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    i have applied disability.well i did go to a mental doc..then got an app.to go to a family doc.however they have now contact me not to go to family doc.....is this good ....or bad..i am with severe depression,fibromyalgia,lupus,congested heart failure..hypertension..i am 38 and in nc.can someone help me with this,has this happen to anyone out there..just dont know why they would cancel my app...maybe they dont need me to go there anymore.....help in desperate help.dumbfounded.............it has been 9 mths..
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    Did disability or your mental health dr tell you not to go to you family dr? I don't have any personal experience in this, but in my opinion, you would need to see your family doctor regardless to get a medical opinion on the FM, lupus, congestive heart failure, and hypertension for disability to make a determination about whether or not to approve you for benefits. I don't know why they would tell you that.

    Does anyone else have any ideas?

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    You have a lot on your plate with your condition(s). I went through the approval process on cfids/fibro. But my mother's approval was based on manic depression/bi-polar even though she was diagnosed also with narcolepsy at the time. It may be especially helpful to seek a knowlegeable/experienced ssi/ssd lawyer. They usually steer you in the right direction since they know what the system wants to hear (and a judge if it goes that far in the process). Those lawyers don't usually ask for anything up front and by law after you win your case can not ask for more than 40% of your accumilated back pay. So relax, breathe, and focus on getting help from pro. And don't feel bad if you have to let one go and try another. Good Luck and God Bless.
    Karen (kjan9)
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    hi,all my docs .my cardologist,rheumatologist,family doc told me to apply.i did got to the mental doc for ssa.but also the ssa canceled my appointment for their family med...confused.i think maybe they got the info that might needed......dont know......
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    it is the first denial.i did go to the psychologist.ans was gonna go to the family doc.however ssa sent me a letter to not go to the appointment...thanks for your reply.....hugs
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    did you get yours based on fibro?i am so confused....has anyone?my doctor (practioner)told me if he would send it in on fibro.they would just set it aside.....yeah...but my cardologist nad rheumatologist said to do it..