advise that with coconut oil since it goes back to solid once cool and could still clog your system that way. Best to spit it into a old juice or milk carton or can or something you are going to throw away anyways. It will simply become solid so won't cause a mess in your trash.

    Right now, it's monday day 7 and almost a week later, I have no problems with the weird feel in my mouth anymore and don't have to eat straight afterwards anymore. I can easily keep it up for 30 minutes with the extra drop of pepermint oil in it. I am just exhausted of whatever I do for those 30 minutes to keep me distracted :p And usually sleep a few more hours afterwards. This morning was different then the other days though. My tongue looked much whiter and dirtier then the other days when it looked much cleaner, and my mouth felt dirty too afterwards. Not sure why. Maybe because of the ginger in my meal the night before and in my tea that I had afterwards, just a wild guess...
    The last few days I also have very dry and sensitive skin of the hands but have been planting some plants and seedlings and washing lettuce from the garden in vinegar water so that may well be related too. My skin is very sensitive as is, especially the hands, but skin of face still feels very smooth and soft. I can't say my teeth have become any whiter but that isn't the aim for me anyways though a nice extra if they do turn some whiter. The gums do look better then at the start. I didn't have real issues but small tiny red spots are gone now.

    I'm hoping to hear back from some of you if your are still doing this and if you have any extra results to report.
  19. jaminhealth

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    Soul, I have not been doing oil pulling, did it for a while but got a way from it, BUT I believe it's effective and a good thing to do.

    I use a lot of coconut oil daily and make my own coconut oil toothpaste which I love and will continue this practice as it's so healthy. My mouth always feels clean. jam