OK 17/18 points...now what??

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    I went to see a rhumotologist(sp) and they did the pressure point check. I had 17 out of 18, some worse then others. I have one point on the base of my skull that if you press it I will have an instant migrane!

    I am now taking 4 meds. I take celexa for depression, trazadone for sleeping, Baxtra(simular to celebrex, brand new) and now flexeral a muscle relaxer.

    They Dr thinks I have had this since my teens after going over my history but that he has gone into remission several times, but now is the worst it has ever been.

    I am not near as bad as a lot of you on this board, but I am in pain daily and extremely tired.

    Has anyone been on this muscle relaxer?? My throat has been sore since taking it. The Dr said it could dry me out and to drink extra fluids while on it, so is this the reason for the sore throat??

    I am so new to all this that I have no idea what to do next! The Dr also said to see about swimming. The problem is that I feel so tired and lazy all the time that the thought of getting out and swimming, then drying off to get back out in the cold to come homes seems like more work then I can handle right now!!

    I have two kids, a 15yr old and a 3 yr old who also has special needs. Nothing major but can be trying and we have to make a few trips out of town for appointments.

    So now what do I do?? I see a lot of terms here that I don't understand. I also read about tests etc.

    The Dr feels that all the stress I have been under since childhood have made this worse. I lost my mom when I was 10 to cancer then two years later found my dad dead of a stroke, I was 12. I have been in a very abusive relationship from 17 to 24. Been a single mom.
    In the past 10 yrs, I have gone thru infertility, the death of a child, bankruptcy, more IF, a miscarriage, dh and sister have had cancer(both ok right now), a difficult pregnancy, premature birth of my daughter, and then just this past fall realizing she has a form of spina bifida and had to have spinal surgery in Nov. That are just the highlights!!! LOL

    I am finding the meds I am on are helping some. I am sleeping better, not great but better.

    So now what do I do?? What should I know??

    Thanks all, I plan of being on this board more, not just as a lurker now.

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    You have definately had more than your share of difficulties to add to this disease. I will never forget when the Rheumy I went too, said I had all the trigger points. I know well the one you are talking about that can create an instant migraine. As to your question about Flexeril, I used to be on it many years ago and was too hung over from it (that was when I worked). I now take Zanaflex 2mg. 3Xday and it doesn't bother me. Could be that I am just used to it. There are so many meds that everyone takes and ones that work for some, don't work for others. It is trial and error. Also, sometimes they work for awhile and then you need to change. It's part of the mystery of this illness. I hope you have a support system for all you have been through and are going through with your daughter. I will keep you in prayers.
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    I forgot to add that I have a bad reaction to most narcotics, demeral, moraphine, codine, and another one that I can't remember.

    What else is there for pain when I am in a bad way???

    I have seen posts about epstein bar virus, and microplasma bacteria.. What are they and should I be asking to that to be checked??
    I have also seen reference to myofasical syndrome?? What does that mean??

    Can someone recomend some reading I should do or sites I should visit?? I am the type of person who feels knowledge is power and right now I feel pretty powerless.

    Hope more then one replies to my post.

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    Sorry- we have so many new people it's hard to keep up & answer questions.
    Recommended reading: Devin Starlynal's Survival Guide for Myofascial Pain Syndrome & Fibromyalgia Syndrome. I get most of my books at the library, but my dad bought me this one when I first got really sick.
    If you search this message board (see the search box above the posts) on medications, or whatever else you have questions about, it will pull up all the posts that refer to whatever you have questions about.
    I currently take:
    1 100mg zoloft for depression
    1 10mg flexeril for muscle relaxation at bedtime
    2 300mg neurontin for nerve pain/sleep starts at bedtime
    1-2 Celebrex during the day for pain
    Hydromorphone for pain that is worse

    I too, have a sensitivity to codeine, morphine, etc. & recently asked for advice on this. You can do 1 or 2 things to help w/this. Use dramamine for nausea w/these meds or have the dr prescribe anti-nausea medication like phenergan to help. I have been lucky enough to have had low pain days since I got the hydromorphone (synthetic morphine, I think), so I have not tried this yet, but it makes sense to me. I get a horrible whirly sensation whenever I have taken these meds in the past, so I really am hoping this works. If you try it let me know how it did for you, okay?

    Sorry you did not get more replies to your post. It is really hard to remember to page back & start at the beginning instead of going from page 1 back. I don't think any of us have enough time to read all the posts every day. On my high pain days, I never get through them all & I usually don't even post more than 1 or 2 replies on those days.
    You can use the 'search message board' box at the top of this page to find previous answers to similar questions. I do that alot & find it works really well.
    Hope you start feeling better!