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    i have applied disability.well i did go to a mental doc..then got an app.to go to a family doc.however they have now contact me not to go to family doc.....is this good ....or bad..i am with severe depression,fibromyalgia,lupus,congested heart failure..hypertension..i am 38 and in nc.can someone help me with this,has this happen to anyone out there..just dont know why they would cancel my app...maybe they dont need me to go there anymore.....help in desperate help.dumbfounded.............
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    I am so sorry that you are experiencing such a hard time right now.I don't know why they would cancel an appointment. However, with all that you have on your plate right now, the last thing you need is more stress. It seems that not knowing why your appointment was canceled is stressing you, as it would anyone. I suggest that you phone the office and ask why your appointment was canceled. You most certainly have a right to know.If the receptionist doesn't know,ask to speak to the nurse.
    About applying for disability. Don't worry. It could very well go easier than you think. Just be honest. wWen I went, I was surprised that the doctor, among other things, asked me to tell her what I was experiencing. I had not had a chance to speak to anyone about that before, and I broke into uncontrollable, loud and very embarrassing sobs. She listened with an open mind and I qualified. I am not suggestng that you cry, but I am suggesting that you do not try to be brave. Tell the doctor how you feel as honestly as you can.
    Good luck. Hugs. Terry
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    i also got the same letter.and i did call the examiner and tell him i would go.however ,i did ask him why it was canceled .he said they got a record from one of my docs,.so therefore they did not need the info....just curious ,what will happen.i pray to god everyday.they do not turn me down.........i am even scared to make a move to bother them.fore they are very rude at times some of the ladise.........i pray to get better,fore i have a big family here that needs me.....that is the hard part...but now my insurance has maxed out .and i got turned down for medicaid it is hard to get the treatment i need....i think......thanks so much for your reply.....i see someone out there does care.....
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    Bumping for more info from others who have "been there".