OK.....anybody know what these are?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sunflowergirl, Sep 17, 2013.

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    Woohoo, nice job! New game, of to google we go, hi ho, hi ho :D
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    Haven't found them yet but just have to share this cutie I came across when googling for baby bird figurines:
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    Those aren't salt and pepper shakers are they?

    Googling all them birdies reminded me of this one: Do you have them over there, enjoyed them a lot in my childhood, it's a water wistle that makes bird sounds.
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    They are pie birds, used to vent pies when baking them.
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    I found one that looks alike but am still clueless. Yours seem to have a specific bottom... just a wild guess, christmas tree candle holders?
    The one I found says pie bird, am still searching... GOOD game!
    Pokes the lurkers to help out here :) We see you watching o_O
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    Looks like Hugo got the answer at the same time that I was posting! That is so cool, never heard of them but looks terrific!
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    Practical, Precious Pie Birds
    "Pie birds evoke warm feelings of gathering around a table for fresh-from-the-oven desserts," says Texas collector Jeannie Kolger, whose cabinets bulge with more than 1,000 of these tools, designed to prevent pie fillings from boiling over by creating a steam vent. Though English bakers started using workmanlike ceramic funnels for this purpose in the early 1800s, the utensils didn't take on fanciful bird forms until migrating to the States in the 1930s. The inspiration? The nursery rhyme "Sing a Song of Sixpence": Four and 20 blackbirds, baked in a pie. Today, fans of the figurals drop anywhere from $10 to $3,000 for avian as well as other, rarer shapes.

    Great game Sun!!! :D

    I will definitely go on the lookout for a pie bird now! Do they whistle when the steam comes out?
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    Folks used to have stuff like this around the house when I was a kid. And things like: a pop bottle (soda didn't come in cans then) with a sprinkler head in it so you could
    dampen your clothes before ironing. No steam irons then.

    My Aunt Ferdy always put the clothes in the refrigerator until she got around to the
    ironing. Got a little crowded in there. She also stored cartons of Pall Malls there.

    And most folks had a snow globe. And an ashtray with that said "Niagara
    Falls" or someplace you'd visited. And a conch shell. If you held it up to your ear,
    you could hear the ocean.

    Which ear? Didn't matter as long as it was attached to your head. My mother never used
    a pie bird, but my great aunt Myrtle did. My mother had a little castle that served the
    same purpose.

    Hi Hugo, welcome to the porch.

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    So when do I get officially declared the winner? And when do I get my prize of one free cfs cure? That's what this site and these contests are all about, aren't they?
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    Please respond quickly, I really want to get my life back.
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    Great game, Sunflower!

    I never heard of them either, and my Grandma made great pies. Apple, lemon meringue, chocolate with fresh whipped cream. mmmmm - perfect crusts too from the times of Crisco. I used to help using the hand turning beater for the whipped cream.

    Welcome to the Games Hugo. Wonderful guess.

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    Hugo: Yes, you get your wish BUT first you have to sing the song, "When you wish upon a star", when finished spit into your left palm, rub your hands together and hold your hands up in the air, then make a wish on the first star out tonight.......saying three times, I believe, I believe, I believe. And don't doubt. If you do all this then tomorrow morning, watch out!

    Seriously, I do wish you healing.
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    Well, there you go, Hugo. I believe Sunflowergirl has resolved the problema. Even if it doesn't work, there's a good chance that you have saved Tinkerbell.

    Are you an opera fan, Hugo? I am. Just the other day I was listening to Joan Sutherland in
    Les Huguenots. Possibly some of your ancestors?

    I saw Dame Joan in a Met performance about half a century ago. As her limo was driving away after the performance, the cop directing traffic recognized her. He went over to the car and requested an autograph. Not having a program for her to sign, he took the cardboard outta his cap. Joan laughed and complied with his request.

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    Growing up, the only time a pie was baked was at Thanksgiving...and it was pumpkin. Then my Mom discovered frozen pies. Glad someone knew what these were!! My first thought was a toothbrush holder...LOL.

    Welcome, Hugo. If what Sunflowergirl suggests works, please let me know.:)