Oil pulling oll: What results are people getting?

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    This is my 4th day of oil pulling. The anecdotes and an abstract of a small study of its effect on oral health convinced me to try it. It doesn't sound like it can hurt you if you do it properly.

    After the 2nd day I seemed to go through a light detox: fever and gross bathroom output. So far, that's all I've noticed.

    What results are others noticing with oil pulling?

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    Hi J,
    Maybe you could explain for the rest of us what exactly oil pulling is. Sounds interesting.

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    Here's a great link to a description. I know some people on this forum are doing oil pulling. I read posts when I did a search.

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  4. Soul*

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    I'm new to this too and am interested to hear other peoples results too.

    I just started this morning and am taking pictures of my teeth gum and tongue to see if it shows any differences. I am using coconut oil. The lump of oil in my mouth before it was melted felt a bit awkward and had to distract myself extra to not think about it but it was not gross in taste at all. I read on the link that J mentioned that had real good information and very broad Q and A that they talked about 30 minutes to really detoxify and so I kept it up 26 minutes with gentle squishing and such not to get too much tension on the muscles from day one. In between I did other things not to think about what I was doing. I put a counter on to keep track of the time.

    It does feel a bit awkward afterwards so I rinsed my mouth with luke warm water like they described and immidiately ate after brushing my teeth to get the normal feeling back. Now I'm sipping a cup of tea with a drop of pepermint oil in it as it seems to work as an antiseptic.

    Few hours and brushing teeth, food and drinks later, I still have a waxy feel in my mouth and feel a bit yucky. I'll get used to it but for now it feels awkward like having eaten a candle or something :p

    I'm feeling a slight pain in my upper arms but that might just simply be from trying to put back the curtain rail in place that came down in the kitchen when trying to close the curtains last night. I put it back this morning during the oil pulling. But the oil pulling might not be related to the pain at all and may just be the awkward position I had for placing them back though I usually don't have a this fast pain reaction.

    I'll try and post if I find any other peculiar things that may or may not be related.
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  5. sunflowergirl

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    good luck with it. I tried it for about a month, using olive oil. I was able to work up to 20 min until I had to spit. After a month of this (hard on the TMJ) I quit
  6. Soul*

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    This morning I added a drop of pepermint oil to the coconut oil and that has been more pleasant.

    Again I did have the muscle pains in my upper arms right below the shoulders as if someone just injected a needle into them so it DOES seem to be related to the oil pulling. I also had a nasty pain and tightness in the backs of my hands and wrists. It's the typical ME pains as I used to have, but don't have that often anymore, so something DOES seem to be happening. It wears down a bit after some hours.

    The skin is nice and smooth. The tongue on the contrary seems to be a bit rougher.

    This time around I also brushed my teeth afterwards (seems a smart thing to do after just having spit out a mouth full of toxic stuff) and rinsed with hot water with pepermint oil. I make sure to drink a lot afterwards and now had a sandwich with more greasy stuff (beanspread made with olive oil and some acidity from the added pieces of sour gurkins) on it so it would take away the wax feel better and that worked well no more strange feeling in my mouth now.

    Some descriptions say to spit out the toxic stuff in the toilet but I wouldn't advise that with coconut oil since it goes back to solid once cool and could still clog your system that way. Best to spit it into a old juice or milk carton or can or something you are going to throw away anyways. It will simply become solid so won't cause a mess in your trash.
  7. Soul*

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    So far no specific things to make note of. Today I'm to exhausted to do it so this will be the first day that I skip.
  8. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    I started Oil pulling March 5th and though I did skip some days that I was to sick I do start feeling better. I don't know if it is because of the oil pulling but I'm going to keep at it when I can for now.

    I had a bad drop in health since christmas and some january activities that seemed to have been to much to close together that I still hadn't been recovered from.

    Now I'm slowly starting to feel a little better again and can have more active moments in a week without dropping back so hard. It was high time to get back to where I was before christmas since this amount of time to recover has been quite extreme for me. So I might have been recovering without the oilpulling too but for all I know it could also be the oilpulling having a positive effect in the whole so it is at least fair to mention it.

    I've had a bad migraine in between that took about three to four days that isn't uncommon during hormonal changes and I usually do feel a little better after those too but I've had those before in that time frame without the feeling better after it so I'm not sure what is causing what but I am looking forward to see how this develops.
  9. Soul*

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    Forgot all about this, just a little update, I no longer do the oilpulling, it didn't seem to do me any good for what I tried it for but nowadays I eat surogate chocolates made of coconutoil and carob that DO make a whole difference for me. So for me the intake of the oil instead of using it as a rinse does help. Don't swallow that what you rinsed with though because if that works for you it will be toxic after the oil pulling and should be spit out. I haven't had any migraines anymore since I daily take coconut oil, fingers crossed to keep it that way. Been almost a month now.