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    June of 2001 my then 11 year old daughter was involved in a life-threatening automobile accident. I was 2 hours away at a Pinehurst, NC hospital while my mother was having surgery and daughter had asked to stay with my soon to be ex husband's niece, age 19 at the time, married and expecting.

    For informational purposes, I will call the soon to be ex, just the ex from here out.

    The niece, her hubby and my daughter were going to the grocery store to buy breakfast foods. The niece decided to ask my daughter to move her car around in the drive (large drive was used by 4 households, all owned by the niece's grandmother, who is not related to my ex).

    Yes, this 19 year old asked my 11 year old daughter to move a car! My daughter is shorter than most her age and has always been. So, she kept the driver's door open as the niece proceeded, outside of the car, to tell her what to do.

    My daughter panicked at some point, hit the niece's uncle's truck and the drivers side car door struck the truck and bent backwards towards the front end of the car. As the car had stopped, my daughter pulled the emergency brake up and proceeded to get out of the car to access the damage.

    Once daughter had one foot out of the car, the car suddenly began to move and daughter still in shock had no time to get back into the car before the door came back and slammed against her left thigh, breaking it in half.

    She was dragged with one leg under the car and the other inside, when the car slammed into a lightpole. My daughter was the only thing keeping the car from rolling into a very busy street and holding the car against the lightpole.

    Two and a half hours later, I was located, as a friend of mine worked at the hospital and SHE was the only one who thought to ask my daughter which hospital I was at, as the niece was histerical and could not recall. At the time, the only injuries they knew of was a broken left femus and an open book fracture of the pelvis.

    At the time I was contacted, my mother was in recovery and having difficulty breathing coming out of the anesthesia, but of course I could not stay.

    I was told my daughter was being air-lifted to UNC-Chapel Hill, NC Hospital at once. My friend informed me my daughter was taken into the local hospital in what is called a body air bag, to hold her body together.

    After coming out of my catatonia of shock, I immediately raced towards UNC Hospital which was another hour from where I was currently. I made this drive in 25 minutes.

    Yes, I know. I put myself and others in danger, but I had no one else to drive me and would not have allowed anyone else to anyways, as I was determined to be there when my daughter arrived.

    Unfortunately, the flight was cancelled due to bad weather and she had to be driven by ambulance. Luckily, my daughter's father had been located (my ex I refer to is not her father, this was a previous marriage). A police officer involved shooting had just occured on I-95 which also caused delays for my daughter getting to UNC.

    I was at the hospital pacing the floors for 2 hours before my daughter arrived. She was immediately rushed back for testing, as the Dr. from the local hospital could only assess her broken bones, but was sure she had internal injuries as well as he heard fluid in her pelvic area.

    Her father and I were sent into a room to wait to talk with the Dr's who would become her life-savers. I did not see her until 7 pm, just as she was being wheeled into the operating room.

    Her surgery lasted until midnight. Among her many injuries were a broken left femur, open-book fracture of the pelvis, her leg sockets were completely pulled out from the socket and there were several fractures, she had lost all her blood and was given 6 units at the local hospital before being shipped to UNC, she had a lacerated intestine, a rip across her pelvis, and was split into from her vagina to her rectum. The Dr. could insert two fingers into the rectal tearing down to 7 cm. deep.

    The Dr's repaired her bladder which was described as a blow-out, they then installed a pelvic plate, a rod and pin into her left thigh, had performed a temporary colostomy and sewn up her many other tears, also installing a catheter and jp line.

    Not once had the dr's mentioned she had almost died, but I guess deep inside I already knew this. She was placed in ICU afterwards, and when I was allowed to go in, I broke down, as my daughter now was so swollen, she looked like a china doll looking through slits for eyes.

    During all of this, my ex had been contacted on his mail route at approximately 12 to 1 pm. I did not see him at the hospital until after midnight, when she was in ICU, evne though the trip was a two to two and half hour drive from where we lived. He had decided to stay on his route and finish it up before contacting a brother to take him to UNC.

    We were told by the Dr's that my daughter had been through a very terrible ordeal and would require at least a 2 to 3 month stay in the hospital, would be in a wheelchair and would have to learn to walk all over again. These Dr's had no idea that they were looking at a child determined to make it against all the odds with the strength of the servant of God that was tricked by Delilah.

    My daughter was in ICU for 1 1/2 days. She wrote on paper because a tube in her throat prevented her talking to the Dr's, GET THIS THING OUT OF MY THROAT!!! She was in the hospital for 12 days.

    She had a setback one week after discharge with a blocked intestine, which within minutes of surgery suddenly passed itself. She took physical therapy. She was in a wheelchair for three months.

    Upon a visit to her orthopedic at UNC, she told him she wanted to walk. He laughed and said if you think you can, go ahead, expecting her to fail. She got straight up and walked, with the help of myself and crutches.

    She still had more surgeries to come. We learned her left femur had healed at a 45 degree angle and would have to be rebroken and an additional pin would have to be inserted above her knee to keep the leg from turning again. My daughter thought it rather a joke, as she could put that leg completely behind her head.

    She went back into the hospital and the leg was rebroken and the pin inserted. By one year after her accident, she had one more surgery to remove the pelvic plate and rod and pins in her leg as they hurt her.

    She was released within 2 months from the care of the Dr's at UNC Hospital.

    Since then, we have learned she has about a 15% disability. Her left leg is now 1/2 inch longer than her right, and her left thigh, due to muscle atrophy, is 1/4 inch smaller.

    She no longer plays soccer, the sport she was proficient at before her accident, due to falling and not being able to do as well as she had before.

    She is now 14 years old. I left my ex last April due to problems that developed after my daughter's accident. My ex returned to gambling and staying out all night on weekends. When he was at home, he fussed with my older children alot, especially my daughter. He treated her badly. His response when she came home not in a wheelchair but on crutches, was good, now you can do your house chores and he then went to bed. He was better to our son, than to my children from the previous marriage.

    My daughter has had a rough road. I uprooted her moving three states from the home she knew and loved and her father followed us here to be nearer to them and lives 4 hours away.

    I met and am now engaged to a wonderful man who is wodnerful to ALL my children. But, due to the circumstances of my departure, my youngest son, 6 next month, stayed with his father. We have joint custody and our son is with me during the summer months. As much as I miss him, I know he is well taken care of and loved. I love my children more than life itself. Hopefully, my son will decide to stay with me in the school year when he becomes old enough to make that decision.

    Three months after moving here, my daughter spent the night with the daughter of a friend of my and my fiance's. The friend commited suicide that morning while my daughter, his daughter and his wife were asleep in another room. We later learned he had been placed on an anti_depressant two weeks before and was more than likely the reason for his sudden and irreversible decision.

    My daughter was admitted into the hospital that evening and was there for a week. One month later, she scratched up her wrists and I had her readmitted. She has since then told me she wants to die and doesn't believe in God.

    Please, I beg of you all, to include her in your prayers. She has overcame so many odds, lost three friends due to accidents and a suicide in the last two years and has been given another chance for a reason.

    I know God has big plans for her. Since this accident she has decided to go into nursing to help others. She is a very kind-hearted young lady. She has always been straight A's and was nominated to serve as Student Ambassador of the US as well as been in the beta club, and she did all this while recovering from her accident.

    I know I am not supposed to even discuss this case, as it is still in litigation and we will be going to court. But, my daughter needs the prayers of others and the more the better. She may not be able to have children, and even if she gets pregnant, she may have to have a c-section due to the scarring that is surely there.

    She will be getting her driver's license next year, but she is terrified of driving and covers her ears and curls in a ball when she hears sirens.

    If you could please rally around her and contact your churches and friends and families to pray for her, I would be so indebted to you. Hopefully, she will feel the outpouring of love and begin to heal and become her old self once again.

    BTW, her accident date was 6/11/2001.....exactly 3 months before the 9/11/2001 deaths in NY.

    Thanks much with all my love to you all and prayers for you too. ~HUGS~ Jenna aka ms_latenite

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    Thank you so much for responding, as I know it was very long and hard reading for some of you. I appreciate your prayers and I too believe she has a calling and will overcome, but I am so scared too. So much she has gone through, more than those of us who have given birth to our children.

    I will be keeping you in my prayers too, for God to give you energy and strength for your days and nights. Thanks again and lots of hugs, Jenna
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    What a nightmare your daughter and you have been through! I don`t know how you got through all that. I`m praying for your daughter that God gives her the knowledge and strength to overcome this latest setback.

    Thoughts and prayers for your family and may God bless you all.

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    Thanks so much for your prayers. It has been a really hard time, on top of me having chronic fatigue syndrome, fibro and a variety of other illnesses. But, she went through it with grace and finesse and so I figured I could do it to if she could.

    She has been somewhat better since her trip to NC over the Christmas break and I guess she needed to see her friends. But, it is still a very long haul and hopefully with the prayers of others, God will grant her the strength to go on and be an inspiration to others. She has been my inspiration and is MY hero!

    God Bless you all for being here! ~HUGS~ Jenna
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    Lord please help these people in their hour of need. Please heal and comfort and put the devil out of their lives and surround them with protection from the Angels and fill them with the Holy Spirit so that all that they do will Glorify your Name and your Holy Kingdom in Jesus name we pray. Amen
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    Prayers sent for Jenna and her daughter. You have both been through a lot.

    When I see emergency vehicles or hear sirens I always say a silent prayer and ask God to bless whoever they are going to see or have with them at that moment. That is something I have done since my mom died over 30 years ago.
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    I appreciate the outpouring of love and kindness from the memebers of this board. May God Bless you all and keep you safe. ~HUGS~ Jenna