Ok I get it " stop worring aobut this surgery "

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    Just because I feel good todya does not meant I wil later on in the day and I have to remember that I just had major surgery even though it was through a scope. They removed my gallbladder adn lifted evethy else up to check it out and all themopushing and shoving has caused brusiing in side me and now i am hurting . Is that the point I was to get?
    And stop worring that I am not feeling better when it has ben 1 week from having this surgery. And as I have been informed Blood pressures change all the time and it is some thing that I don't need to stress over right? becauase if it was the Doctor who saw the lower Blood pressure would have staaaated something about it and since he said nothing I should not be such a woory wart right?

    I read the pamflet they give you and it is so mis leading to everyone not just who have fibro. IT tells you that you will have some discomfort and I am quooting this pamphlet" Wher you return home you can do things to speed your recovery . Take your tempture every few hours to check mane make sure that your not running a fever that wil signal an infectin. Dontlife any thing heave or vigoirus exercise's. Follow you doctors oreders about driveing showing and going back to work. You may be able to go aback to work in 3-5 days. Be aware that pain medicinges can cause changes in youry body habits and you may have bruising near the insision sites. You may have gas pain or other discomfort while your digestions remturn to normal.During htis time yeat what ever is east to digest ."

    I guess thatI did great at my gcheck up as my doctor did not need to see me again uless I was bleeding more than I should in the insions or I feel sore spots that coud be blood clots , I don'thave a fever instead I have a low body tempture at 96.7 so since I have benn this way for ever I should not stress over it right? My doctor did not say anything aobut the lower blood pressure he just told me to take it easy adn not to voer do it. IF I was sleepy then s;eep adn he had messed with everything in my belly and it is tireing to your body to have all that done.

    I get up and walk around alot but today iI hvae been so nauseous that ai did call teh docotr and was told toeat something and to take my pain meds and to go back to bed and rest, I woke up at 3pm and ate a banana and a glass of milk and took the pain meds adn wneet back t sleep till around 9 pm when my worried husband was concernened about me sleeping so much and i told him that ia just was not feeling good yet.

    I had it my my head that since I was haveing this doe thru 4 small holes that it WAS NO BIG DEAL WRONG ANSWER!!!!
    It is still major surgery and it will take the same toll on your body as the rest of the surgeris do. so espect something more that " DISCOMFORT" I have had pain and I don't thinkn it is discomfort for me. So I have been takeing my pain pills like I should do and I will worry about trying to ease off the meds later one after i have talked to my pain doctor.

    I really thought that this surgery was simple and I would be back to nromal in a few days and i was WRONG. I got back teh pathologistist report that stated that my gallbladder was bad and chronic;y infected and that it has been this way for a long time although i did not know about it. So it has been making me feel worse and worse all the time and I didn't know why I was not feeling so great.

    I hae talked to many peole who have siad that this surgery is hard to recover from becoause people think thatsocne this surgery is done thru 4 holes that it is not real surgery nor is it a major one which it is. So I ahve to learn to take it eassy and do what i can like walking aorund the house and resting when I need to, eating better and eathing foods that woun't make my stomache upset. And most of all quit whinning right!

    Sorry I get this way and tend to worry about it and i can't change over night but i am working on it. i wil be resting and dong thie things that I need to do and i will be out walking in front of the osue so that my blood flows enough so I don't get blood clots.

    How ever I would lite to write to to the people who wirte thie pamphelets that they are not right , that tey tell you that you will be back to your work in 5 days ,m that it takes longer to get better from this surgery than theysay it will. 5 days is a bar minmunim and it ususall takes from thoses that i have sp oken with that it takes you at least 1-2 monhs maybe more it just depends on how fast your own bady recovers fromthis invasision.

    I will try to stop worry about this surgery and low blood pressure as there is really nothing i can do about it besides eating right and healthy too. So that is my palan . Sorry for being on the whinning side I am usually the one who depevlpes hemotomas as I did on one of the last surgeries I have had and it wnet away on it 's own. So I will do my best to stop being a big babyover this surgery too. Sorry if I have been a pain and an anoannce to any one of you ads I have not meant to pbe a pain and a problem for you. Sorry for the whinnnning and moaning about this as I willbe jsut find in a few weeks. I do that youf or you suppooort and caring that you he given me it means alot to me.

    Thanks for everything , Love you all ,.


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