Ok boys and girls I have one for you What to do I do

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    For the past three weeks I have suffered from a dry tight cough and hurts like heck when I take abreath. I don't know what it is casued by but I have had this happen before . From the time I was a teenager I would get this deep dry cough that sounds like I am aheave chain smoker who needs to change brands and every once in awhile it sounds like I have croup . I have been tested for everything given breathing treatments that don't do anything except my me panic. My chest hurt so bad that I find that I am breathing really shallow so I don't have more pain, I don't have asmatha (sp) and inhealers drive me nuts . Right now I just quit a coughing scysle that has lasted for two hours do my ribs and in the bak where my lungs are are so painful that just laying down hurts bad. My findger nails are pale pale pink so I am getting O2 but my sternum and ribs and where they connect to the sternum hurt to the touch I can't stand it any longer and am crying becasue of the intense apin . Going to the ER would do me no good as I take so many narcotics that they would do nothing to ease the pain I would be sent to x-ray and when the films came back showing that my lungs are clear I would be sent home and told to rest and take my normal pain meds and if it gets really bad I can come back and they will give me a breathing treatment my )2 sats are in the high 90's so I am getting o2 into the blood stream but what is wrong with me ? I have had this cough come on every since I was 15 and never once has any one told me what I have so what do I do now.? I am going to bed now talk to you all later Rosemarie
    will someone bump this up to the front page please I need some answers thanks so much ( also how do you bump something up I don't know how to do this )[This Message was Edited on 07/09/2003]
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    You really should go and see a pulmonologist (sp). Sounds like you have some sort of lung problem that needs to be checked out. Also, as you probably know, taking narcotics in heavy doses can cause respitory problems. ( so say the warnings on the bottles) Do not put this off. Although you have suffered with this for many years it is nothing to treat lightly. Take care and let us know what happens.

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    Not sure I spelled that correctly, look it up on webmd or something like that. Mine goes away in 1-2 days if I get it, I do know it goes along with lupus, or can be just a fluke, anyway, you should call your doc. I think it is an inflammation of the lining between your lungs & your rib cage. Nothing serious (in my opinion, I just ignore it & it goes away.)

    Good luck, call your doc pls.

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    it does sound like pleurisy. Easily taken care of with antibiotics. I thought I was having a major asthma attack a few years ago ... using my emergency inhaler all the time with no results ... called my doc's office at 9:30pm in tears and he called me back & met me there that nite (loved that man!!). In a couple of days the pain had eased up & I could breathe without feeling like I was gonna die.

    Jan ^v^
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    Have they checked you for Histo? My sister had this for over a year, the drs. told her it was stress. After a year and a half she went to Mayos and it was Histo. It is very prominate in the midwest, but the drs. here don't check for it.
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    Mammafrey, I don't know what it is that you are talking about ? is this a virus? or bactirera? ( sorry about the spelling ) Is it bad ? have many questions tell me more. I know about the pluresy I have had it before and I have had the costorondritis too they both make you feel like you have someone sitting on your chest the pressure is so great and the pain makes you think your having a heart attack so those I know what are but the one that you said that I can't evn attempt to spell I dont' know anything about it. And tonight I feel so tired and my body is so heavy . So I am going to take my night time pain meds and go to bed and read till they kick in . could some one bump this up ( although I don't know how to do that and the first one too) Thanks Rosemarie
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    off and on, and I was so scared... I found out it was a subluxation of one of my ribs in the back where it attaches to the vertebrae. I had a holistic chiropracter help me with it, and she taught me how to do some therapy stretches at home and it went away... when it comes back, I do these little tricks I learned and it usually goes away, if not I have to make an appt for the chiro. I understand your fear, I thought I had something terribly wrong with my lungs also. Try an appt with a good chiro. just a thought. I hope its something so easy like mine. youve covered alot of other bases so far. if not see a pulmonary specialist and get a thorough check. Blessings, Iggy
    I'll keep you in my prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!![This Message was Edited on 07/10/2003]
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    A product by Higher Nature.

    30 caps £6 = $9 ish.

    Has Echinacea and Black Elderberry on the front label, and Olive Leaf Extract & Myrrh listed in the ingredients on the back.

    It has within 3 days cured my Stepson of Bronchitis.
    My Daughter of a painful chronic post cold catarrhal cough.
    And recently my gorgeous husband of a persistant asthma type every two minute cough after the first two capsules.

    Take on an empty tum.

    It sounds to me you have a persistant virus - which can never be treated with drugs.
    This stuff will do it...

    Please let me know if you try this and the results.

    Love Pat.