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Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by Syathane, Jan 2, 2002.

  1. Syathane

    Syathane New Member

    i have only posted one other on this board and if i offended any one or upset them by what i said i appologise.

    i do agree with mom and karen anne this board does need a little more activity and i promise to keep checking it as often as i do the chit chat one, i have noticed chris is also back on here i hope he will stay, mom would brutus join us?
    but all new comers and old timers are welcome.

    all the best to all
  2. mom

    mom New Member

    It is nice to see folks using this site. It looked so lonesome.
    I guess with the holidays past people are returning to the board.
    Yes Brutus will be back. He is working graveyard shift this week and spending most of his time on Mindy's site pasting really bad and really funny one liners and jokes.
    You should read the writers forum. I challenged sort of lots of people and there are quite a few stories there about a little girl named Katie. So now the writers forum is active again.
    talk later
    Mom Lynda