OK I have found the cure of why I am still hurting

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Sep 25, 2005.

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    I don't drink coffee but I love diet coke and I drank it all the time and I drank it everyday. I would have at least 3 12 oz cans of diet coke in a day and I had surgery for the gall bladder and I have have 1 diet coke since adn it made my stomach so badly and I thought I was having a gall bladder attack again but how could I since it was gone.

    So I have had 1 diet coke i over a month . And that is it . I stopped cold turkey and I really want to drink a diet coke but i am scared that I will hurt worse than I do now so I don't have any.

    I am not kidding could this be why I am so sleepy and tired all the time,? I have drank diet coke or diet pepsi for years and when I have had surgery I would stop it for a while and I was fine but this time when I had the one diet coke it was 2 weeks after my surgery and dang I hurt like heck.

    Maybe I am going thu withdrawls from my diet coke? And it is what is makeing me so sleepy and tired , not wanting to do anything.Thanks for who ever posted about drining diet coke brcaues I really think that it could be why i am so tired all thetime but it woule not expain why I still have more pain than most people do but then that is just me.

    Thanks , Rosemarie
  2. ilovecats94

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    Rosemarie, I'm a big diet soda drinker. I had to give up coffee because it would tear my stomach up, so to get the caffeine, I drink diet drinks. I have diabetes and I don't have a choice.

    Yes, you could be more tired from the lack of the Diet Coke. You might want to take some Tums or Pepcid AC, then drink a can and see how you feel. I usually drink them on an empty stomach and sometimes I will get a bit of burning, but not much. I take Pepcid AC 2 x a day.

    The Splenda or Equal don't bother me. I've been on artifical sweeteners most of my life. I know it bothers others, but the sugared drinks would be poison to me and I'd be more tired without my caffeinated drinks, so...

    Up to you what to do, but that is probably why you are tired. They used to carry a coffee that was 99% acid free and I forgot the name of it, but I could drink it and then the stores stopped carrying it. But I got problems with drinking milk and I hate black coffee. So I really wasn't drinking much of it when we could get it, anyway.

    Even the Lactaid milk gives me diarrhea, so I can't drink milk and the creamers are mostly milk and sugar too, so can't have either.

    I understand what you are going through. I have gastroparesis, which is nerve damage in my stomach from diabetes back in 1990.

  3. Windytalker

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    I have a close friend who developed polymocitis...a very painful muscular disorder. After her diagnosis, she was put on large doses of Prednizone. The side effects of the Prednizone caused her weight to soar, then she developed major abdominal cramps.

    She was hospitalized and during her initial stay, after 4 days of laying painfully in the hospital, she was given a lower GI test. In the course of this test and unknown to her doctor, her colon wall was punctured. When she complained of further pain, her problem was ignored. Finally, breathing became difficult. Suspecting lung problems that hospital couldn't handle, she was air lifted to a more "progressive" hospital.

    The new hospital ran tests and realized she needed emergency surgery. They saved her life. The med used for the test had leaked out her intestinal wall and peritinitis had set in. Over the next 2 years, she had 3 other surgeries and each time, they thought they'd lose her. Also, during this period of time, cysts would form (from the test med that leaked) and they would have to be drained...open wounds having to heal from the inside out.

    During her recovery period, she gave up her 4 to 6 Diet Dr. Peppers a day. Her polymocitis cleared up and has never returned.

    If that doesn't get people to stop drinking diet sodas, nothing will.

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    We had a patient in my office the other day from one of the major drink companies. He said it is a secret ingredient and he could not tell us what (we are a dental office) but he said they put it in the diet sodas to get people "hooked" on them. He said haven't you noticed that when people drink certain diet sodas they are very loyal to them? That is why. You don't usually see just a casual drinker of a diet soda.

    I used to drink them, I only drink non-fluordated, non- chlorine water now. I feel so much better!


  5. JimB

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    Diet pop comes caffine-free too.

    If you think the problem is the aspertame,
    you could try Diet-Rite Cola
    (it uses SPLENDA,not aspertame).
    I don't know if it has caffine-free tho.

    Maybe the pain might is from the carbonation.
    Dentist told me that it's worse than sugar 'cause it eats the enamel off the teeth.


  6. rosemarie

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    I was a dental Assistant for 15 years and loved the work , and we told people not to drink soda's as most stain your teeth and carbonated water is hard on your enamal. So I know that drinking diet coke was not good for me but it tasted so good, But I am not going to start drinking it again.

    If going off it has mae me even more sleepy than so be it given time I will start to feel better and be more awake. I had thought about what the doctor said and that it was my gall bladder was a chroninc condition so it had not been function right for who knows how long and that has to had an effect on my body and how it works.

    I really want to be up and around and part of it is I need to change me attidue and start to do more things like my painting and things I enjoy. Because if I have some thing that I have to do I can stay awake but get tired very easily and I have done for along time. So I have alot of work to do and changes to make.

    Now what was that secret ingredient that they put in to diet drinks? I would really like to know as mhy husband is debetic and he drinks diet coke or deit Dr. Pepper and drinks lots of them so I really would like to know what it was.

    Please bump this up thank you so much for your responce
    Hugs to all
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    Top Floor Please!
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    After becomming hooked when I was a skinny teen because I like the taste I drank diet coke for 40 years. It was the only liquids I consumed. I didnt have any health problems that made me quit, I just became better educated. I quit cold turkey this spring. I have not noticed doing without the diet coke leaving me feeling tired. I had a headache for a few days but thats all. I have noticed though that after a month or so of no soda that water finally quenches my thirst. Nothing would quench my thirst but more diet coke before.
    I can see how the first little while might leave you tired while making the transition but I suspect your body is trying to recover from the surgery. My mother in law also just had her gall bladder removed. She said it was a month or more before she began to feel better.

    I hope you begin to feel better soon. I hope you begin to see some posetives from giving up the diet coke. If nothing else you are saving money, you dont have to stock up when it goes on sale. teehee
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    getting any caffeine that is what is making you so tired. I do not drink anything with caffeine anymore.

    I quit it when I found out that I have a hyatial hernia and acid refluxe. Because it really bothers my stomach!!!

    When I quit caffeine I had a whole list of "side effects" of withdrawl...

    sleepy, tired, constipated, headaches, ect. ect.

    It take a couple for the caffeine to completely get out of your system. At least it did for me.


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