OK , I know that with fibro I am to have a harder time recoverin

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Sep 11, 2005.

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    I had galbladder out almost 2 weeks ago as of this comming wenesday. And I was in a sound sleep when I sudden ly woke us in pan and I hurt badly . Not enough to go to the hospital but I realy do hurt.

    So In order to take the pain meds I had a banana and a glass of milk. IF I keep wakeing up and eating i am going to be fatter than I am anow and that's to fat.!

    So why is it that my pain is getting worse two weeks after this surgery than it was the first week ? My side is really sore adn is tender to touch . Yet I am not running a fever or feeling hot and cold. I am just tired all the time. I wake up and eat and take the pain meds adn then I drift back to sleep and repeat this till about 4 in the afternoon when suddenly I am wide awake and wanting something to do,

    Have no car makes it hard on getting out of the house and the weather is changing and it is getting cooler so walking up and down the block is not fun. I thought that it would be goo today if I loaded the dishwasher and washed the stove and darned if that didn't hurt more thatn i thought It would. and it has lasted longer than i thought it would too. so did I over do it by washing the stove that had not been washed sh=ince before I had the surgery and there were things dried on it that took a fara mount of scurbbing to get them off adn by that time I was POOPED!. And gave up the notion that I could clean the living room and vaccum it if washing off my stove hurt me and woke me up at 3 :39 am then what I would have never gone t sleep if I had cleaned and vaccumed the liiving room.

    I am confused by what I am being told, it is not a big deal and your whinning about it. And it would not hurt you at all to vaccum your living room floor. YOur just sleeping too much and you don't have friends that are close andnot working so that you can get out and do things. the latter part being true. But I had strict instructions that say no vaccumming of floor for 1month or till there is no pain. no lifting more than you can lift in the palm of your hand. .Itis ok to sleep because you have had surgery and you need the rest and your beating our self up about this. There is only my hubby and I at home now and I want to get the house picked up but it eally hurts to lift small things and the bending down hurts as well. I want to be that other lady before the surgery who would get up aboaut 10 am and loadthe dishwasher and clean the stove off and clean off teh counters adn sweep and put things in there place and then run the vaccum as by that time I had done enough to need a rest and I could go and lay down and not feel guily about the non cleaning of this house.

    OUr daughter that just got married had her open house in Jerome ID. And wanted us to be there but there was no way I was going to drive 4-6 hours to get there and then get a hotel room and drive home the 4-6 hours again. it did not at all sound fun or relaxing. And since i get so tired al the time , like i have done with every surgery that i have ever had this is no different, the only diffenerce is I am older now. And being 49 is not that old of old enough to feel old and weak and tired all the time.

    I have my MOm on my case abouat attending church and being there for all three hours and there is no way I cna do that my body won't let me I am too tired after sitting thru 1 letaaaalone 3 meetings. but she feels that I need it and that I will met friends at church. I don't meeet frieds at church as there are meetings that there are no talking in except discussing the lession. there is no time to find out how every one is after the metting are done with. So where is the meeting part she is talkg about? I am out of place here in teh ward, as I have grand children and most my age are still having or have had thier last child and the kids areoff to school and I have no one at school and no kids at home. MY daughters are grown up and there is only so much you can tell people about my grandsons and the daughter who is the nanny.

    So I am not old eigh to be one of the ladiies who quilt and do quilting htings ti hang on the walls , not that quilting is making you old. Bbbbut I like to tole paint and I thought of taking a class from teh school district andwhne I called the number the girl who is teaching said that I can paint better than she can so I should be the teacher, so there whent that idea.

    I am stuck at home with nothing to do but the cleaning of this ouse and I can't do it yet so I sit her and play on the computer and read too. but there has to be something more to my life than this? I want to do more with my life and I don't dknow what it is yet. I am goiing to allply for disability soon , and My husband is changeing the tiltle of his job but has make remarks liek if I stil have a job so that is stressing that I don't really need.

    I understand that it wil tkae months for me to be feeling better and I will feel itone day but not this week. I am not to over do it and I am at the point that most people over do it hurt them selves.
    Back to the point of needing more rest or causeing infectingtions . So what does this leave me to do? I have energgy one day and none the I want to be back at the point where I am normal and can sdo what I want without hurting myself. And rest of the days andI don't to know what to do? I want to be nr=ormal and be the perswon I was who cccooked andclaned and did things that wifes shhould do and it I do that i am to tired and in pain and IHvae over done it. So what does this leave me with too much time on my hands I am borded. I don't know what to do and I don't like it. MOM wants me to sttend churhch as i am the one she can tell or better yet get angrry with me and I willfeel fuillty about not going but it is the post pain full thing t0 do os going to ccchurch and lstened to peole tlak for an hour with seats that don't feel good to sit on I don't know any one any more as people ccome adn go but i am stuck here and the only thing thta has changed is that i hvae had surgery adn who what so who wants to hear about that? NO ONE, it is all complaining and it is boring . And I don't want to do that to the people that I live around. I am going to bed and bibing up on thry to sove thiss delemaa tonight. sorry for the whinning and moaning aobut wverry thing. LOve ya Rosemarie
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    It sounds like you totally overdid it! Scrubbing the stove with all tht bending and leaning - that could hurt you.

    Who is telling you that you're whining and should vacuum after MAJOR SURGURY ?!?!?!?!? You should ask them when they got their medical degree. I had my last surgery a year ago thanksgiving, and I haven't vaccuumed since. It takes me about 6 months for insicions to heal instead of 6 weeks and if you tear something inside you're gonna hurt like never before.

    I'm going batty in the house also. My thyroid was so low that I packed on 15 pounds and didn't have the energy to boil hotdogs for my daughter. She lived on ramen noodles and PB&J for a week.

    Now - I'm not yelling at you but I want you to remember this when people give you a hard time. You have nothing to be confused about. When you're 'helpers' help - they usually don't.


    If church lasts 3 hours I have to guss you're Orthodox? Have you talked to your priest to have him come out to the house and give you communion every week? Don't feel guilty about it - it's part of their job. then you can tell your mom - "even the priest can see how poor my health is."

    I think we all want to be normal again. Accepting our limitations is one of the hardest parts of this illness.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you,

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    Yes it takes longer for people with FM or CFS to get over things! Surgery or sickness! Your immune system isn't working properly. You may want to look for an article on this print it out and give it to the people who are calling you a whiner. Send them to this board and we'll set them straight. You have to take care of yourself and don't feel guilty about that! Please take care! Lynn
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    I empathize! I am feeling that way right now... 5 days after a gall bladder attack. I spent 3 days mostly laying down on the couch, in pain, sleeping (with the help of vicodin) then all yesterday still on the couch, but sitting up and a very little busy-ness in the kitchen. (Made mac and cheese) Today I got dressed and went out to lunch with my husband and stepson for his 18th Bday. I was walking very slow, with my cane and husband holding me up. My body is so shut down. Yet I can type and read and watch TV. Exactly... what kind of job is that. I know there are a lot of "work from home" companies, but we need a company that just finds work-at-home jobs for us!<BR>
    I hope you find some balance.
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    Very well put! Thanks for saying it.
    <br><br>[<i>This Message was Edited on 09/05/2011</i>]
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    I have found that when i eat greasy , spicey foods my body acts like it did when i was having gall blladder attacks. So i really watch what I eat so that I don't get any more pain that i already have.. I am feeling better these days escept for the case of bronchitis i have had and trying to get rid of now. i hope htat your all feeling well these days. i have learned that i have to be the one who is in control of what i eat so I don't get teh phesudo gall bladder attacks. &lt;BR&gt;
    Thanks for all your support and understanding.&lt;BR&gt;

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