Ok I know that I am not that old but my knee's feel 90

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    AS I was walking up the stairs lst night my right knee felt like some one had pulled off the knee cap and was pushing on the rest of my knee. The pain was horriable I don't know if my knee cap locked and it lasted for a few minutes but it is happening more often since then.

    I know that when you have surgery your whole body gets mesed up and since i had my gallbladder out three weeks ago I am still inthe recvovery stage and my body and muscles and the rest of me are still not back to where they were before and this surgery could have set off flare.

    I have known for years that I have old knees and my right one has been scoped 3 x and each time they find more deteratation inside of it but I am not at the point where I feel I need a knee replacement for so many reasons money being one of them and since our local hospital has a policy that you must pay a portion of what your insurance will not pay and for my gall bladder it was $500.00 and another $400.00 for the doctor and we are tapped out. And I am still so very tired adn weak still and have some pain left in my right side. All of which I am told is normal for gallbladder surgery.

    But the thing with my right knee causing me eenough pain that I feel like i am going to just drop from the intence PAIN is new to me. I don't know what it is I am guessing htat it is part of the deteration of the knee joint and there is not much I can do about it but live with it or have my knee be titiunum. I don't know how to cope with the "EXTRA PAIN" form this knee thing I am scared of falling and hurting me worse than I am arledy hurting. I know that it really does take alot of time for those of use who have chronic pain situatations including fibro and Chronnicmeyfacial pain syndome and add to that I have 2 disc that are bulging L4-5 & L5-S1 and degenerative disc dieaseall that could be stressing my knees and making them not work right.So what do I do to cope with the added stress from surgery and the pain in the knees.? I am sometimes able to walk just fine and others when I go to step that my knee just hurts so badly and in not weight bearing for about 20-40 seconds and then there is some pain left but not as badly , so am I totally lossing it ?

    I am tired of being in pain and in pain that is all voer my body and stoppes and starts at it own will. MY knees are hurting now the are just a pain that is bearable but I have niticed taht I have tingles and gunny feeling in my calves and things and through out my legs, so I know that this is from my back too, It is the strangeest feelings to have at 49. I feel like someone is tickling my legs so gentlllley ands oftly that I can barley feel it and it is just there running up and dodwn my legs and thighs and in to my back and i don't know what to do>

    Am I doing to mcuh and walking to much after having surgery 3 weeks ago?Or is it some thing to do with my back?and I am falling apart totally and fast? I don't know how to cope with it sharp stabbing pain tht is in the knee and i]comesone so suddenly that I want to scream andswear not that it would do any any good.

    Right now my knee the right one is having aburnign senstataion and it is acheing deeply in my thighs and there are HUGE KNNNOTS In the thighs and when I try to massage them out it only makes the body knees bacck and al fo it HURT more so I guess thatI should not do that. But what do I do for this new thing to happen to me.

    I saw the pain doc today and he said that his biggest worry for me is to have to little anesthia and I will feel the whole surgery and bein so much painthat I will have problems and the other is not to have the right amount of after care pain meds with out being told that i am taking too much and it is stopping my breathing. I told him that it wnet wfine except for the lasct of 2 andhaving to stay antoer night to k eep it up, he thinks that it is the asthama and the COPD that are to blame about my not getting enough 02 after surgery and it was normal today as was the B/P it was 145/75 and after surgery they thought that it was too low at 99/70 and again at the hospital it was 116 / 80 all day with Iv meds and all that stuff andmy 02 ws normal after having IV meds too. So I am just stange and wierd.

    I don'tknow if it is still nromal to still be having ain on the right side after this long after my suftery and I am NOt going to the WE jsut to be checked ot and told that it willtkae seveeeeral months for me to feel better and have my normal energy that i had
    before. I fell so old nd am not eathing riht becasue i am nothungery and i don't fellhave no appitie for food and don't wantto eat either this surgery. What is is strange is I feel thing waay after every surgery I have had wrong with me? WillI ever get better?
    I am nerovvvuse thta I wil be get his way for eveyk I thoght I did good oday as I drove my self to the doctor and backso am I normal? yet and will I ever be nromal agian?
    Weill I be normal wiht the extra Pain?
    Please let me know what you think?Love ya Rosemarie
  2. stinker56

    stinker56 New Member

    I just read your bio and we seem to have a lot in common. I am 49 and have had joint pain my entire life. Was told as a kid that I was having growing pain but if that is true I would be a giant by now. I have never had good balance and could never do what the other kids did. Made it hard growing up where I did where everyone was into sports. I have gained weight since I am not as active but tell me how you keep active when every movement hurts so bad. My pain orignally began in my hips but right now it seems to be mostly in my knees and it is awful. Everytime I start to get up, I know the pain is going to happen and of course I tense up and that makes it worse but I can't seem to stop myself. Pain medications I reserve mostly for nighttime to help me get some sleep. I usually sleep around 3 to 4 hours at a time then time for more medication. Just been put on Percoset and it makes me itch if I take it too close together. My husband too tries to understand but I can see he gets aggravated with me when I can't keep up with what I need to do. Just going shopping for food has become a days work for me. I try to keep my housework up but it seems like I get one room a day cleaned and by the time I am to the last room, it is time to start all over again. Today I must go to the post office and do some things and on to the grocery store so I am sure if I make it thru all this, I will pay for it tomorrow. I have to have eye surgery the first of next month and I am not looking forward to that (cataract removal/lens detatchment). Just the thought wears me out. Along with the pain, the fog is really getting to me anymore. I can't seem to even pay bills on time. I just keep wondering when it will all end.
    Was nice talking to you. Hope you knees get better soon and I have found to just entirely avoid stairs.
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  3. gnanny

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    I can relate to that knee pain. Docs have said my knees will need replacing too. As long as I still have some good days I will wait. I just dont seem to have time !
    anyway I take the cherry juice to help keep down inflammation. This keeps my tendonitis in check, I also take colloidal silver and wear a magnetic bracelet. I can tell when I have gotten forgetful. The juice took 3 days to notice a difference. The colloidal silver I noticed the first day...but sometimes it might take two days, the magnetic bracelet was subtle...didnt really notice a big difference, BUT when I had left it off for a couple of days I noticed my knees were hurting again. So after a few times of this I am wearing the bracelet full time.
    The prices vary hugely for magnetic bracelets...my husband bought me several on ebay very cheap.
    You can google colloidal silver or check your local healthfood store. The tart cherry juice I get from Brownswood acres. I order it from them online.

    well, this is my routine to keep me moving. Often the biggest problem can be change in the weather. I never thought I would have my own built in barometer !

    take care, stephanie
  4. stinker56

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    If forgot to add earlier but after reading the last post I remembered. I wear a knee brace made by Homepedics (spelling)from Wal-Mart that has magnets around the kneecap and you can but an ice pad/hear pad in it also. The cost was around $15.00 but it really does help.
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  5. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    I wore a knee bandage/brace I got at Rite Aid for several months. It cost around $20, but it helped my knee a lot, it gave it support so it didn't hurt as much. My dad had bad knee pain, he'd had surgery, anyways I told him to try the bandage, he did and the pain stopped right away. I don't know why his doctor never told him to try one.

    Also, I've been taking glucosamine with chondroitin and MSM (all in one tablet) for several months and my knee is much better, I don't need the bandage/brace any more.

  6. rosemarie

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    Knee's hurt worse. I have not worn a brace in quite awhile, I have had three scopes in the right knee and I know that I will some day soon have to have that knee replaced but not now , I just don't feel up to it and I had gallbladder surgery 3 weeks ago and still feel tired and rotton from that or is it a flare? One never knows what is making me feel so tired and achey.

    Is it from the surgery or from the degenerative disc diease , bulging discs, bad kness, Fibro and CMP. All I know is that I am always tied adn I can sleep all day but I can't fall asleep at night . ONce I get to sleep at night I am out for the count and I don't wnake up easiely. My youngest was staying with us for the weekend while her husband was at drill and she came down stairs to wake me up to listen for the baby and she could not wake me up at all and she siad that when I did wake up i was out of it so she woke up her dad to have him watch the baby.

    I try to get up in the mornings but I am feeling so sleepy and just can't quite stay awake even after I have taken a cool shower I am so sleepy that I feel I have to lay down and I have not even takne my pain meds yet. so I have not a clue as to why I am so sleepy.

    I just want to feel better and be able to do things again adn to be able to walk around and just to do the normal things like keeping the house clean.

    Well my side is hurting and I am late once again for taking my pain meds as I was so tired I laid down and fell asleep and didn't take the dose when I should have so I hurt now and ned to take them so I will go and take them now. Take care Rosemarie
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I had the Synvisc injections and they have really helped. They work best for those whose deterioration is moderate, but by the time the doc's office got the OK from my insurance, my knees had gotten much worse.

    There was instant relief and as time has gone on, the just feel better and better. These injections don't work for everyone, but they can help delay surgery indefinately.

    Keeping you in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie

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